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  1. Recently a user on another thread described an item she witnessed in the home of a neighbor that sounded like it auto rezzed dirty footprints, and dust and such along with an ongoing chat prompt to clean the house that could only be silenced by frantic cleaning with a sponge or some object provided. Has anyone any idea who the maker of such an item is or where it could be purchased? It would be AWESOME to torture a maid with since a lot of the "chores" I see don't seem to have a metaphorical carrot to chase.
  2. I have never EVER wanted to be a furry until just now LOL. AWESOME film; If it were all up to me? -5stars for story, direction, imagination, vision, location and execution.
  3. Very nice. Excellent choice of subject; you mastered an important thing; being accessable. I hate the films were its so "artistic" that I don't know what its about or the point or anything else. Genius is great, but not so great if the audience gets lost lol. A+ for not doing that.
  4. I get modern (present day, sky scrapers and cars) and I get fantasy (elves and talking mushrooms). What is modern/fantasy?-Or is it literally a combo of those two images?
  5. So, what you are saying Efurou , is that you disbelieve that a man rp-ing a gorean might ever also have a rl value system, outside of being a "D/s lifestyler" in which women are not his equal? Not saying that he's going to rush out of his suburban home and lobby for slavery, but that he might indeed be (shall we say...) less than enamored with feminism. That you expect that all rp-ers harbor no rl agreement with anything that they take on as an action in an rp? I hope that's not what you're saying . Thats a helluva presumption about what goes on in a whole LOT of people's minds. My thing when processing Gor is taking in that the writer at the point of grabbing his pen it was "just another guy". Not a "lifestyler" or an rp-er. And one who was not impressed with feminism. I dont see how any of the respondents submissions then are "out of place here" if the creator of the concept himself held those values and created the thing being discussed with real world views/feelings. If anything we're "taking it outside" when we say "no , nothing about it is real".
  6. Actually I'm just curious if there is a place thats "gritty" at Lionheart? I thought it was just a residential sim with "regular" commercial areas."That" Lionheart?
  7. Write everything you wrote in your op to your partner. Word it to THEM. And unpartner them. If you ever were friends, and they are a real grown up, they'll talk to you when they read, and accept things, and you will be amicable.
  8. I hate mesh. And to think I was one who thought it would be a good thing. The fact that it cannot be modified is unnacceptable in my opinion. To expect the person to change to fit the clothes....really? There is no individuality of body with mesh. No one is then unique. They are stripped of their ability to dictate their own form I do not appreciate that my wife has to lose what it is that I consider attractive , become some shape that I find horrific, in order to wear a dress. Thats BS. Also , its entirely too difficult to "mix and match" pre-existing clothing with the mesh clothing. What, the 9gazilliion L's spent on the first set of clothing should just be "written off"? I dont' think so. And this business of a mesh shape not being able to be dressed in "regular" clothes? The limitations are OUTRAGEOUS. Mesh strips away individuality. It strips uniqueness in one's own body. How is your avatar "personal" when its dimensions have been dictated by a shirt and pair of pants? Personal vote? Mesh SUCKS
  9. When did it become difficult to have to look at a house?-I don't get your neighbor.
  10. *Reads. Shakes his head. Laughs. Walks away seeing that this poor **bleep** of a thread has fallen to single note singers. Loses interest in reading the same stuff.
  11. How do you get a rotation script to stop working. I have an object that started rotating, is not the correct object I wanted to rotate, deleted the script inside it and its still is rotating.
