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  1. Hello @Aquila Kytori and hello @ChinRey, thank you very much for your replies! @Aquila Kytori , thank you very much for your detailed answer as usual, much appreciated and wow now I realized that I was doing all of my export process wrong, or let's say harder. What I was doing was this: - I was unwrapping each model/part separately. And all of them were called UVMap by default and not intentionally. Then I was creating a new UV Map in the object properties menu and I was selecting all the parts in object mode, then I was going to the edit mode with them all selected, I was unwrappin
  2. Thank you very much for your reply @Kyrah Abattoir , I will try to figure out how to do it as I am still such a noob with the nodes. Thank You!
  3. Hello @Kyrah Abattoir and @Aquila Kytori and thank you very much again for the replies! @Kyrah Abattoir . " node graphs are essentially visual shaders, you are building a mathematic equation to drive the properties of each rendered pixel. " This is an interesting way of thinking/describing, I never thought like that, well, I will have to get more familiar with the nodes in this case, thank you very much! @Aquila Kytori , thank you very much for taking the time to screenshot, paste and post all those screenshots to explain your workflow, I really appreciate the effort, thank you so
  4. Thank you very much @Kyrah Abattoir for your reply! Much appreciated! 😊 Oh basicly it works like a layer mask in a painting app, black parts hiding and white parts showing. Thank you very much, the nodes in Blender are the part of a deep ocean to dive! lol But I will, sooner or later! 🙃
  5. Thank you very much @Kyrah Abattoir for your reply I had never heard of Krita, I always used photoshop and Affinity, but it looks very nice, let me check it! When you say you draw a mask and a bump map, I know more or less what the bump map looks like, I can figure that out but what is the mask map? Or do you mean the layer mask that you are using in your drawing app? Well, this makes me think that I have to upgrade my computers, even tho they were both 3k+ laptops 4 and 5 years ago, with 4 gb Vram (GTX 980M on Windows and Radeon Pro 560 on the Macbook Pro) they are starting to str
  6. Hello @Kyrah Abattoir , thank you very much again for your reply. Could you please explain a bit more? As a checkered material, I have the default UV grid (set as 1024 pixels) of Blender and I make a new material and use it as a texture. Is that what you mean? or should I do something else? So you mean, a stretchy pixel in photoshop could result crips in SL?
  7. Hello again! Thank you both to @Kyrah Abattoir and @Aquila Kytori for your replies, time and advices! Much appreciated, I am learning so much! 😊 @Kyrah Abattoir , wow the result looks wonderful and it would help me to have very good quality. The texture looks very crisp too, love it! Have you modelled the stitches as well or did you do it in photoshop, gimp..etc? When I add stitches, they do not look sharp, they look blurry once I upload. I have an other question as well, this would only work for people who has materials enabled, right? I mean, how would it look if they have it disabled?
  8. Hello @Aquila Kytori , thank you so much for your reply and I was reading your other reply, try to understand all and reply. 😊 Good question, well, it is useless, it is actually faces that should be deleted lol. As you know, and stated on the other post, I modelled everything separately. The only reason I did this was because I did not know that I could apply different materials to different uv islands on the same model, so I modelled anything that I would use a different material. I also thought that by doing this, I would use less loop cuts to make the transitions between materials shar
  9. Hello @Kyrah Abattoir , thank you so much again for your reply! I appreciate the feedback from you guys and I am enjoying using Blender so much, and I still can't belleive how this software can be free, it is fantastic and if, even tho I doubt, someone from Blender Development Member is reading this post, thank you!! 😊 Also thank you to all of who took the time to reply my thread and pointing me out the right way. 🙂 Here's a new unwrap that I did following the guidelines of @Aquila Kytori on my other post, is it better? I could scale in Y the small straight UV's if necessary, but thought
  10. Hello @OptimoMaximo , thank you very much for the answer and your advice! 🙂 Ohh now this is becoming interesting. So I will just reformulate your advice to see if i understood it correctly. What you tell me is to make a UV Unwrap just like the one I did for a better allignment during the render. Then you are telling me to make a second UV Unwrap where I add more seams to fill as much as possible the space that I have in the final baking texture and use the first rendering UV Unwrap as an Input and the second UV Unwrap with more seams and cuts as an output and the allignment on my final re
  11. Hello @Kyrah Abattoir, thank you very much for your reply! 🙂 So you are telling me to use the “close approximation” model as the main mesh model in SL and use the bake texture to give the smoothness that a “subdivision modifier” gives? Is it what you mean? Lately, that I am interested in making stuff for SL, I have became like a geek clicking and inspecting anything I see that I like made my mesh, getting more ideas how many tris people used, how many textures they used...etc, There was this shoe which looked wonderful, very detailed and when I checked the tris number, it was well
  12. Hello @Kyrah Abattoir , Thank you very much for your reply, it is much appreciated and any advice is always welcome. To be honest, on this surface there are already seams, but this was actually the oldest seams that I had put. @Aquila Kytori gave me some advices to unwrap it better and she showed me that I could pin vertexes which I did not know and it is permitting me to do 2-step unwrapping which I did not know I could. So yes, the model is not finished yet, neither the unwrapping but since I am impatient, and curious how it will look, I tend to upload it time to time to s
  13. Progress, I decided to fix an issue that i had in the shoe from the beginning: - So I finally fixed the thickness faces of the body of the shoe. The problem that I was stating in one of my older posts that the thickness was was not straight but it was strangely pointy and sharp which i I had hidden under the pipe going around the opening but then it was still looking ugly with the material separation as the exterior color was still visible on the top part of the inside, so I brought the subdivision modifier value to 0 and saw the problem, the inner vertexes, were lower than the ones of th
  14. Well @Aquila Kytori , you are a genius!! it was it, apply automap! I will call you Blender Genius 😅 Having said that, I applied one material with the automap checked to see the image node as you have requested, if it changes, but no, they all remain flat, and anyways earlier there was nothing as I was not using the same material, so it replaces the nodes with the nodes of the new applied material. On the right you can see the automap in the UV Maps menu and on the left bottom corner, you see what a messed up uv unwrap it makes. So first of all I am sharing a screenshot with the automap on
  15. Hello @Aquila Kytori , as usual you are very kind and helpful, thank you very much really 😊 I never used the UV Node and after your advice tried doing it. I unlinked the Texture Coordinate and linked the UV Map instead but strangely, even tho from the drop down menu I changed the UV Map, it was always showing the same. And those materials I did not create, those are some pre-made materials coming with the free BlenderKit add on. So even tho I did not manage to fix the problem with the node technique, it pointed me towards the problem tho. From the right side panel, I went to check th
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