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  1. No infected file Nyll, thanks for the tool. I am still not able to post under valerie Inshan. I PMed Lexie but I'am afraid she is not around anymore. Will try Rodvik. There MUST be an issue. thank you hun, I will keep trying.
  2. Ooh Nyll!!!!!!!!!! Thanks I will try that (when I stop crying I mean, lol). Hugs you!
  3. Thanks hun for your caring words. Val is still OK inworld but without the forums if it is not fixed, I'll leave for sure. I will keep trying all the possible ways before doing so. Love you Sara. Tomorrow will be another day. For now I fee devastated.
  4. Sara, if I loose this after loosing my partner, I cannot see an exit. Omg, why? why now? No one deserves that. Should I write to Rodvik Linden (assuming he is still in charge)? I dont know........
  5. Hippie it 's me, Val. I cannot post anymore in the forums. Hope the support will fix it but I doubt it very much. My online account is not affected. But I'm feeling such at loss here........ Love ya.
  6. Sara, I'm posting with an alt. valerie Inshan cannot post anymore in these forums. The techs at LL are aware of it. I hope this can fixed but to be honest I 'am crying my heart out now................ Forums are all what's left for me now that my partner is gone. I don't know how I will cope if the support doesnt fix it. :smileysad:
  7. Some of you know by the PMs I could send them using this alt that valerie Inshan can no longer post on these forums since this morning around 8:00 AM GMT. A support ticket is under investigation. I contacted Live chat twice. The first time I was told to reset my password and wait for 15 minutes before login back: nothing. The second time I was suggested to use Chrome (which I can't use during the day, well... hem, the office hours *coughs* as my boss could only afford an old PowerPC Mac!). I'm home now and using Chrome: still nothing, nada, niente, rien!!!.... People at Live chat (very nice and polite btw) seemed completely clueless on this one. I get the "we're working on it" answer. So here's my question: my last post was in a spamming thread in the answers section about "Bangalore". I RICed it and it was pulled out by the moderator. But before reporting the thread, I did click on the link included in it (some cheap advertising for flights to India and Pakistan). Knowing that my Macs have firewalls enabled and that Macs in general are less exposed than other computers, do you think there could be any relation with the fact that I couldnt't post anymore after that? I'm not sure, as I posted there around 1:00 AM SLT and did not try to post again before 4:00 AM. What do you guys think? Is Val doomed to be lost forever for these forums or do you believe the techies at LL will be able to fix that? (PS: no need to say that loosing my SL partner and even myself in less than a week is rather hard to handle... :smileysad:)
  8. You can easily reset your password even before your login: click "I forgot my password" at the bottom right of the launching screen. You will have to provide your security question. Other ways to do that are as below: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Password-and-account-information/ta-p/700017
  9. Take off items which are not really indispensable to release enough prims to put your furniture. The maximum prims allowance cannot be changed, so this is your only solution.
  10. I am so sorry I didnt thank you all for your caring replies. To those who offered friendship, thanks from the bottom of my heart but I may need a rest for a while. I'm afraid I'd be a burden rather than a jolly fellow.... Building classes is a good idea. Lol, I'm not even able to apply a ground texture on a land I own! Anyway, thank you all, I had to let it all out. Time for hope is gone. Time for a break or a new approach, too early to say. But I thank you again for your replies. I don't feel so much in the dark as before. Hugs you all.
  11. Imagine your partner is severly ill in RL. He has cancer. He's no longer able to come in SL. You have absolutely no way to have news since the hospital wont give you any information because you are not a member of his RL family. His cell phone is dead. Not to mention his home phone where you are not allowed to call. So here you stand on a homestead, not knowing what to do with your 3450 prims and yourself. You've changed the furnitures and wallpaper just about a hundred times. You've been to clubs, you have explored, you've been shopping like mad: still bored to death. I run out of ideas to keep me in here. Yet I cannot nor want to leave. How would you cope, if ever coping is possible? Please I need advices. Sorry for asking. Thank you to those who read this.
  12. Thank you all for your replies. I had no doubt I would get wise answers here. I know most of you from reading your posts since a long time. Not only I am not surprised, but I am pleased with your advices. I cannot answer to each and everyone of you, but I would like to comment on a few posts. Echo, you are right: I identify the real me so much with my main that killing her would certainly almost kill me in RL. I have cherished her, gave her the best I could find for so many years... Her avi even looks like my real person. I could say I love her better than I love my real self. Amethyst, what you are saying is completely true: using my alt to repeat my main's mistakes or live a duplicate life would be a complete nonsense and would only lead her to the same failure. At all, in general, I agree that I should put my main at sleep for some time, pack up her stuff as you said, downgrade to Basic then send her away for some holidays. And indeed, the same human operator being behind both accounts, I believe Mandji should also take a break. To those who mentioned the "two names", yes my main has one of these from the old good times. You are right, these are precious. So, in conclusion, I wish to thank each of those who answered me. My main and I will have a vacation together out of SL. Short or long, I don't know yet. But we need it. You see, that's the good thing about Second Life: you cannot take a vacation from your "real you". :smileyhappy:
  13. I am an alt. Some may recognize me or not. Who cares, I am legal. And my main is unhappy. She drinks too much, smokes too much. She's dicovered loneliness after years of spendid couple and friends relationships. Wait, no drama queen here, just wondering: how long has it been too long? How do you know it's about time to end a SL life? Please share if you can because I am at loss. Really don't know what to do. Delete button is so tempting sometimes.
  14. amz1991 wrote: 1. how long have you been a member? Since July 2007. 2. are you aware of advertising on the website? if so, which and do you think its effective? I don't think it's effective. 3. if you were a member in 2007, were you aware of a PETA anti-fur protest taking place on second life? Yes, vaguely. 4. if you were aware, did you go to it? and did it affect you in any way? No. thank you so much in advance, its a great help! Aimee. yw. Good luck!
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