  12. Is it possible he's a bot just being used to be a store owner?
  13. Wow, Willow Danube wrote: The only reason because I do not think it is fair for men to speak on behalf of us women thinking that WE think it is OK to share. I dont see the relevance between "I appreciate your input" and this? One person appreciates the other , and the individual blasts back about not wanting to be spoken for. But ok. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I told my father once that I prefer not to be married and will rather just pay a random healthy guy to impregnate me with his baby and raised the child on my own. Radical? He thinks so.. in fact when I told him about my opinion, he, the usual Alpha male in the family was lost for words. He thinks it was absurd... not culturally accepted. But then his moment of silence made me ponder myself as to why I had such idea. Basically it comes down to this, I lack of trust... in a man, in a marriage and in myself. Do you think this woman in youtube wanted polygamy because it will make her happy? Many... many women in polygamous marriages that I've encountered had unnatural reasons why they wanted to 'share'. Where you see her as someone adventurous and strong, I see her as someone who has been defeated, surrender and resigned to the fact that anything is better than being alone completely. Ask any educated, well travelled, well read, well socialised, financially independent sexy and young single woman if she would want to marry a middle aged man with 3 wives and 7 kids? What do you think her answer will be? The same woman in that youtube, if she was given another choice of a loving, rich, stable, mature and handsome single man that met her every expectations, do you really think she's going to stay with her current partner? My point is, it is not a natural instinct to share... Sharing needed to be learnt.. sometimes this is taught in a positive and stable environment, sometimes this is exploited and enforced upon the physically weak gender into believing that life without a man is futile so therefore share if you have to. -- I'm amazed that you get that she thinks she'll lose her husband out of that. I didn't see anything like that with her and I watched both parts one and three of her story. I have to think that personal experience will color everything even remotely connected then. And while I like you personally, makes your view lack any objectivitiy for me if this womans choice cannot even be accepted as being her own even when seeing her her say it. Nope, no reply on your life decisions, I didn't get in the topic to hash out other people's choices as valid OR invalid for them. But to say that polygamy is valid for those that choose it. People choose all kinds of things. There are people in minorities who choose NOT to support affirmative action. Catholics who choose to have abortions. Women who choose to also be misogynists and verbally call it that themselves. We can like their choices, we can dislike their choices, we can even decide whether they are "unnatural" (to use your word) from our personal viewpoint. But we should realize that its just that, our personal viewpoint. And that they have a right to choose it. And that they have a right to have their choice seen as their own when it is. We also ought to be willing to admit that they count too when tallying up who's here in this world. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Let me rephrase that, What you say will apply to MOST. But will not apply to few. Smh. For a person who's first paragraph in this very post, says she would appreciate somoene else not speaking for HER you sure don't have any problem doing it for someone else do you? But lets go there: Most and a few are only relative when voting, and no one needs other people to vote their choice in life into being valid. And I'll translate that myself so you don't have to. The personal choices of any majority does not eliminate the freedom of choosing something different for an individual.
  14. Maryanne Solo wrote: You are confused about which culture you are talking to unfortunately. The woman gave up her career for this? Very funny. Post the link ^^ Where is the word "career" in my post? And I don't care, nor am I confused, about anybody's culture. Topic is nothing about cultures. I said the woman initiated the interest in the couple and thats exactly what I mean.-Since it is the popular conception that all of this invariably stems from a male. However the tube in reference is this one: You can agree with her you can disagree , but she didn't get led by someone else . -THAT is what my post said.
  15. The problem with this question for me is (and I have never worked any 'job' in sl) that you are not tipping the individual for their identity you are tipping them for what they perform. If there is a DJ and you tip the DJ is because you liked the music. You do not "have" to tip the host/hostness for the music. No matter who is behind the DJ that task got performed. If you are one to feel that the host./hostess should be tipped because they made you feel welcomed, (thats the point of them saying the hellos and the friendly banter; its not the magnificence of that skin you wore that prompted them to make you feel comfortable), then you tip the host/hostess. The fact that both avis could be the same individual is irrelevant. Two JOBS got performed. If you are hired at company A as a janitor when everyone goes home, but while they are there you serve the lunch in the employee cafeteria, do you think you should only get paid for ONE of those jobs? Be real. Who someone's alt is is their business.
  16. I think Echo had the best answer. Let them run their own energy out. Sorry you had that experience.
  17. Whether its sl, rl or whatever life -Always only do what is comfortable for YOU. At the end of the day you are the only person you've got to live with.
