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  1. How do i find out if someones been accessing my couch or any furniture without me knowing?
  2. if your trying to have fun, your better off watching paint dry really, only reason i even get on, is to talk to a long time friend of mine, cause shes never on any other messenger, and doesnt text me anymore cause shes so engrossed this stupid thing.
  3. this "game" sucks, simple as that, thats why they all left.
  4. I actually don't get hit on in the clubs.
  5. Its not that she enjoys the game and i don't, its recent in world events, that happened and my personal emotional feelings for this person got involved,
  6. I don't even know how i did that spoiler thing
  7. clubs i usually visit are club libria, club zero, rarely perditions gates.and the music is good is yes, but with the personal hurt, it doesn't feel the same. Ive tried the zombie games, and didnt care for em, never have cared for shooters or zombie games
  8. because unlike you, there are actually people that try to help others.
  9. More along the lines i can't separate my feelings for someone IRL and somethings that have happened in SL and im getting hurt by them, so its best i quit.
  10. yea, stories not my strong suite, ive been trying to write a background story for a character i made and he died 6 years ago, and can't get past the first paragraph for him, even my plot for the campaign sucked lol. last one i tried my comp couldn't keep up with the monster, and the fighting so i gave up. everytime i try to be creative, it turns out well, like poo.
  11. its not that i refuse, its that nothing i have found is interesting to me, my hobbies, dungeons and dragons, Magic the gathering (card game), art, music (listening to, not making) and i do consider myself to be one boring sob IRL. Ive tried the RP sims, didn't work out so well for me, and havent found anything to do other than fly around and take random pictures and thats boring as hell. the clubs i don't like going to by myself cause it feels weird even in SL, and im really shy and that shows through even in SL. or any onine game ive played. I don't care for sports, automotives of any kind.
  12. heard about that, doesn't sound like something id be into
  13. lol, i can only do hardware, forget software,
  14. i need to, i know, was hoping there something in sl to do but nothing for me.
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