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  1. Gaaaah! Thank god I don't need to do that..my problem right now is I have done it once and it's not letting me do it again..lol....I know the funds are on the card and I keep getting the run around as to what's happening. I just have to roll my eye's at the whole process.
  2. First of all, go to a sandbox and rezz your item, check the amount of prims. It's very possible what you are trying to rezz may contain too many prims. This is rare though. It's also likely it may be an SL glitch, maybe wait a bit, log out and try again. If this doesn't help, there should be a name of a person to contact for any problems in the About Land section when you click on it. Read through the first part, if not check the Covenant part. Hopefully this is a little bit of help for you. I do hope it gets sorted! Message was edited by: Giselle LacombeLOL...Shadow beat me to it!
  3. I was able to route it through Paypal and it worked fine. Thanks bunches!! Oh.. and TACKLE UNK & EVERYONE ELSE IN CANADA FOR POST WIN CELEBRATIONS!!! 14 GOLD! WE ROCK!!! WAY TO GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!
  4. I tried going the mastercard route as you suggested, sadly it didn't work for whatever reason. Perhaps I may have better luck going through my paypal account and adding it that way? This is frustrating.
  5. Agreed, that is one thing that you'd definatly prefer to be a participant instead of a spectator! Ha, making sex sound like an Olympic sport, I sure don't want to be the sportcaster trying to call it. Would give one hell of a meaning to He shoots He scores! Just pray there's no penalties! *plops on the couch, cracks open a cold brewskie and gets comfy to watch the game*
  6. Nah, no hurry here. I'll just view it like a fine wine, getting better with age. Mind if you slide over and I'll join you with that cold beer?
  7. Thank you both Unklebob and Henry (waves from Ontario, long distance waving, wow). I will certainly look into both of these and hopefully have something sorted out soon. I am tired of the long waiting period to transfer funds only to end up with a message that the transfer failed. This way I can assure myself this won't happen.
  8. I was wondering if anyone can give me some info on whether this is possible or not. I have payment info through paypal, it transfers funds from my bank account, there is then a waiting period of up to 8 days before payment clears. Sometimes for whatever reason I get incompletes and the funds aren't transfered. I was wondering, if I was to get a pre paid credit card, is it possible to set that up as my payment info through SL ( I'm in Canada ) or even through paypal? Has anyone else done this? Thanks for the help!
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