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  1. Tigertat wrote: The thing I see here is that some ppl have had such bad experiences with come lines that they dare jaded when someone approaches them just to have conversation. I feel like you hthrough break down a wall just to start the convo and by then I'm like if it is this hard to say hello what kind of friend would they make anyway? ^^ What they said ^^ In time tho you learn how to not find those.
  2. "You can look like an hoe on crack"... Side remark : I love it when people say the unedited version-rofl
  3. 1. Don't try to escape being a "noob" as soon as you get here. Enjoy it. Its the most awe filled time you will have and holds the memories that will be dearest. Like childhood its your "beginning". 2. Push all the buttons. Its exactly the right time to make a physical object or link that door. Not only will you learn what stuff does and what such and such is for, but you have the least to lose material wise in this time if its a goof. 3. Try things out that you "always wanted to". Situations as well as personaes or states of being. It will help this come true --> "#3: Understand that, while you might arrive in SL wanting to just meet other fun people, ultimately you're going to learn much more about yourself than about anyone else." 4. Do not be afraid of other people's opinions of your choices. Clothes, hair, other friends, roles.....for every one opinion there are always 6 others going the other way that you have not heard yet. 5. Always make sure your second life is making YOU happy. When you decided to join the person you wanted to make happy was you. "You" were the only person you brought with you. So don't put that person second. Cut loose the people who make it suck for you. 6. Never forget you can always change who you are here. And without even making an alt if you just want to.
  4. Forcing myself not to address the "why men are different than women" question you're begging to be answered with the hit impact differences but, if you went to a place literally named "kingdom of pleasure" what exactly did you think it would be about?
  5. First off , "amazing" and "good price" almost never go together. But if you are in a rp combat sim your aim is not sending people home or throwing them around. Your aim is the rp. And, as was said, one combat system is usually specified for everyone. The weapon you choose within it then, while it may be more to your liking than another, is rarely "amazing" since all of the weapons are following one system. But it doesn't sound like you're looking for a rp weapon honestly with all this "throw them around" business. What it sounds like is you're looking for a straight up weapon to deal with a griefer. .....that or to be one. In which case the "best" weapon is to block the individual, and if necessary abuse report them.
  6. Syo Emerald wrote: SinfulPrince wrote: Stuff I liked: You guys looked like rl people. No. (nothing against this video...which I still couldn't get connected to the roleplayforum at all..but well...) To be realistic the "mom" should add about 20 years of age. And one of the girls was close to what I call invisible pony rider. Oh and which kid would take their mom to dance at a club in RL? :catwink: Actually because of the slight height/size difference between mom and the girls , I was satisfied some age difference was implied. But then I come from a family in rl where I rl mother was hit on for a 33 yr old -she's 70. And the current trend for becoming a grandparent is to do it at about 38 so.....Not real used to seeing white haired parents of 20 yr olds. As for "which kid would take their mom to a dance club in rl?" Again, I live in a world where they do. They also get drunk together, but thats another story . Point is, yeah, they're plausible. Just depends on where you come from. The leg thing? I dunno. Kinda looks like these tho. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Wdg4HXjbaYY/SQIBuQgYvxI/AAAAAAAANJs/9yTss3P54Z0/s400/21254_Rihanna_-_On_Set_Of_Her_New_Music_Video_Rehab-9_122_941lo.jpg http://media.beta.photobucket.com/user/tippatop/media/1686792469_00bce8bc74.jpg.html?filters[term]=bowlegged%20girls&filters[primary]=images I aint gonna tell nobody how to be proportioned cuz I wouldnt like somebody to try to decide it for me. But if there is any similarity she's not in bad company since the first photo is Rhianna
