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  1. it is sad .. not happy about it but rl has to be dealt with first ♥. And ty for the sweet offer huggies!
  2. Aww fanks .. hamster lubs yew hooomans! ♥♥
  3. So .. a bit of sad news about the Animal Sanctuary. Unfortunately, hamster had to let it go very recently due to some rl obligations. I absolutely plan a re-open when the time is right. But wanted to make sure I put a posty here so no one who popped by was confused. Hammy ♥
  4. Hamster loves the idea of trick or treating ... a hunt sounds fun too but might be tricky and get complicated. And yup, there are MANY items on MP that are interactive for halloween ... We could decorate our yards and put bowls of treats out. Would be so much fun to see teeeny hoomans in their costumes, finally others the same height as me! We could do a sign up sheet, a poster and before Halloweeny... a post here that says which region names have people participating. Or sumfin like that.
  5. As others have said prior to me, the belli happenings website and the belli events group will be your absolute "go to's" for stuffs going on in Belli! There is Sooooo much going on. There are meditation classes, ritual stuff for those who are Pagan, tons and tons of DJ parties that move around the entire continent and sometimes even out at sea! There are coffee houses, pubs, general hangouts, themed hangouts such as LGBTQ gathering spots. An animal sanctuary, places to play games.. the list is just ongoing! And on top of that, you have all the other Belli groups for things like Merfolk, fishing tourneys, horseback riding, I believe there is even a new "drive/bike/scoot" group?/event lol. Soooo many cool things to do and honestly, the people are really nice and welcoming. ~waves ma paw and skeeedaddles~
  6. @Matty Luminos You better still come to parties! Don't make the Hamster hafta hunt you down! ♥
  7. haha "claps paws" K'ey is sooo funneh!
  8. Your furniture will be fine. I've done it before with no issues.
  9. All weekly Belli events are listed here https://www.bellisseriahappenings.com/
  10. Our very own, awesome, PiratePapparazzi sceneris! Thank you for doing these .. such a great way to save memories!
  11. If you use FS, there is an option to turn off particles in Preferences. Graphics/Rendering and then it's at the bottom. It's the same idea when turning off facelights .. anyone wearing one, will not be seen by you. Hope this helps!
  12. Hey Beth! Are you referring to the Pickle parties by chance? If so, just like the Fairgrounds, those are public domain type areas. So I'm not entirely sure the Pirates can specifically do anything about that in regards to restrictions etc. Perhaps the Pirates can ask that the guests do their best to reduce scripts to help with solving this issue. I do want to reitterate though, for anyone reading this thread, that the Pirates are not the only DJ's in Bellisseria. So I really hope that this thread doesn't fall entirely onto thier shoulders as a collective. As there are random DJ's who throw house & houseboat parties all the time as well. ♥
  13. Try to keep in mind that not every DJ party in Bellisseria is done by the Pirate DJ's. That is a specific group, with a specific tag that is worn for ANY event that they do. Also something of importance to note is that IF a party happens on a private parcel ie someone's home, it is up to the parcel renter to ensure that things like sound, gestures etc do not leave the borders on their space. For those Pirate DJ's that DO have parties on their own land, this is all taken care of and left in that state all the time, in order to make sure those issues don't happen. This is why it's always good to send an IM and inquire about "who" needs to fix any given issues that may be happening as opposed to assuming it's one group or one individual specifically.
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