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  1. Forgive me if I mess this up, this is my first actual post. I broke out of lurker mode because I wanted to thank Bellisseria Slenderman for being so awesome. Despite the evil and malevolence that goes into his monstering, I'm certain that there is a tremendous well of compassion inside that grinchy heart and I want to thank him for sharing it with us. Looking through these pages and seeing the reaction when Slendie arrives at parties I've witnessed firsthand the smiles and fun that Slenderman creates. I wanted to stop the parade for a minute and give props for the investment of time, energy and resources that Slendie gives freely to us from the depths of evil. I wrote a fangurl post on my blog, so I'll stop here and send you there if you want to read more, but I really do feel we need to stop once in a while and thank the people that give us smiles. Celebrities and mucky-mucks get too much praise for what they do, we need to stop and thank the good folks around us who do for others out of kindness and want no thanks. Even the scary ones. Thank you Slendie ♥
  2. Wait! My name is Becca and my partner Elly and I were just walking near Birchbark....
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