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  1. Suggestion for the day: It solves the ongoing question of sl last names AND this bit about display names; At the time of account creation ALL citizens are assigned a unique sequence of numbers as their citizen ID. No choosing, its generated. That gives LL an unchanging absolute way to handle griefing etc. and puts all citizens on an even playing field. Once inworld you can choose whatever "name" you like, same as we do now, with time the limits we have now with regard to changing.
  2. Shame isn't it that you can't actually do "mature" behaviors in sl without having to change the whole sim rating to adult. I like your sim. Just a comment on sl.
  3. Its a presumption derived out of personal feeling, but maybe the complaint stems from the fact that people ignore the fact that you have a display name. I know when I go to the trouble of having a display name its because I want to be called by that. But thats not what happens. People act like its not there. Its like legally changing your name and having someone totally disregard, and therefore disrespect, that you have. Its them saying "oh but whats your real name". In that scenario, the "real" name is what the govt has said it is NOW. You can have whatever prior knowledge you like, that will not make it legal and the individual (if they're smart) wont respond to you. But in SL, because its dangling overhead, the individual never gets to move on to the new name. Ideally, they could "just" make a new avatar. Problem solved. But the use of real money in sl and nontransferable goods means dumping rl $ in the trash. Really? Because dumbo can't respect a name change? So no. End result? One unhappy user. Maybe the people who choose number sequences and unpronouncable symbols when they sign up have the best idea. No "name". Then whichever display name you're using at the time is what you get called.
  4. Make the bastards pay for it I say. You hadda pay for it, make them pay for it. Gov. Linden won't accept the .1 deal. Maybe you won't get your money back, but at least they didn't get it for free.
  5. It must be the pie.... I'm so happy for you, your post made me smile.
  6. Click the empty space where you want the texture to go. You should be able to follow the previous poster's instructions then. "... a 2nd window will pop up, locate your texture there, click it and click OK. On your profile also click OK...." Afterwards definately click the done/ok button, or it will not save.
  7. Off the bat I'm thinking your kings and queens will change every week giving any "reign" very little time to even become known or significant. But perhaps its not "so simple" to challenge a king or queen?
  8. Personally, I see this as a good argument against having 16 year olds in sl. If they are not able to see their rl genitals why should we go showing them pixels ones. I mean we as a community are selling these skins willy nilly as if they've been looking at their own genitals all their lives. Whats next? Believing that some of them even have babies? Paint those skins out skin makers! And no selling toilets to these people either! They'll be wanting to know how to use em. And that is just wrong because it leads to genitalia and .........urinating.
  9. Some scripts aren't meant to be worn. If you bought an object or clothing, regularly an unpacking script is inside the box or bag. Its there to cause your item to create a folder with the purchased item's name and send the item to that folder or even to your existing objects or body parts folder. It does just what it says, unpacks your goods. Often when it does this ("unpack all items") it unpacks itself too. Some merchants also include a "wear bag" script. So that you can rp being out shopping and actually hold your bag. When unpacked, its possible for that script too to be sent to the goods folder. THOSE you can just delete. Check to be sure they are indeed these kinds of scripts before you start deleting however. Scripts that you've purchased however, or ones given by LL in the scripts folders, yes those are to be used as suggested. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Scripts http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Editing_someone_else%27s_scripts_and_notecards http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Tutorial
  10. Could be any one of a thousand reasons. When I first joined SL I kept all of my groups showing. Yep, even the naughty ones. Ok, especially the naughty ones lol. Because to me the reason you're in the group is to meet people with similar interests. And if thats true then why are you trying to "hide" the interest? Maybe the person with the similar interest isn't already in your group. Plus they don't make bad ice breaking convos; "oh reeeeally???" and "lol". Then I went out with this one particular young lady. And it was the girl who was like "ok you need to cover those". Yep, my reaction was "for what?" but smitten and all and because it made her feel better I gave her that one. People do it for all kinds of reasons. It makes a mate happier. They are actually ashamed in front of ONE half of their friends knowing that they like "x". To keep the sl stalker from joining every single group they are in. To keep one image with one bunch of folks, while being something entirely different to the other. To keep potential dates from assuming things about them. AND if you've read some of the group names, it could alienate an entire populous of people unintentionally; "I Slap Jewish Girls" or something. Some groups are named things that are fodder to the fetish of its membership but could be misconstruded by those not into that as "racist" or at least very insultive. And do you really want to cut off innumerable people because of a group name? Could be anything. I said it to a young lady I'm friends with once; your profile is often the first impression people make of you in sl. Some people like to manage that impression. Some are "I am what I am, like it or step off" types. And still others don't like that its the first impression, they want you to talk to them first.
