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  1. Bingo. And yes, its easy to fall into a nest of 20 somethings and have all of them try to convince you that "you're old" but you do have to consider the source. Who here, when they were a kid or teen, didn't think anybody who was not their peer was old? At twenty they are only one year away from being a teen. The state of being an adult is like a bell curve, and I haven't seen one of those yet crest at its inception. Even at 30, (assuming a life span of 80 even though I'm one with an 88 year old in their rl) you're not even half way up the incline. It wouldn't crest till 50 as the highpoint, and to be "old" (on the side of the downswing) you would be as Drake said. Its great to be 20 or even 30 something physically (and in sl that might translate into avi appearance). But my best conversations come from those more mature and with a manner of processing you really only get with time.
  2. I'm guessing Zindra is a sex sim? I read that name someplace .....thought it was an rp game. "Color coordinate your avatar with your prims"......having given that line a little thought, and in light of the Zindra thing, I'm going to pass on speculating which prims. Always something to learn in the forums. Welcome back Ambrosia. Personally my suggestion is drop in and out of the forums, it'll keep you from being bored.
  3. MiaReinhart wrote: Lately my boyfriend and i have been having quite a few "serious" discussion’s about secondlife "families' unparticular the prim baby v.s child avy talk. I have a three year old daughter in Rl, having her makes me lean toward the prim baby side. Where as he is bending more toward the child avy side. He has adopted one child avy in the past to no prosper. She was a sweet girl that I never had the chance to meet but he cared for her deeply. I on the other hand am a skeptic of the child avy's. For one i can't wrap my mind around why anyone would want to be child in an adult world like SL. I'm open minded and have talked it over with several friends. It's just uncomfortable for me. On the other hand the prim babies would fit my needs. To have a baby that is a toddler for ever would be ideal for me. Him not so much. He is more so into the role playing side of family, he has a problem with the fact that the prim babies DO stay toddlers forever. Pleas be clear I AM NOT ASKING TO ADOPT A AVY CHILD. I'm simply asking what you prefer? Been where you are as a couple. I was the person who wanted the kid avi and for the same reasons as your guy, didn't like that they stayed stagnant (I got 9 kids but all of em are infants , yeah , right) , wanted a "living" child so that I could see it grow/feel like so and so's father/ have age progression and differences between the kids/ have them develope into a "whole" character with likes and peeves etc. HOWEVER (and this might be a swayer for your guy) there's a lotta baggage attached to having a kid avi. While you and he "just want to be parents" the world will look at you (esp him) with suspicion. His sex life with YOU will be altered. Folks will "disapprove" of the sex furniture in your house because a child is there. In essence the grown ups are supposed to become sexless -yep even with one another- in order to appease the ageplay police. Sooo unless you have a sim in mind you're gonna move to, where you know the owner and they are of the same mind as you or something I would say its pointless. The actual people who DO do the ageplay likely have it easier because they meet once or something, go someplace anonymous or whatever, but folks who have a kid living with them are not to have sex, sex furniture, sex pictures OR sex conversations if for no reason other than Jr is *there*. (which is amazing since the person portraying jr is over 18) Tell him do himself a favor and just be an offline parent. You can still screw in the house with those living there.
  4. Thanks! And thanks to Reicheru. I always wished that "break" wasn't there.
  5. Ah yes....offline mode...I remember it from another world. The problem with offline mode tho is it encourages people like me to never log in.
  6. I bet this is the quickest education you ever got. /me walks off thinking "poor b*stard"
  7. What I think is interesting is that two people -in this case the op and myself- can each say "gamer" but mean two very different things. One's experience (sounds like shooter/action gaming?) was one way and the other (roleplay) were basically opposite. For me, none of the mmogs I participated in "appreciated" first life chat or diverting from role. It was very "immersive" (the word they use now). In the one I played the longest, (years) yes, people regularly felt that their game self had a life of its own to an extent. Immersion was very deep. Peer social control to keep it that way very high. And so when emotions or whatever else ran high it ran high as [insert character name]. The typist felt fear/ anger/ lust/ whatever because its their mind thats engaged AND YET ration tells you its not "you"- you're not Baron von Klieff/the high paja/ whatever it is that the character is thats allotting the circumstance of the feeling. In sl people fall in love, have families, buy helicopters...... But when rl Christmas happened where you able to run up your rl stairs and kiss that sl child goodnight? When you wake up, is your marketplace helicopter on the lawn of your rl house? So then you neither are that parent you are in sl or megamilllionaire with the copter on the lawn. THAT (for me) is what we mean. Its just like those roleplays I described in paragraph two. The typist may very well feel x, or y, because its their mind engaged in interacting with your mind BUT its not occuring in the total realm of reality. The furry we also are in sl, we're not. The club host we're being, we're not a real life club host cuz this aint a real life club. Its a mentally engaging representation of a club on a computer screen. Its very easy to "slip" into believing the club is a club. You have crowd and appearance and noise and all of your friends are gathered there. But thats the same thing that happens with that "immersion" I talked about. (grins) An official sl rp may or may not impose immersion. But sl as a grid often, inadvertantly, does. People start buying into their own identity here. HERE they own the block (sim) but in rl they may be struggling to meet the teir payment. So where's the mogul? Its not real. None of this is real. Except your feelings. And thats whats real in roleplays.
  8. Shouldn't the shadow map be on top of the texure? Maybe with reduced opacity? Mind you, I've never worked with sl textures and their maps in p.s. but it just **sounds** like that would be the order?
