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  1. Many more happy years to Bellisseria's beloved Animal Sanctuary.
  2. Floorplan & Brocante, I believe (it's the focal point of one of my log home living rooms too...,) really beautiful decorating, LittleTatiana
  3. I bought a similar shelf immediately recently & put it up in one of my log cabins, because Old World's stuff is just sooo adorable.
  4. LOVING the log homes & the areas around them so much. I got that kitchen down to 12 LI. (I bet TL is selling a lot of houses lately on the basis of "I'm buying the kitchen! & sure, I'll throw the house down on my mainland, I guess" 😜
  5. It's from Vespertine... which makes some really lovely Shaker style furniture ❤️
  6. It is not- but the open, tropical cabin build it comes with is small & very attractive (around 70 LI). They sell together for around 450L.
  7. The new Trompe L kitchen at Uber works well for a cozy, rustic feel (with some light editing) in the log homes, imo, and is easy on the LI budget.
  8. I need NEED a chainsaw with heart shapes in it- that's the best
  9. We have so much beauty & creativity in Bellisseria, love our community!
  10. Hugs all our community , but especially @Evangeline Ling , nothing I can say, but hugs of love & support
  11. Come by today! We're firing up the grill, Baphy is premiering an original composition of some new downtempo mellowness and Keif will be DJing his awesomeness too If you can't make this start of summer BBQ, be sure to look for Sceneris' video of it soon. 🥳 Chillax LogWarming at Kat & Baphy's with DJ Keif Come help us break in our new log home! This party will feature an hour-long original composition of Baphy's in a chill/downtempo vibe, with a theme of "Bellisseria summer beauty and LOVE". Followed by an hour of DJ Keif making us all have happy feet. Bring a floatie or boat for the rez dock in our backyard! Let's get summer ROLLIN' April 26, 12-2 SLT Lift to the BBQ
  12. Excellent! Thank you, Pru. Feel free to put list the LGBT scene 1 as Always October Art & Performance Space at https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Banebury/100/236/0
  13. Interesting, I had thought it'd be on the island at 1171... but oh yay I am looking forward to the tree house!
  14. There has been so much love and community built over the last year in Bellisseria, it has truly made my heart glad and surprised me in just the best way: I have sincere and deep gratitude for everyone who has contributed to its growth from the Lindens & Moles to the hard working volunteers at the various community groups and event plotters and planners, down to just anyone who opened their home for visitors or threw out a rez able. Everyone has pulled together and looked for a way to contribute. Let's take that energy into year two and make even more wonderful memories. We are Bellisseria. (& thank each & every one of you from the bottom of my tiny heart!)
  15. One thing that strikes me again & again is how I think each new big release I am thrilled to notice that the Moles seem to find new ways to make little peaceful spots of landscaping beauty that feel & sound so different from the previous release and these get better & better each time. The Victorian picnic spots & scenic overlooks had a very different feel from the trads'. The care & details seems to power up with each new release. If you take the time to walk or ride thru the log home regions, you'll find such idyllic little surprise spots for hanging out or taking photos and the towering trees make it feel majestic, yet secluded. I wonder if the Moles have watched some Jonna Jinton videos for inspiration. Jonna Jinton latest video
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