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  1. Are you trying to get rid of my husband Pru? Wait, he's messing with Slendie. So much for the honeymoon!
  2. If he isn't partying. Vari can usually be found at the Belli Besties HQ doing the second thing he does best. Absolutely NUFFIN!!!
  3. Vari sits unaware that Sinnibal Lecter is plotting on how to get his nubbeh!
  4. Silently, he lingers. Revelers unaware of the atrocities he quietly delivers. Tax Audits, gacha perm changes.....does his evilness know no bounds? Beware!!
  5. I guess that's why they call it the blues. Time on his tentacles, could be time spent with....being EVIL!
  6. It was so very none evil of you to give Patch a Hug! Shall we expect you to start handing out ice cream sandwiches and balloons?
  7. In his gallery, he is unaware. The evil one is being watched. From where? The shadows of course!
  8. Here is GisHammie (far right) with Miss Hammie and VariHammie, showing all the non Hamsters how partying is done! Totally dropped the nub!
  9. The pirate Hammies sail the Seven SLeas while searching for carrot treasure and singing shanties about carrots. Perhaps they will share their nubbeh.. I mean booty.
  10. All hail VariHammyCorn, King of da Hammies, protector of da carrots!
  11. VariHammy was such a misbehaved Hamster (aka he went afk), that he was put in a cage. Don't worry, he escaped to shake his nubbeh another day!
  12. Only the Hammie's can bring us a fantasy land like Hamnia! They really are the King and Queen of this made up, and any other SL land! No, I was not paid to say that!
  13. I second that! Happy New Year Slendie! *pets the Slendie horse and gives you a kiss on your evil.. umm where is your face?*
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