  7. Welcome to SL. Yeah, my first journeys into sl I bailed cuz it was too "odd" as compared to what I was used to in "a game". (No hunting/harvesting/ across-the-board venture that "all" participated in, the real money aspect pissed me off more than it did anything else, people so vastly scattered that I never felt like there was a society I was living in.... I didnt try it again till last year some time. And honestly the thing that turned it all around was meeting one person. Sometimes thats all you need to build a social group on. I'm one who all the building and creating in the world aint gonna cut it if theres no human group. In other games the society is "corraled" into being around one another; they must to succeed at the hunting/whatever and the subsequent trade. It makes people gather places etc. Second life has nothing to "make" anyone even come out of their house if they dont want to. And so they dont. There's a lot of "alone-ism". And for those who don't choose that then its a matter of them getting out and finding "their" people , and making a social group. None will develop "left to its own devices". Anyhow, like everyone said, google and tutorials are your friend. You'll figure out who you want to be here, what kind of AV and all of it. Stick around. Your niche is someplace. Stuff I like or have liked: RPs (Kingdom of Sand, Al Raqis, City of Concord, Shady Falls, Ravenhurst, The Crack Den....more "mature" but not all about sex unless you're one who prefers no sex in a 100meter range...then those might not be for you.) Zombie sims; especially Resident Evil ones or Siden /Siden Hospital. A little bit of Gor (not so much, the drawn out actions make my head hurt). Modding stuff I buy to the point it makes no sense. Ballrooms. Aircraft. Boats. Friends and fam. They have plenty of stuff here. Matter of finding it. And sometimes theres even a fun in the searching
  8. Stuff I liked: You guys looked like rl people. -Not naked/underclothed. Not 9 feet tall. And even that you looked like people do when they are new to a place/just arriving with the bounce-dance. What I wished for: That there was more than just the bounce-dance for the duration Still, not bad *checks out mom
  9. Perrie Juran wrote: Having watched this thread for several months I am beginning to wonder if the real question is whether Real Life is only about sex? I know I cant imagine a real life with out sex. Deep thought if any of us really look at it. There's no one standing to the edge of the populous in SL herding any of us toward sex in SL. Some, it has sounded like around the forum, are more than content without it or at least with it to lesser measures. So we know the freedom is there. If its seeming that so many are into it or that its popping up in a greater amount then its that folks are bringing their rl interests and wants for it INTO sl. Looking around in rl, I for one see folks "obsessed" with it. If they're not doing it or admitting it verbally they sure are always dressed for it . At least where I am geographically. So then maybe sl is just reflecting the first one.
  10. In the beginning I was premium. Right up until I "really" understood about buying land. As a premium member with 512m of free tier, in order to live on 1024m, it costs 10dollars for the membership plus 8 and maybe some change for the other 512 tier. Total cost : lets call it 19dollars and Prims (I can't remember exactly but...) someplace between 200-300. On a private sim, even one thats a little upscale, nice landscaping and no giant toad (or other eyesore I commonly had the pleasure of finding beside lots sold by linden) next to my house or paying a buttload of money to some other player to "buy" the plot they bought from linden at auction, and rarely seeing neighborhoods that looked like neighborhoods (I like when they do) and the cramped up encampment of linden houses so close together that they can't help but lag.....after seeing that, and after calculating the cost of a private sim neighborhood I end up with MORE LAND for less cost (about 7-8dollars less) and MORE PRIMS (500something or other). The value was in going basic and buying land on a private sim. Linden labs then would have to increase the land allowance AND prim allowance, AND regulate what kinds of builds could be in a "neighborhood" AND landscape the environment for exactly that same 19dollars to make it even a topic for me to consider. And if they raised the prices for the sim owners then I really would feel sorry for LL, cuz there is not enough enabled by way of animation in the format of SL to make it worth either cost. (Translation, time to dump SL. Which I already have done twice in only a year and a half ) People like me only pay grown up money when we can play a grown up way.
  11. I dont think it would die. It would just be all kids. Its already mainly women.
  12. (Grins the grin of pervs everywhere...) 5000 points to you for charming generousity lol.
