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  1. I created a fancy mesh object who I want to sit on, but secondlife tells me there isn't a place to sit. What are the requirements on a mesh objects that one can sit on? Regards Lenya
  2. I got..this is so annoying..but after cleaning my physical plane it works now.... So what did i learn: 1:1 a visual object needs a physical object. you can't use 1:x so visual object allways needs the same amount of physical objects. (Wasn't clear in the video you linked) The mesh must have a size of least .5 meters..if not you need to make it bigger or you can't dig a hole into it. And it's not the wall size who counts..the whole mesh size even when it is a plane. Cleaning the physical mesh is important...else LI goes trough the roof
  3. seams like the wall has to be .5 Meter think....so i added this triangle to it....it makes the trick...but now my LI is going again up...
  4. sl i realy crazy....just rezzed it again.....nothing else..no new upload or so. so why does it work here and not in my house? is my DAE file messed up??? do i need to use different files from time to time?
  5. I get crazy with this uploader..... I did a cube, then subtracet a hole in the middle (like my staircase) then i copied the surface to use as my physic file. It works!! i can fall throw the hole jeah!! Fantastic...but why are the cost now so high???? i think there is no logic at all.......it makes me just crazy
  6. Here a picture of the house. Doors working all np...just that stairway hole make me alot of trouble
  7. I think i'm going nuts..... 1. i build a new house, then i used planes for the physic. 2. Then i started working on the second floor. Just copied everything and modified it. Everything so far fine, i upload the Physic file without analyze. Now i started to add a hole in the upper floor for the stairs. Looks good and then i uses again planes for the physic. But can't get it to work....the physic allways looke like a convec hull. I tried everything...i uploaded it alone...only one object with the physic....it's dosn't change. Right is the visual Model with the hole f
  8. I got it worked !! Thanks to a nice person. Only issue i have is with a stairway hole.....i had it fixed...but somehow broke it again. looks like it's not using a prim..but the physic are excat at the same position two planes.
  9. Hmm joining the whole house is a bad idea.... 8 Materials for the whole house...well thats a n'Go. need to test more, does physics upload work with two mesh objects? is that my problem? Since the house is about 64 Objects? and the Physics where only 32 Objects?
  10. Found the problem (finaly) I need to join all the objects! But how are you doing it with a house? If i join all objects I can't hide anymore some wall to work on the inside? Do I need to upload the parts seperately and then stitch the house back togheter in secondlife?
  11. I build a house and when I choose build physics from high everything is perfect except the Linden it cost to upload. So I tried to make my own low poly house physics files, but i never got it to work... Now I tough can't be to hard and retried it with a single wall with a door and two windows. Again, when using physics Model High it works, but when I upload my physic model the door is blocked. Here is a Screenshot from the mesh and the physic model. Right is the physic I used on the left. As you can see the door is completed blocked. What am i doing wrong??
  12. And I just paid premium because of that....well sorry but thats not correct you can't advertise something and then it's not avaible.
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