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  1. Hey Everybody, I have a friend who has an odd situation. She has a homestead, no parcels, runs firestorm current version and her map shows green dots present (one or two) when in fact NO one is present. No av shows up on radar as present either. She's searched top to bottom and asked me as well but neither of us can account for the dots. Any ideas
  2. The catch to what you're looking for is free. Free stuff in sl is either hard to locate (land, space) or greatly disparaged ( skin, hair etc. ) Plus, I haven't seen any of the schools (HP or not) doing real well as far as participation lately.
  3. lol Bonus points to Pudgy. If nothing else you made this old guy chuckle. Good job at being able to enjoy an avatar for the sex the avatar is. After all, it was the avatar who got ya in this mess wasn't it? Best advice I read (tho I admit I only read page one and the "statistics") was Venus' ; get your gal one of those benches mentioned and give her the full service
  4. The thing to remember is that the very first audience of every content creator is themselves. People make what they like. Those who want to sell what they make, make what someone TELLS them (either in word or by buying trend) they like. You see bulging muscle boys with their pants half unzipped because a lot of the makers of those skins and clothes are gay men. They make what they want to see. Femboys are created by rl femboys or the admirers of femboys. By the same token, you see the slutty look for women created by those who find that attractive; they either want to date it or be it. Mysel
  5. Actually, its HIS sl. And if he needs that to be a game then it is. There is no great and mystical book that says it is or isn't this or that for everybody. Just because there's a population that likes to get all high minded about what it is for them, that doesn't write it for the world. And if a body logs in to PLAY then it is a game.
  6. How can you enjoy a thing that causes your rl to downgrade? Just me. I would cut corners , but my corners would be the imaginary ones. Signed, the guy who dumped his premium account and subsequently even his "owned" land on a private estate.
  7. Your original post made a lot of sense, so no worries there. I don't think you sounded desperate as much as just not knowing the ins and out of sl dating. I don't think its that unusual for certain ladies not to have a throng of males in their chat boxes, esp if you are not one to come off like "I slex with anybody". I think a lot of guys probably avoid gals that they fear rejection from OR( if they're looking for someone easy) who looks like they are not easy. Definately don't be shy to say something first. It could be any one of 9000 reasons that guy across the room hasn't spoken to you fir
  8. Books DO get judged by their covers. And at this point in life (bout midway to a hundred) I don't know any wise people who *want* to look like the bad boys. -At least not where I live. And mind you, where I live is RIDDLED with the type. But they are never the wise. To be presumed an exfelon, future felon, marijuana smoking, male of bad life decisions built on piss poor foundations. Because THAT is what a "bad boy" typically is . And that is what teachers, potential employers, even the neighbors will react to your lamb in wolves clothing as. -Costing him the entre he might otherwise have enjo
  9. Where were you when my wife had twins , followed shortly by our son? All Tatu. (funnin you, you'll find customers just keep lookin)
  10. rofl- "they make my pants breathe". Making a note to use that in at least one sl conversation.
  11. Looky there, a family of four.
  12. Actually it sounds like you'd do fine in a roleplay. As long as you roleplayed with people who know what playing means. It disappoints me every time someone tacks that tacky "it means someone with 20,000 sex partners" type definition to the word. -Gotta love kids, they know how to play. My opinion equals nyanyanman and Syo Emerald then. Some are alone and lonely in rl and this how they look for rl counterparts. Perhaps because of sickness or circumstance it is the one viable option. I appreciate that and respect that. HOWEVER, some of us just came to play To get outside of rl. Perhaps agai
  13. You are awesome Amethyst. I had no idea about the weight distribution being a question. I guess i'll find out whether I've set the seats correctly :matte-motes-agape: I wasn't so ambitious as to attempt a motor or even sail boat this first time out (an air boat/swamp boat done as a steam powered one) but it could very well happen in the future so I certainly wouldn't turn down any info or input.
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