  13. Jasper's Cove The tags are: Rp, Role Play, medieval, fantasy, freeform, magic, mage, victorian, dice, paragraph RP, para-RP, immersive, no OOC, VTM, v:tm, vampires, furries, Lycans, fae, fairy, human, children I only went to their landing area, it was spooky/dark in a way that I dont think it a "kiddie environment". Might be worth examining? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wally/163/201/24 http://www.jasper-cove-roleplay.com/
  14. I couldn't help but smile when I read it Orca. I haven't been around a fraction of the time you' ve been here and yet I still am amazed at what some folks "need" on an AV. I stand to the side quietly though while I think it: "custom mesh cuticles? really??" (chuckles) But hey, happiness is found in any number of ways . More power to em.
  15. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/28214 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/50525 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/27050
  16. As an ogler of women, mesh sucks in my opinion. This "standard sizes" business means girls with no shape worth looking at Everybody's "straight" with no tush or they're wide hipped (like they've given birth to a few things....) but still no tush. And I've yet to see a dress where the top half looks "endowed" unless the waist is almost matching it. Unless somebody knows somethin I dont, ALL mess clothes require wearing an alpha. So in the end its a bunch of half erased people with "blah" shaped clothes taped over the blank space. And they are all the SAME blah shapes. (*bangs head against wall for the monotony....)The only garment I've seen on a female yet that is a welcomed one, is the pencil skirt. And those still lack in a nice tush. I DO get the thankfulness to be away from the global-universe sized rumps sculpted dresses gave you ladies (wow, they were monsterous) but surely somebody has some hotter dimensions on the stuff they're makin? (Please holler out if you are that maker) And please, for the love of God, do not reply about "realistic" portrayal and all that other rhetoric when we're livin in a virtual world where none of the avatars have psoriasis, hair loss, or hump backs either.
  17. I think what Drake was getting at was "where's the fear". (grins) Its the art and photography forum tho so maybe its just about a photo.
  18. Not a fan of "the group thing"; all it is in my opinion is a unit to create and further gossip, intrigue and soap operas. The physical neighborhoods however I'm a huge fan off. I like living somewhere that looks like its meant for human habitat. I'm "regular" like that.
  19. Sort of impressive if you look at the positioning of that blanket; never seen anyone be kidnapped and coy all at once
  20. rofl I just wanna know, did you kidnap yourself?
  21. Exactly, that's what it was , it moved the female within range and had a groping animation. And no it has nothing to do with RLV I thought the gent just wanted to figure out how his girl had an unpleasant experience and might've presumed it was RLV at work if indeed she didn't have RLV enabled. Now if you just want an opinion on RLV, then I'll offer that sl just wouldn't be as much fun without it Aside from the "fun" aspect, I'm one that it frustrates the heck out of not to be able to touch someone just cuz I want to. I'm spoiled coming from an MMOG where I could, so constantly have this sort of cyber phantom limb thing go on LOL - I keep reachin mentally for the button to do "x" (drag, hold, carry....) and its not a built in thing . RLV helps me not have that bizaar severed hand mental state. And I realize it is how it is because 9000 d***wads would make peoples experience horrific for them, it just Makes me nuts to have to "ask" my regular or "its a given" type partners this and that. Just not natural. So RLV alleviates it. Just tell your girl to be mindful of her relay(s) if she's in a public place is all. (turn em off or take em off or whatever)
  22. To try to help you out, I did once hear of a hud that would someone grope someone's breasts WITHOUT her having or using RLV or a relay or anything. You couldn't take her clothes or tp any of these things that RLV will allow a person to do, but for a new female who doesn't know what's going on I would suspect it would be enough to upset her. The hud in question worked off of having accepted a prior "harmless" animation. Like a handshake or hug or something. Then later you were able to fondle the person basically because their info was somehow "saved" inside it. I have no idea about the technicalities in an item like that. But my advice would be not to accept even "meaningless" animations from people she doesn't know and trust.
