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  1. Hello everybunneh! We are going to be having a party tomorrow. It's been a long time since we did one! Hope to see yew all there! The Hammies 🐹🐹 Belli Animal Sanctuary Party w/ DJ Far & DJ Doc!! Saturday, 5 September⋅11:00am – 2:00pm slt
  2. We do not have a set end date for the park. But we are open again with new slide designs, new dance area (kind of ... we added nachos and booze for da hoomans lol). And maybe a few fun surprises over the next while! We hope yew all enjoy the park, if you get any great pictures post them here and we will add them to the Flickr! The Belli Hammies 🐹🐹 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Fairgrounds/156/237/23
  3. That is ok, Elena!! The park is coming back in a few days as we had many requests!! And Varihammy and I have more ideas planned for the year and beyond. A brand new take on the Zoopalooza 2 as well as some other secrets we can't mention yet! Signed, The Hammies 🐹🐹
  4. Thanks everyone! We had so much fun this past week! And the park will be back after this week ends and will remain for the entire summer We'll be working on new slide designs as well to change things up a bit. It won't be dj sets the whole summer because wow .. hammies need to nap! But we will certainly plan some and maybe a few other lil surprises too!
  5. oh and before I forget ... here is our DJ Line up for the week! MON JULY 13TH DJ DOC 12-2 TUES JULY 14TH DJ HAMMIE 12-2 WED JULY 15TH DJ STEPH 12-2 THURS JULY 16TH DJ FLOYD 12-2 FRI JULY 17TH DJ FAR 12-2 SAT JULY 18TH DJ FAR 12-2 SUN JULY 19TH DJ STEPH 12-3
  6. Hai fellow critters and hoomans! Here is the link for the premiere in the morning. It will start playing @ 10:00 am slt sharp! So make sure you have your treats and are all ready for the viewing!
  7. Monday, July 13th @ 9:50 am SLT, please join us on youtube for the video premiere of "The Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary One Year Anniversary" video to be combined with some awesome features of the "Big Splash Adventure Water Park Oasis"! The video is still being edited so we will post the exact link just as soon as we have one :)) The Big Splash Adventure Water Park Oasis will open Monday afternoon @ 12:00 pm slt with a dj set by DJ Doc Rast!! As well as lots of splashy fun to be had! The Hammies 🐹🐹
  8. Hai Syo & Nikkita! First, let me welcome yew to Belli! It is such a great place to live and everyone is soooo kind to each other here. I think you'll really like living here! As for the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary. It is a home/safe haven for all of the animals in Belli. And we have many ... There are cats and a squirrel, and dogs, and birds, aaaand foxies. Heck .. even saw a hippo once! Based on learning some of this very early on when Belli was new. Hammie decided that we must have a place to represent the animals of the community as well. So I farmed carrots in the fie
  9. Thank yew everyone! And yes, we are currently playing the game of homes for a new location, so please bear with us! Will post info just as soon as possible! But in the meantime, you are welcome to join the Sanctuary group to keep up with the happenings, no pressure! lol secondlife:///app/group/0d51637d-06fc-ac6b-1554-5980e20d25da/about
  10. it's craaaazy! thanks everybunny! We look forward to celebrating with you all! 🐹
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