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  1. Nub Cousteau (aka Varihammy) and Miss Hammie under the sea, dancing away with the merfolk.
  2. Part Nine of Gishammie at Hammifari Finally, a little rest and relaxation for Gishammie's tiny feet. A fresh donut and a days adventure behind her. Hope you enjoyed it as much as she did!
  3. Part Eight of Gishammie at Hammifari Gishammie thinks those funny looking hamster sent her in the wrong direction. These are NOT donuts!
  4. Part Seven of Gishammie at Hammifari Gishammie wonders if these funny looking hamsters can point her in the direction of the donuts
  5. Part Six of Gishammie at Hammifari Oh hai!! Do you know where I can find da donuts??
  6. Part Five of Gishammie at Hammifari Gishammie stares down the elephant "Oh hai! Can yeew let me through? I need to find da donuts. Thank Yeeew!"
  7. Part 4 of Gishammie at Hammifari Gishammie has tamed the kitty, and now the kitty will sleep and be Gishammie's friend forever!
  8. Part Three of Gishammie at Hammifari Gishammie's see's the kitty and wants to pet it. The kitty doesn't seem very pleased, and would instead like to make Gishammie a snack. Gishammie however, is a fearless warrior and will conquer this kitty!!
  9. Part Two of Gishammie at Hammifari Gishammie believes that her idea of animals smaller than her was grossly under inflated.
  10. The First In A Series, I present...Gishammie at Hammifari! Gishammie stares at the beasts before her thinking "Iz dis da size of the animals? How caute!"
  11. Who is this distinguished Hamster? So fine, so refined, so nubbelicious! I think GisHammie may be in love!
  12. When EVIL is now CUTE! SlendieHammie's reign of terror begins!
  13. Please welcome DJ FarHammy! Grand Masta Hamsta of Nubbeh Shakin' tunes! Whatta Hamsome Hamsta he is!
  14. VariHammy's Nubbeh is ready for it's close up! Sinful sets her sights and it's Lights! Camera! Action! Pic courtesy of Sinful Galaga
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