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  1. Hello @Aquila Kytori thank you very much for the time you take always to answer my questions, much appreciated! You know what? I always prefer how the shoe looks in your screenshots even if it is my model LOL! I will try it that way as well! thank you so much and I will look at your model! Today I have been playing with the text tools, cleaning them..etc, baking them..etc. Then I decided to do the both parts as you see, i want there to be written Sunday Funday, so I could not use a simple mirror. So here's what I did: - First mirrored it thru the modifiers and then applied it.
  2. Thank you very much for your replies @Aquila Kytori 😊 Yes I know, sometimes I get carried over LOL! Oh I had not thought about remaking the faces, good idea! I will try that, thank you!! 😊 Auto smooth? I never ever used it, didn't even know such thing existed! is it something that only effects the shading or does it effect also umm when you move vertices and if it sucks the position it moves it to a better position to keep a curve? I doubt that as in case you wanna make a weird shape, it wouldn't do, so i think that it affects only the shading! Lovely! I will try! I had not tried the
  3. @Aquila Kytori , thank you very much for your explanation! Fantastic! crystal clear now, thank you so much! Then I would love to add one more question for the evening (or whenever you have time to answer ) , so here's the shoe this way, I like it, elegant, classy..etc. Well, do not shoot me for the extra subdivision modifier (NOT APPLIED! LOL, just pleasing my eyes ) , if I want to let's say write a text on the black strap, such as a brand, a word ..etc etc and raise it and colour it gold to have it as if some metal text was attached to it. - I could have a lot of subdivisions to t
  4. Wow this something I did not know and to be honest I never thought about it! Thank you very much @Aquila Kytori πŸ™‚ I was always putting the edge loop and then delete the unwanted parts! Talking about edge loops, while I am selecting the edge of the newly created edge loop, while I am alt + clicking the edge connected to the pipe, it is selecting the whole edge, whereas while I am doing it on the other side, it I have to make multiple selections as it is not selecting. There are no ngons around them whatsoever, I never understood it, and this happens when I am modelling this way. When I modelled
  5. Good morning @Aquila Kytori πŸ™‚ We wrote I guess at the same time as I had edited my previous post πŸ€ͺ I have somehow fixed the shading with an edge loop , I shared it on my edit that I had posted like 1-2 minutes before your post. Here's my blend file: https://pasteall.org/blend/32c0a677542f4d43aa1aadc093588af5 Obviously I am always open to the advices and thank you! Note that I still did not reduce the tris numbers as I was curious on how to model a strap! So this means that, If I have my model with the previous topology that you taught me and I liked a lot, as it produces as a cleane
  6. Hello again! So I restarted modelling it on the previous way, but this time with some Y 0 scaling to have a place to make the band. Well, the model's topology is better than the model that I had done last week but I also keep having the old shading problem on the corner.. *bangs his head to the wall* , I have no idea how to make the shoe with the band/volume integrated to it while still keeping the model/topology of the round edge flow that I had done with the examples of @Aquila Kytori Here are some screenshots, for today, I give up and go to sleep, goodnight! EDIT 1
  7. Hello @Aquila Kytori , wow an other fantastic posts with a very detailed info on the processes! Thank you so much! πŸ™‚πŸ™ My process on the first model that we have been talking about till yesterday was I realize box modelling. Box modelling and Vertex modelling were two terms that I had heard but I did not know what really was vertex modelling, I had seen this technic in a car modelling tutorial without knowing it’s name! πŸ˜‚ Both techniques, in my opinion, I like them according to different cases. I love box modelling because I find it easier to block in shapes quickly and get the propor
  8. Sorry for posting it in several different posts but unfortunately the image file size limit is preventing me to add new screenshots. So I was playing around with my model thinking on how to improve the model..etc, I was looking at the sole, here it is: Have I messed it up big time? What I did was, I made a face with the F button inside of each 4 vertexes. The problem is that when I was doing the exterior, I was putting the vertexes where I was more satisfied with the volume and after applying the subdivision..etc, I realize that my vertexes are not aligned perfectly on the left and
  9. Hello, here's the result with this edge flow. The topology is MUCH better than my old model, but still, I have to decrease loopcuts..etc, as I am around 3.5 tris and I don't even have a correct insole as I just did F command after selecting the whole edge πŸ˜‚ Here's the current progress:
  10. Hello @Eirynne Sieyes , thank you very much for your nice message and compliment much appreciated! 😊 How this thread turned out, I was thinking the same as you, that this could be useful for many other people who are getting into mesh modelling as my masters, have answered many questions that I could not find a lot of info online! Full of valuable advices from them and I am very grateful for that so I think that this thread would help many others like me. 😊 I am happy that you are enjoying it, and I would like to advice you to check this thread as well: They have been giving many advices
  11. @Kyrah Abattoir and @Aquila Kytori , thank you very much again for the replies. @Kyrah Abattoir then you were definitely right because this is the model that was supposed to be uploaded to SL as the full version, so then this is the low poly that you have meant. I am saying supposed to because I will follow the advice of Aquila Kytori and I will remodel it! @Aquila Kytori , you are definitely right, I will remodel it then! I have been facing the typical syptom of an "artist" , feeling that your work is very precious instead of redoing it, trying to fix it always and ending up with
  12. Hello! So today I took my old model before the subdivision applied, added some more loop cuts and then applied the subdivision. I did not delete any loop cuts for now, and tried to fix thee shading issue by moving with proportional move, by smoothing..etc and tried to achieve this, is it better in your opinion? I have also added screenshots with the old pipe so you can see the difference and I have also added a view where you see the height with the toes. There you can see why I am trying to go down towards the opening part. I can see some imperfection on the toe end towards the low
  13. Hello @Kyrah Abattoir and @Aquila Kytori , thank you very much again for your detailed answers, I love reading Your answers and they are very helpful to me, thank you! If I ever become a shoe creator in sl, you both will be receiving all the shoes I do! 😊 πŸ™ƒ @Kyrah Abattoir , When you mean low poly modelling, do you mean it before that I applied the subdivision? Or do you consider to be low poly even after that I applied the modifier and came to 2.2k tris? Because I was trying to do those reductions (well, in theory as the model I posted was like a sandbox for learning and not the final) w
  14. Hello @Aquila Kytori and @Kyrah Abattoir , Since yesterday I have some RL issues, that is why I could not post any progress as I could not really concentrate on the shoes. Having said that, I tried to play a bit with the idea of rerouting, disolving edges, adding new edge lopps and using the knife to add new cuts. Is this better? Or is it how I should do? I tried checking some youtube videos but it is mostly about reducing edge loops or rerouting to a full circle on a plane surface, but this one is a bit more complicated so I tried to do it on my own. I was thinking that using some
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