  9. Maybe they got it wrong and meant v1's. There'll always be third party viewers I think. They get created by folks outside LL. And, unless I'm wrong have never been "advised" by LL. Just that they acknowledged some as more reputable than others. The v1's eventually will break/not function when LL advances some stuff in the grid. Who knows when that will be? Dunno.
  10. Perrie Juran wrote: ......equivelant of saying you can't look decent without overloading the system. And that is just plain bull dinkey. But is it? Hasn't the percentage of people complaining about lag increased? Or are just me and mine the only ones feeling a lag more than we have previously? And I'm not saying stripping people of their accessories is the route, I'm askin WHY sl doesn't seem able to handle very much?
  11. Is it possible to put two avatars on a posestand (ex.) embracing or otherwise interacting? Yes. I've seen at least one made that way. It was for photography. Seeing as how I didn't own it or build it, I can only speculate on how it was accomplished. I would suppose with either a poseball system (like furniture) or the noposeball-intimacy sort. Is it possible to run both male and female poses within a single posestand that poses only one avatar at a time? Yes. You would just have to cycle to what poses you wanted. I had a freebie one like that once. Wasn't fun seein some of those lady poses on my dude before he hit the male ones lol. As long as both the posestand and animations are owned by the same av, and (in the case of swapping from one stand to another stand) posestands one and two both have mod permissions, you should have no problem pulling your animations from stand 2 into your inventory and then dropping them into stand 1. Thats just hybriding your own property for your own use, not a problem. Remember, in this scenario the scripts and anims themselves do NOT need to be mod. Just the item you're droppin em in (or "borrowing" em out of). An example of the interactive type posestand is something like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EMU-PROMO-Posestand-Couple-Simple-30-Poses/3713361
  12. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BOXER-Inventory-Organizer-Backup-Duplicate-Finder/2765303 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bright-Inventory-Box-Inventory-organizer/268464 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Inventory-Box-Organizer-All-Colors-Copyable/45302
  13. RL is always best with me. Its the only place the real people I love.
  14. Summer Logan wrote: Dating in SL is hard already but trying to find someone with the same things you want is even harder. I am looking for a Roleplay Sim or Group with other single people who are interested in finding someone to date, eventually partner, and start a family. I've tried using search but all I'm finding is family oriented places deadicated to already formed families. I did however find a family oriented dating agency but it seemed fishy as you pay by how many dates you wanted to go on??? Anyways if anyone has any info that might help me out in finding what I'm looking for. Or if you want to IM me in-world if you are interested then feel free. Thanks for Reading! Summer Everything you said is spot on; all too often in SL (esp in groups) people don't "date". They "hook up". And typically only for as long as it takes to sext each other. I'd be leary of the pay-per-date thing too. Sounds like escorting with a "family oriented" dress on. Maybe you might have to do what people do in rl when single?- Make friends with the folks who live in those sims, let em know you're avail, and wait for the intros to cousins/nephews/friends. Or maybe even take an rp job there and meet a co-worker?
  15. Between this and the underwear thread, I'll be glad when the holidays are over and people babysit their own kids instead of letting em sign into secondlife.
  16. Hm. Interesting. If 5meters is roughly 16 feet and I dunno any regular houses with 16 ft walls......You make a point. ALTHOUGH then all my furniture would be made for the jolly green giant lol or is now. *goes to measure the chairs
  17. They never send textures to be saved as .tga files?
  18. Neither for me. Conflict is inevitable, and if its come up then I prefer rp. But I never go into rp for the battles. I go to socialize and see who I'M going to become. Too self involved to fight ya. (yes I'm laughing) I'm not a para-rp person tho. Likely never will be. A paragraph is just too blasted long and feels like I'm writin a paper instead of talking to you.
  19. I actually do dislike metered combat, but, like the OP wouldn't mind the eatin and game money and becoming exhausted. Sort of gives you the non-player controlled aspects of life that nature does; like estates where its gonna get dark at a time not controlled by any of the players. Keep those of us out here interested in that sort of thing filled in on what ya find out.
  20. I'm not in singularity either, but when I've had that problem it's seemed to be connected with either clothing or items worn that have special characters in the name (= ,+ * ) anything like that, OR too many tatoo layers worn together, OR one particular tatoo layer (not sure if its something done in the creation by certain makers or what but some facial hair is notorious) that somehow triggers that glitch. If you wear a beard or chest hair, try taking it off and see if the clothing problem clears up. If so just switch hairs.
  21. Yep. (You must be playin the same mmogs as me <.< kiddding ) Cuz an AR report is not "normal sl life" if you are a normal person. And the nutjobs griefers weren't normal to start with.
  22. Another reason to go with numbers for usernames. Then those who choose not to see the names can just stand around and give shout outs to 848759509-75 and 4840-467-6. If its socially acceptable in sl to shun folks and socially control for what kind of skin they wear, surely a body's name of choice can be worked into the mill the same way. I don't really see the "I wouldn't be caught talking to someone without a commercial grade, photo realistic, is that skin free? then we don't want your kind here -istas" settling for being called 547589675479-4.
  23. Suggestion for the day: It solves the ongoing question of sl last names AND this bit about display names; At the time of account creation ALL citizens are assigned a unique sequence of numbers as their citizen ID. No choosing, its generated. That gives LL an unchanging absolute way to handle griefing etc. and puts all citizens on an even playing field. Once inworld you can choose whatever "name" you like, same as we do now, with time the limits we have now with regard to changing.
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