  18. Willow honey I've read enough of your post in forum to honestly appreciate your input. However I gotta say that while it is valid for you as an indivual to feel as you do , particularly if (it sounds like) you had some negative personal experiences, it just isn't true that those are the only reasons or the only women who participate in and indeed sometimes seek polygamous marriages. Matter of fact it wasn't a week or so ago that I listened to woman youtube to the fact that it was HER who brought the idea to her previously monogamous husband , and that was the result of her INITIALLY feeling it was all just a sexual rouse to the benefit of the sexual appetities of men but subsequently changing her mind. And it was a mind she changed alone while solo looking into that concept. What you say will apply to some. But will not apply to all.
  19. Here's hoping we can hear from more people without them feeling like they must be "showing off" before they can reply to someone having asked to hear from them. Not that this was your intention but I surely can see where it could be the result. Scenarios like that are often what makes people not come forward and perpetuates enough of an illusion that nobody could "possibly" be serious about such a thing to the point that a dialog or thread like this one dies before it really even moves forward. It is in keeping with the sentiment and philosophy of "the many" today to decry anything but feminism and male sublimation. I get that. But where is the allowance for those who do NOT agree with that to voice their stand and not be negated or accused of "showing off" or in some other way invalidated in order to silence that stand? You can. But its still there. And honestly, looking at that first list : - breeding, keep the lineage because the were a lot of males died due to war and diseases - welfare of untended women and children - money With the ratio of males to females what it is in SL, I can see where it easily is then adaptable. Who knows, could just be my convos but I hear from a lot of females who are NOT looking to be in poly marriages however they ARE looking for male influence , care, presence and input in their created sl families. Families with excruciatingly low numbers of males, and the females (often single) becoming accutely aware at lack of male presence ,influence, even male control, specifically, over her children. And even in a world of prim genitals , where everyone can have any that they like, the feeling is reported by some as "hollow" or unfulfilling to them to not have a male sire and father for even their cyber children. So where is even the "valid list" not applicable? One persons "cultuaral brainwashing" may be another person's acceptance of the fact that there is a natural reason for both the presence and demeanor of a man.
  20. I don't think true polygamists subjugate women. In my opinion if an adult female has willingly consented to marrying that person, in that form, it's not subjection. While there are underage brides out there (of all marriage types), I think the media puts that in the face of millions to put that stigma on polygamy. That's a huge problem, I agree. But that doesn't make it more important than an underage bride in a monogamous relationship or abuse in a monogamous relationship. What I'm saying is, abuse and underage marriage happens all over the world, not just or more so in polygamist relationships. It's just more publicized. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bingo. I support Polygyny in RL and practice it in SL. Why don't I also practice it in RL? Only because I dont wish ANY marriage in RL at this time. I don't think its "taboo" at all in sl. I think you will find a lot of ladies who will speak against it -particularly in the company of other ladies not wanting to be singled out and criticized. But I certainly wouldn't call it "taboo". And I would not just think twice but 9times before having 10 wives just for the sake of having someone to have sex with. Thats a lot of headache to take on just for a travel convenience. Entirely too many loose women to make that rational. ------------------------------------------------------------------also-------------------------------------------------------------------- "some societies women are often seen as chattel, property, and their wishes and needs are not taken into account" I couldn't help plucking that line out of jwenting's's post. I'm one who does often view women as chattel, property, and their wishes and needs are not taken into account. BUT **grins** it goes back to that original phrase by Cadeon: I don't think true polygamists subjugate women. In my opinion if an adult female has willingly consented to marrying that person, in that form, it's not subjection. ...at least not nonconsensual subjugation.
  21. Red wine, definately red wine. lol not sure about the chicken tho.
  22. When I lived on the mainland, and I did for a bit, I felt like I lived in a garbage can. Forget about the random trash next to what I was trying to have as a residential parcel, but everything was "right on top of one another". For me, had I done what you're describing, it would have been to create SPACE between parcel "a" and parcel "b". For my opinion, I feel like LL should have orchestrated it that way themselves. Just my .02
  23. hm. Might have to network with Perrie about how that worked out lol. Sounds like there are exceptions when multiples get involved
  24. Oddly enough, the crackden sometimes meets your requirement (hathian 128/128/0) . To know when it'll rain tho you might have to keep up with the weather there (there's a newspaper that will tell you weather forecasts http://thecrackden.com/paper/) or possibly contact the sim owner considering your purpose (nadir taov) .
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