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  1. Investing money? First thing, who is crazy enough to give somebody in SL some rl money talking about "an investment"?? It sounds like you ran away from these people. Only rational move. If there's folks out there who didnt', then this is a matter of someone who owns a sim, using it to facilitate a real world scam (issue number one) and harrassing those they can't dupe (issue number two). Sounds like something LL would want to know about and might contact someone over
  2. This sounds like a SL complaint , does not sound like a thread about role play. If the thread is referring to a role play sim however, whatever "cult" experience there presumably is the role play . Its not our place to choose other peoople's role play as long as its inside the TOS and the only rp I know of thats not is age. There are a MILLION roleplays available in SL that can be called "cult like" or "offensive" depending on who you are. There's folks who don't like what the other guy wants to play at. But he still has a right to as long as he says what his sim/location is about, it has an appropriate rating, the land is privately owned, and you are not kept on it against your will. If you landed and the information giver of the place said "Welcome, we abuse gay/black/catholic people here. Get your tag to tell us which you are and if you want to be the abused or the abuser" that is rp and its legal. If you referring to someone being told something like "you can't be on this sim, your profile says you're gay/black/catholic and I hate gay/black/catholic people", thats something else and you should file a report. --||-
  3. It is ALL about not giving up folks. (Thank you Pussycat Catnip, cuz you called it for that first :-) ) Just because bad guys get 3 seconds in the sun does not mean you roll over and say "they've been doing it we might as well let them continue". Thats a victim mentality of the highest order. And if you have it as a country.... You never give up. Ever. Their moment in the sun is nothing but an opportunity for you to see where they are. Your time to chart out what it is you want to happen and how you are going to go about causing that change. No change in our system causes itself. They only happen when people make them happen. 16 said that where she is when the bad guys try to pull the slick moves to get around laws those people have fought for the judge strikes it down. Judges strike down stuff like that not just because they personally happen to be "good" people. They do it when the pressure is there from people who say "you won't sit on that bench if you don't". If you want it, be those people.
  4. I had a one room/open space apt with exposed brick once in Virtual Soho-Manhattan N.Y. (Bembecia 242 / 248 / 12) <<those coordinates should get you in the vicinity. The rental company has several buildings with slight variations on the loft-type theme. They were great to work with if I remember. The only question could be if the meter-by-meter space is large enough? Still, I'd check it out.
  5. Does anyone have a solution for the camera ? Preferably one which makes that it stays how I put it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HUD-CAM-Camera-override-with-multiple-settings/2076829 Easy. Cheap. Comes with "common" angles folks like AND allows you to set a custom exactly positioned as you like it. Used it in phoenix AND firestorm
  6. Set on earth but not another "urban sim". The time/era preferably "now" or slightly in the future but not so far that earth becomes some other earth that is unfamiliar. I like cultures and ethnicities, so if it incorporated extreme weather or some nonwestern dress types mixed with western that would be awesome. Just enough to make it interesting but not so far gone that you have to "dress" to be accepted on sim. And an interesting backstory for the location; one that maybe creates the spaces for the various factions or subgroups to interact and of course have clashes. It would also have more than just two "sides" for those interactions. Bonus points if one of em is "the rebels". No meters for combat but some sort of game system for trading and/or labor. An OOC landing area so that whatever you need to sort out/buy can get sorted and arranged and at the point you are in the sim proper you're in character, no quotation marks or parenthasis necessary. I like the way the CD has one area where underaged people can be and other areas they cannot. Allows for rp families and yet has an area where the "deep and controversial" event could happen. Thats more like rl to me, rounded out adults as opposed to a world where no body is a parent. Town drunks and mad bombers have kids too . Who knows maybe they're the "motive" for rehabilitation/ the confession/ the assassination... An easily discernable political system with voting. (and espionage, and corruption....etc)
  7. wiked Anton wrote: .....just how long does a day last to an all powerfull being?....dont ask me, but i am betting it isnt 24 hours. possibley 100,000 years to us Bingo.
