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  1. I'm searching for individuals interested in role playing as judges and lawyers in modern urban towns. Benefits are many including certificate for passing rp bar exam, access to universal starter templates, weekly trainings, and a network of judges and lawyers that can assist during trials in communities. If your interested in roleplaying these roles, please contact me so we can create an association. Stacey Zirgar
  2. I am looking for someone to make textures for the following: 1) police logo with a background and one that is transparent 2) fire logo with a background and one that is transparent 3) medical logo with a background and one that is transparent Please send me a notecard with how much you charge. thanks! Stacey Zirgar
  3. Giano Estates, a (PG) family role play community, proudly presents Delmonico's Club. It's a lively event singer venue. Events are formal wear. Live singers every tues & thurs at 6 & 7pm slt. Giano Estates, est. 2007, now has 12 sims and expected to continue growing in the near future. We have a variety of home and store rentals available. If your interested in learning more, contact: Azeral Adamcyzk, Alice Mavinelli, or me. Thanks for your time!
  4. On Feb 28, 2014, Giano Estates car show was held at the Smithfield Airport in Giano Estates. Residents line-up their cars to voted on and win prizes. On March 1, 2014, residents will drag race their cars at the same airport. Everyone is welcome to attend. Certain rules apply to enter your vehicle in the event. Contact Jacen Merryman for details. Giano Estates has 11 sim with a variety types of both business and residential rentals available. If your interested in receiving an updated vacaney list please contact me directly or Azeral Adamczyk or Alice Mavinelli. All properties are parcele
  5. Several of us residents in Giano Estates went for a ride tonight. Giano Estates, 11 sims, is a family role play community that is PG. We have some rentals available if your interested. Hope you enjoy the quick video of our horse ride tonight. Contact us if your interested in learning more about our vacancies.
  6. Looking to set your roots down in a family community that is PG rated? We have a large parcel available (1/4 of a sim) available right now. Certain rules apply in what type of house you can set down. There are privacy options, security orb, and your own media options. It's located on one of 11 sims connected of the growing town Giano Estates. Giano has been around since 2007. There are also PG roleplay jobs available with police, fire, & medical. As well as a downtown for opening your own business. Any other questions, please contact ASAP. Giano Properties Family Roleplay and RP Co
  7. I'm looking to get a full transfer of a homestead. reasonably priced and timing on teir important. please contact me inworld Stacey Zirgar. thanks!
  8. The Giano Estates residents got together for a Valentines Day Ball in Smithfield. Giano Estates is a (PG) family roleplay community with 10 sims. And more coming! Join us if your looking to start your own new family, looking for a safe place to raise your family, or if your single and want to live in a PG community. Store rentals available in the downtown area. Also, there is a small airport that has hanger rentals available, too. Police, Fire, and Medical roleplay jobs available. Thanks for watching!
  9. taking me a while, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of video taping better. :)
  10. It's becoming quite popular event in Giano Estates. What happens is the residents close down the Smithfield Airport for an hour or so. The hot rods come rolling out. The noise level goes through the roof with engines roaring and the cheers from the crowds. It's just a whole lot of fun. Check out my video I recorded. Enjoy!
  11. Giano Estates Family (PG) Roleplay Community has weekly events. Tonight, we had a drag racing contest at the Smithfield Airport in Giano Estates. I was only able to video tape a one min video of the first few minutes due to my SL Job as a police officer. But, there was a great turnout and lots of excitement and fun. Welcome to check out the 10 sims, homes, rp jobs, and so on. gianoproperties.com Interested in more information? Just ask for a manager.
  12. I dont know Tex, but from what I've read on other posts. He seems pretty good hearted and sincere. I don't think he was trying to be offensive. Anyways, good luck. Always welcome to check out Giano Estates. Its a PG family urban community. See my post today for a small glimpse of what its like. Laterz!
  13. Happy New Year! Looking for a home (PG) in a community? Start 2014 right in a family style community that has 10 sims, opportunities for modern urban role play. Kids welcome. There is an orphanage, bowling alley, LIFEHUD store, Airport, and lots of role play jobs available. (No actual lindens paid for role play jobs) Beautiful homes and parks and lots more! Giano Estates was opened in 2007. Contact Azeral Adamczyk, Alice Mavinelli, Kaylee Romano, or just ask for a property manager for more information.
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