  11. Also, remember not all lots will be perfectly square It becomes very relavent when talkin about house or land purchasing either one. Two houses- the ad for both says "fits on a min 2048" And they do. BUT one house is perfectly square- 45m x 45 meters which only is 2025 and the others measurements 32 x 64- long and oblong and exactly 2048. The TOTAL size of the second lot is larger than the first and yet the house from the first would not fit there!. Be sure the shape of your house and the measurements in each direction whenever you can.
  12. OR purchase a set of full perm, psd, skin templates and became your own skin creator. Though what Klisties said is significantly cheaper. And to be frank, unless its something like skin shade, freckles, drawn representation of the genitalia, skin finish, or an "extreme" drawn aspect, by and large most skins look "the same" on you unless you change your shape. Test that principle out with a free skin and you might see what I mean. Gives you a different way of evaluating skins then. And you might be better armed when buying one that gives you whatever it is thats making you like the one you have.
  13. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: how can a diverse range of ideas (all different) not have some,or one, that are wrong? ________________________________________________________________________________________ IF you are biblical then the answer is here: Matthew 22:37-40 . It is the summation and not replacement for every single "rule" of God. It also covers every conceivable circumstance in the human experience. IF you are not biblical then go to what is called "the golden rule". That is how. All of us and all of our clans, countries, cultural subdivisions or just plain hanging buddies can construct any number of "acceptable"s and "not acceptable"s to appease and coincide with the wants and prejudicises of those groups -even to the point of making them into human laws- but none of them dictate eternal rightness and wrongness. They are just "our" right and wrong or our groups right and wrong. And so all ARE right and all ARE wrong. The only thing exempt is the above. .....if you believe in God
  14. Solaria Goldshark wrote: I wonder.......if the masks we wear in here reveal our true prejudices. ^^ this ^^ How else is it that logically realizing that "anyone" of any race or sex could in fact behind the avatar, do you account for the fact that people encounter either flat out "-ist" treatments (racism, sexism, transgender-phobia) or just differerent interaction than if the SAME person puts on a different shape (in the matter of gender) or skin.
  15. WOW. And you filmed that in second life?
  16. Always be proud of everything you do as long as you tried. Yes, sometimes we're fortunate to have a finished product that surpassed our expectations of ourselves but that I don't think is what should entitle us to a feeling of pride; its that you went out and met 1. your fears, 2. an unknown and, 3. your aspiration. Hell I admire you just for getting "something" lol. You did great.
  17. For me it happens with cheap or not well made shoes. I don't craft shoes so I don't have the particulars of why. Still and all, an alpha layer for feet won't give you shoes that move when your feet do, but should at least eliminate seeing the actual feet.
  18. Is this not the opposite but equal posting of "there are only two types of women, sluts and figid wallflowers"? Smh. Well, at least we know the double standard ain't dead...its just flying the other direction right now.
