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  1. Where did all these pins & needles on my chair come from, the heck? 😛
  2. Going to bed with my home hopping shoes ready to put on first thing in the AM; here's hoping everyone gets the perfect stilt spot for them this week
  3. I'm still not seeing any "Pickles", but I can't quite make out what's happening in Agua Fresca
  4. Yes- I remember that too, because I snagged my first house in Graff just about a week after that
  5. Looks at ALL the SAILING and starts packing fishing gear for a loooong weekend
  6. It's been parked there for weeeeks now, just teasing us...
  7. When I got my breath back from the gasp I took when I saw it on the map, that's the first thing I told Devin "Happy Birthday- this is our stay forever home"
  8. Been trying all weekend, checking off & on for Brichester to clear... patience rewarded with a home right across from the party zone! So, so Very Happy
  9. I've had Linden Home off & on over the years but I was lucky enough to land a beach house in Graff the April when Gen 2 launched. I've since gotten into Game of Homes (decorate, stay a while, move on) as a relaxing solitary diversion. But I keep a picture of the first Graff house around for sentiment.
  10. Love all the options in this simple beautiful fountain by Raindale https://flic.kr/p/2jvuqZz
  11. Many more happy years to Bellisseria's beloved Animal Sanctuary.
  12. Floorplan & Brocante, I believe (it's the focal point of one of my log home living rooms too...,) really beautiful decorating, LittleTatiana
  13. I bought a similar shelf immediately recently & put it up in one of my log cabins, because Old World's stuff is just sooo adorable.
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