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  1. Bellisseria Bohemian Queer Club is visited by something un natural
  2. The new Chez Moi kitchen is ridiculously cute, low LI & small enough to even fit a camper. Total win.
  3. I think they throw in one with blue accents as well as the grey in the box. I have that one too & use it pretty often when I explore alone, it turns on a dime!
  4. Amazing use of sunlight colors, @PrudenceAnton . Great job, neighbor, feels like purest summer vibes.
  5. I like having the large expanse in front of the window open for unobstructed watery views, but it occurs to me for anyone who wants to use that space for seating that a malm or free standing ethanol fireplace with a mid century mod or 70's mod vibe with beachy flair could be fun too
  6. Def not much room, but if you squeeze. LOL. Still my fav house for the expansive views & open feeling
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