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  1. Hammie took some piccies of the Anni party today! https://www.flickr.com/photos/187867858@N05/with/49796323027/
  2. Not going to lie, they are pretty delightful critters! ♥ I know some bigger fuzzies that are MOST awesome too though *wink wink* hehe
  3. Hammie is a bit slow with this thread but found some pics to share wiff ma Belli friends! Sneaking into Eva & Squuuuuuirel's house one night last year for a candid photo! Wandering Belli handing out cuppycakes and met one of two Foxies - now two of my dearest friends! ♥ Working the desk at the SLBB16 What do you mean I can't stand on the cop car? Because I am pretty sure I caaaan! Very first visitor ever at The Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary. She needs no introduction ♥ My first "Fan T Shirt" sighting! Oh wow! HeHe... Very early morning cawfee wiff Squeaky Mole as the storms started to rage on April 1st, 2020! What we did after the final party at our beloved Zoo-Palooza Waiting for the ships @ Rock N Sail Belli's First Anniversary Weekend. Yaaay! ♥ The brand new and beautifully located Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary Log Home
  4. "The Zoo-Palooza shall return next year bigger and better than ever, concepts that are being thrown around at Hammie HQ is Zoo-Palooza 2: Hammus Revenge, Zoo-Palooza 2: Arctic invasion and Zoo-Palooza 2: Hammiesaurgeddon." Seems Zoo-Palooza 2 is going to be pretty interesting! LOL 🐹♥
  5. Hai everybunny! Varihamster and myself just wanted to take a few minutes and say thank yew to everyone involved in Zoo-Palooza!! It was an absolute success and we got so much supportive feedback from the Bellies.. hooman and animal alike! We had two weeks full of laughter and a true sense of community. I could ramble on because I iz a sentimental hammie .. but I digress ♥ We want to extend our adorable lil paws and send a thank you out to: Pru and Cian - for the wonderful food vendors they built for all of us. And also for listening to me ramble at 5:00 am after ingesting a 1/2 pot of cawfee and losing my marbles(this happened waaaay more than just one time). Sceneris/Pru - A big thank you to Sceneris for taking the time out of a very busy rl schedule to film for us. A video we can treasure for years to come, we were so touched by this! And to Pru for doing the editing amongst the 1000 clips she was already working on for the upcoming Belli Anni! To our amazing DJ's - Usagi, Floyd, Keif, Far, Corky, Stephanie & Gabi. Thank you all for two weeks of amazing music. You helped to stave off the isolated feeling we are all currently dealing with. Jolted our memories with the amazing songs you played. Which in turn led to a lot of great banter, chat and a ton of laughter! The Lion King Particle Show by Delain Cannuci - What can we say about this show other than WOW! To our understanding, Delain custom did this show for us. It was unique, full of color and wonderment, absolutely stunning to watch. And showed such love for animals ... we were very honoured to have her work so hard to bring such a special touch to our zoo. To the photographers/Gyazo clippers/Bloggers - There are honestly so many in my collection now, it would take me a while to list and find all the names! lol But regardless, your contributions were so very appreciated! We will be putting them all on a special page on the Zoo-Palooza website (credited of course) as our way of saying thank you for capturing all the best moments! To Missy Mole - Thank you for being so kind and helpful during this process. You answered all of our silly questions. You showed great support for what we wanted to bring to Bellisseria. You are the Mole-eee-est Mole and we adore yew!! To you, the Bellies - Thank you so so much for showing up for every set that was played at the zoo. For bringing friends and family to come see all the amazing animals. And for your overall love and total support in something that Varihamster and I are very fond of "The Animals!" And last but never, ever least. To Varihamster for putting up with my crazy for an entire month while we built, tore down, rebuilt, cursed, laughed and awwww'd at all the cuteness and chaos we were surrounded by. This would have been "impossible" without your brilliant ideas, your heartfelt connection to what we were trying to create and for your gentle nature and patience during this, at some times, very exhausting build. We hope to see you all again next year for a Zoo-Palooza two! BelliHammie & VariHamster ♥ 🐹 🐹
  6. This is insane lol ... Sceneris says .. "why not just crash early and get it over with". THREE seconds in ... sceneris hits tree head on lmaooo ... You are a hellraiser on a dirtbike! 🤣 🐹
  7. Perhaps you should have went online and tried it "before" calling people who are working extremely hard "daft" and "idiots". A little kindness and patience goes a long way, hooman. 🐹
  8. A volcano that SHOOTS out Linden and Mole Bears!! Explosion sounds: Ka BLAM!!! Linden and Mole sound effects after said explosion is heard all across the lands and they start shooting out of the top pew: ahhhhhhhh, pew pew: wheeeeeee! pew pew pew: whooohoooo! 🐹
  9. I am totally here for the flying cows. But you can keep the yellow snow Mr Mouse! lol 🐹 Looming Tornado behind us! https://gyazo.com/a6949385e0e0f31fa3d5b9540a010f51 Rescued from the storm! https://gyazo.com/e4350f1973124affc4c2d47c195c4279 Squeak-Molebile! https://gyazo.com/5f1ad677cf03671aadccde101c2513c7
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