  8. You go with both being "wrong". I go with both being "right". I love science and am a proponent of the physical world having very "logical" explainations. I feel sure that some type of evolution occured. Either Darwin's OR yours, or some unmentioned. BUT I believe that they occur as the result of the intent of the God of Abraham. I include "big bang", cosmic explosions, and alien life forms in that mix. A million scientificly explicable things happen every day , from hurricanes to the fluttering of an eyelash BUT they happen ultimately because God has deemed that it will. AND given us a mundane processes by "how" so that we can make sense of our world in ways that we humans can.
  9. That slide show is AWE-SOME. First saw it when a wife of mine had it. I've bought it, given it as gifts...... It's interesting reading you guy's thread from the perspective of "the customer"......Yes, lol I guess we are a fickled bunch when it comes to what "gets" us. :manlol:
  10. Definately be sure of what you think is a hate group. Some groups may sound on the surface "racist" or "women hating" but are in fact fetish groups.
  11. I don't know.....I have seen some pretty extreme behaviours when people adopted kids (all of whom were portrayed by 20somethings). The "parents" basically felt they needed to never be intimate in the house that the kids had access to ever again and set up "away" skyboxes and such because they even feared having sex menued furniture in the same house with them least someone claim "ageplay". In the end the couples divorced. Who can live that way? It makes someone like me feel that having "alive" children then is more of a drag than its worth.
  12. Could be I'm very wrong but isn't what you described the passive-aggressive way of saying "I don't want to be with you"? Maybe I'm just wierd but I wouldn't want to date a girl who never wanted to be in touching range of me.
  13. You can change your viewer preferences to general and moderate only. That'll keep it out of your searches and teleports. If you're referening to something you saw someone DO however I'd say stay away from whereever you saw it. Also, when searching on the marketplace change the filter to exclude adult.
  14. I'm pretty sure you're gonna want to copy your response and either PM it the person who posted the forum ad OR IM it inworld to them.
  15. Now we're talkin :matte-motes-big-grin: -fan of the Aether adventures
  16. hm, Humans and animal companions.....are those hu-animals or ''entire" animals?
  17. The thing is, (or at least it seems to me.....)that it IS hard to "happen" to want to go sailing or something at exactly the same time as the stranger you'd like to meet, at exactly the same place with so many possible locations. Thats a lotta coinciding. It might be better then to look for an active group that is into various interests and then ask for participants and shoot out a LM to where you think it would be great for any interested parties to show up? SL is immense. And it actually seems like its size does more to "scatter" people than anything. Sort of leaves ya having to find people before the place. Just .02
  18. Oddly I love it when I hear someone ask things like "what is prim". -It reminds me how great it felt to be new. The word "prim" refers to the basic block that all of SL was initially built around. If you have ever seen someone create a wooden block and then stretch or move it in some way that block is what a prim is. Before the use of mesh , most stuff was described as the fastening together and shaping of any number of prims to make an object. Ex: a square block with a triangular block sitting on top of it could be called a rudimentary representation of a house. Its composition of two blocks would be termed two prims. Prims can be sheared , tapered, hollowed, twisted and sculpted to the point of looking like almost anything; a scrunched down sock or a table leg. I hope that makes sense? In the last update from xcite I got, two versions of the male equiptment. One lists the number of prims. I presume that one is the lower prim count of the two. (I never checked that presumption.) Often items with higher prim counts appear to the eye as "more detailed". HOWEVER To be able to provide an acceptable product that has a lowered prim count might be a goal for the manufacturer as some people try to wear lower numbers of prims attached to themselves and lower numbers of scripts depending on whether or not they are trying to reduce lag for themselves or to fulfill limitations expressed on sims they frequent. The very best person to assist you with fit and how to use of course will be a woman. I'd either hang around here and maybe one will volunteer to help ya in world OR you could try joining the xcite group and put out a call to one? Xcite does have an entire website that is great for setting up preferences , but I've never gotten a great read for "how to use" off there for the guy's junk. Dunno if its different for the women's.