  23. She's a big girl, not a teen. And if anybody doesn't feel like wearing their big girl or boy pants when they get in a sexual relationship they are free to do it, but expect sex to at least be put on the table in a sexual relationship. Doesn't mean you have to do it. But it does mean he's not wrong to ask for it. And I would thinks that's why the lindens did not respond. If this was about a person that she was not having sex with already -and sex with inferred aspects of "force" in it from the jump, and agreed to (cuz thats the case when you say you are a sexual slave, not partner, slave) then maybe someone would have said "so and so is trying to force her RL and SL to cross". But she was crossing it already. Willingly. Sexually. With "force" added in. And happily apparently. Over a long enough period of time that she felt she had built up an investment. Until there was one act she didn't like. And when that act came up she was NOT hacked, threatened in her rl, not even threatened in her sl. The individual said "well bye then". He's not obligated to remain friends with her whatever his reasons for ending the friendship. He's not obligated to have her in a sim that it sounds like the main "theme" of is being his personal slave. (A good reason it's "relevant" to ask her to tell the specifics of the sim.) Her friends are not even being "taken away from her". -Which is what she is trying to make it sound like. Her friends are grown people who decideall by themselves whether or not they will pursue/continue to be her friend outside this activity. There's nothing wrong with starting out thinking that "x" is something you want to get into and can handle and finding out along the way that you can't. No shame in it. But that's what it sounds like. SL is not "lawless". But the law is not that grown men and women must be penalized when person "x" bites off more than they can chew and feels that everybody else should play their game on somebody else's terrain because its better for just them. Its that a TOS be followed.
  24. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Waif LittleBoots wrote: then an admin says he will ban her unless she does something that she OOC doesn't want to do, like cam naked or spend 6 hours a day in isolation. That is the sort of thing I am talking about, and I don;t think that woudl violate the TOS. You will probably say that anyone who gets that emotionally invested in one sim is an idiot. perhaps you are right. This is breaking the SL/RL wall - a direct violation of the SL TOS. The person demanding it could be permanently banned for it. -THAT- has happened. People have been banned for breaking that wall before. Anyone fool enough to think it is not a TOS violation, does so at the risk of their account. So if you come on my land and we both are OOC and I say "people who come to my house and wont call me "sir" I kick out you're telling me I can't kick you out cuz we're OOC? You could sell me sexual harassment with regard to the camming. -EVEN THOUGH I dunno under what "threat" he pursued her to do it. That he wouldn't play with her anymore? That he would not continue to let her be in the internet sex fetish relationship they had been in up until then because this internet sex activity was not one she wanted to perform? Tell me, what kinds of internet sex are strictly IC? Cuz if you're someone's "sex slave" I dunno how you're a non-sexual kind? Even if all you type to them about is your toenails the likelihood is that the other party is getting off on that toenail text, otherwise there really is no reason to make you their "sex slave". So is the toenail IC or is it the orgasm that one of em may be having? As far as running away from someone telling you to be in insolation at your house through the computer??? if you need saving from words, you need a shrink not LL. As for being at my house, GO HOME. Its that easy. I initially didn't want to say all of this, but "really".
  25. To tag along with what Krystara's said, not only would that hypothetical list be hard to implement with a wide-spread enough accepted party behind it with regard to credibility, not only would it be a pain to maintain, but there's the issue of subjectivity. Even if 6 people dislike the way things are vs. only 2 people who agree with it does that mean the two should be over ruled with regard to what they choose? Its private property. Do you propose that person x not be allowed to purchase sims from LL even though they violate no TOS because "a whole bunch of" people dislike their ways? Or just to dictate what they can do with the space after they pay for it? And I ask it cuz someone would. A whole LOTTA sims in sl are "limping along".....doesn't mean LL comes along and revokes the sale. As long as the fees are paid up, and TOS are followed it can have 0 visitors every single day. It still gets to exist and 1 person every 8 weeks might satisfy the owner. As for the patrons....They exercised a private choice in being there. Even people with low self esteem get to decide what they're going to do. I understand/get the feeling that you feel like some kind of cyber bullying went on or something but the question to that is "how" when it was the guy himself initiating that the two of you should not have any farther contact. Man asks you to do somethin you dont like , you say no, he says "fine then" and cuts you off. There's no bullying there. Really its comes off as being mad you're NOT allowed to continue contact in the hands of a shrewd lawyer.Your feelings about your friends is "your responsibility" from where I sit. Not his.
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