  19. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Excalibur-High-Performance-Two-Seat-Helicopter/716923
  20. Hm. So many points and concepts. I do think it will be hard to come up with any reliable trends regarding this. As was pointed out, too many people don't partner through LL, or partner for reasons other than romance, then add the polyamourous and the polygamists who don't list anyone due to only having one space.... Yes, there's the knee jerk reaction on my part to say "yeah, it does seem that a lot of people become more deeply connected in Gor", but how anecdotal is that? And where is the independent measure of what "deeply connected" is? And are they really? Or is it the perception of someone from the outside? Ration would say that if they were that "deep" then surely a change in environment should not cause a cataclysmic change in how they interact and feel about one another. Is the "relationship" then blown up on the air of roles? And even as I write it I want to say "ouch". Because I'm in that group that most people will call a "lifestyler". And saying it seems to be saying they "only have a relationship if he's the Jarl and she's the slavegirl he favors"/is only a surface relationship/ essentially its "just sex" and that is not what I'm suggesting. I AM questioning however that maybe people fall apart, or things rattle, because they aren't "lifestylers", or to be more accurate with it , haven't figured out how much the power dynamics -nonsexual- DO need to be a part of their regular lives outside of Gor or any other "play" environment for them to be satisfied? I've heard one population of people say "its all rp in there, so of course you wouldn't have a real life value system or way of life that says person a is in any way subordinate to person b in real life." And yet I know that while it may not be the extreme of wanting to legalize the enslavement of anybody, some people DO have real world value systems where power is something they feel should not be equally held. (And not all of em men.) Those people go into Gor too. They are very much aware of the line between IC and OOC. ALL of the people in Gor are subject to developing attractions and desires for others they rp with. Happenns in every single MMOG, or RP I've ever been in and none of the ones I'm thinkin about were inside SL. The trick then is talking to the other person; is it rp or is it past that. And if its past that then they need to talk about what they really want out a partner/or romantic liason, even if that liason will be strictly cyber, in terms of the power displacements. Is there one? Which person wants one? Do both? What exactly ARE that other persons OOC, rl values? Why do you want to know that? Because its going to tell you what they are going to want out of you. And tell you how they are desiring to interact with you. And it could be that thats what doesn't happen. But thats just my thinking . [edited out digression at the end]
  21. "not buy new shapes but edit the current one in that area" ^^ that ^^
  22. In the end it is simple: we humans have created the way we live. -That includes English grammar. However long standing, it was implimented at some point. It was not already standing when all of this came into being. If it can be created, it can be uncreated. And certainly its fair game for modifying.
  23. Bree Giffen wrote: So he became more addicted to SL after he met you in real life? Maybe, since he met you first as an avatar and was able to have sex with you in real life, he is thinking that this is how SL works all the time. So when he is having a fantasy with a different woman in SL, he might be imagining that he will soon have another real life encounter with someone else. (directed at OP, not Bree) OR maybe now that he has had rl he realizes the value of not real life; a sexual exeperience and female so "perfected" (isnt that why people fantasize?) how can real life give the same gratification? That real life, its own merit duely recognized, can never be flawless. Yep, real life gives us real relationships and 2.2 kids and all that other stuff that makes the human experience wonderful but if nobody ever wanted the woman with barbies proportions and Angelina's face who is into the secret filthy kink we were, and never argued, forgot to get the oil changed, or got stretch marks , prostitution, television, porn, the sports illustrated calendar, and fantasizing while yanking it in general, would all have gone out of existence a long time ago. There's a reason men do it. (There's a reason everybody does it , we just do it unashamedly ) And when you turned into a real life woman (and one who doesn't want him to have it) you ended your run as "imagined perfect" girl. Just something to consider. Sephina Frostbite wrote: ..... As for woman asking a man to stop what he is doing? That's what happens when you commit to someone. They become your focus. No, what happens at least for me (unless she is a crackpot thinking my life is supposed to revolve around her) is our lives compliment one another. And while we're important to each other, my "focus" is balanced over several things and people ALL of whom have an importance and commitments of their own from me. This is rl we're talking about; in rl I don't come to babysit little-Mary-spotlight. Everybody has a value system. And its not supposed to change for who you date or even who you marry. INSTEAD you/she/all of us are wiser to find other halves who have the same one. (back at the OP) And finally, if the topic is fantasizing, and fantasizing happens in his mind , does it not sound to you that what you're asking is to be able to control his thoughts??? That all of them are subject to your approval or disdain? His actions and behaviors even sound like you want to be able to "yay" or "nay" them. You sound like a control freak honey. And his "unvieling" his groups sounds like passive-aggression; that he wants to shake you off.
  24. Hm. My wife mentioned that her lag was extraordinary earlier. She's in Europe as well. Could it be that Euro servers had a more pronounced problem?
  25. While I know you are seriously looking for a teacher for your school and greatly respect it (I like rp) ,I still see ironic humor in needing someone to "teach" drama in sl (chuckles).
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