  19. When I was new I thought clubs in sl where like clubs in rl; you go and its a "meeting" place. Having learned its not, its a mass listening and (unfortunately sometimes ) rampant gesturing place I "accept" it for what it is. If it'll help, what works when ladies try to get my attention is not "hi" , especially if its in local and I'm someplace public. Odds are I came for a reason and am so focused on what I'm doin I'll never see it. If I do odds are I'll just say "hey" back and go on with whatever is in my head. IM is your friend. Least with someone like me. It makes me realize "oh, you mean me 'specifically' ". Then I need you to add "why" or some indicator of what led ya to msg so I know where we're headed/what the point is and yeah, to get me out of my own thoughts again. It can be as simple as telling me where you saw me/know me from but give me some idea what prompted the contact. And if you REALLY want to be efficient SAY that its not a flirt if its not. I do have strictly platonic contacts But I don't want to have to guess at what the intro is all about.
  20. If I thought my comedic timing was that good I'd say "my house" lol but then you might take me seriously. Personally I like the ballrooms. I do realize that for the ladies that may or may not be the place to venture into alone but often there are live performances or other events allowing for more of an "audience" situation as opposed to arriving as part of an established pair. It can be a good time and place to find others a little more settled and subtle.
  21. I feel for you, I honestly do I have a family member in world who kind of sounds like they may be going through something real similar. - Kid, adult, kid again, adult again, wants to quit....... I wish I knew the answer to "how to be a happy kid avatar" . Its been hard watching her go through this. I dont know that answer though. So really all I can go to is Klistie's advice regarding having a "main". A main character is awesome become it "grounds" you. Its your base. The "home position" if you will. Other avs you might make fill needs that are "situational" and typically have an entirely different physical descriptor attached. I say that last bit so that you are mindful that the av isn't just cuz "things got hot" on another character and you wanted to run off from "x" situaltion. No, it would be that the known identity of the main (as a man, as an adult, as a black person....something like that) could not POSSIBLY also "be" this new character. ie. I need a girl character for this; I need to be Asian; I'm going to be a teenager. If a situational av's situation falls apart (the parents divorce, whatever) you have the option to find a new situation OR sit the entire character to the side for another time. Your basic you , main character, is still there. Unmarred and unmixed up in what happens with the situational avi. You can go home. All you have to do is make sure "home" is always created around and about you not the comings and goings of others. -Don't poop where you eat. Anyway, its my .02 and input on the concept of a main .
  22. To have the footprint/required lot size listed on the photo or someplace easily found on the vendor. Thats the very first thing I'm going to look for before anything. I dont buy lots to fit houses. I buy houses that fit lots. It becomes relevant in a time period where it could be "critical" to the buyer to remain in a given tier amt. After that I look for it to be modifiable. You can be the best builder and have used all the best textures but it will never stop me from either getting bored with a given texture set or just plain wanting my own for a very personal feel. Its not just textures. I'm one who likes to take out a wall. Add a wall. Remove one section of floor and put a staircase there. The very "best" house I ever bought in terms of being satisfying was rather "boring" in terms of its textures at the time of purchase (ok they were hideous). And I was fine with that. It had a great /interesting shape though , the facial structure of the building (if buildings can be ascribed facial structure... ) was "awesome" AND I could switch up the textures to whatever I liked and rip and add walls. Interesting archetectural shapes then is a big one for me.
  23. I've seen some morphs that I rather enjoyed looking at. I did look at the one linked to......very bad. And you would want someone skilled monkeying with yours. But I wouldn't spend too much trying to please the judges of the world or its all you will ever do.
  24. I got no idea but I'm checkiing out all the possibilities. Thank you Artorius . The only concerning thing is it says "may not line up well for adults". And these chores would definately be being done by adults. If anyone has any additional recommendations that would be hard to keep ahead of please do submit them
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