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  1. GisHammie has discovered a place with lots, and lots of yummy, sweet, nom noms! Will she share?
  2. GisHammie just relaxin' and chillaxin' in a floaty at the Belli hangout.
  3. I hosted a party in my garden, and here are the Hammies doing what Hammies do best! Shaking their nubbehs!
  4. Varihammy is being scrutinized by Miss Hammie for not being a Hammibou with her. I suspect he will get no carrots tonight!
  5. Bela feels like Varihammy needs a new home. Anyone up for taking him in? Payment to be made to Miss Hammie in carrots only!
  6. His unsuspecting victims revel below. Silently he waits for his opportunity. He is coming.
  7. I couldn't resist! Here is Gishammie checking out some peculiar characters.
  8. The ever Elegant Miss Hammie, just before a little nubbeh shakin' at the Animal Sanctuary Party.
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