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  1. Hey Everybody, I have a friend who has an odd situation. She has a homestead, no parcels, runs firestorm current version and her map shows green dots present (one or two) when in fact NO one is present. No av shows up on radar as present either. She's searched top to bottom and asked me as well but neither of us can account for the dots. Any ideas
  2. The catch to what you're looking for is free. Free stuff in sl is either hard to locate (land, space) or greatly disparaged ( skin, hair etc. ) Plus, I haven't seen any of the schools (HP or not) doing real well as far as participation lately.
  3. lol Bonus points to Pudgy. If nothing else you made this old guy chuckle. Good job at being able to enjoy an avatar for the sex the avatar is. After all, it was the avatar who got ya in this mess wasn't it? Best advice I read (tho I admit I only read page one and the "statistics") was Venus' ; get your gal one of those benches mentioned and give her the full service
  4. The thing to remember is that the very first audience of every content creator is themselves. People make what they like. Those who want to sell what they make, make what someone TELLS them (either in word or by buying trend) they like. You see bulging muscle boys with their pants half unzipped because a lot of the makers of those skins and clothes are gay men. They make what they want to see. Femboys are created by rl femboys or the admirers of femboys. By the same token, you see the slutty look for women created by those who find that attractive; they either want to date it or be it. Myself, I was similar to you. I had another character I wanted to create and having looked through the offerings in the market I was put off; lot of femmy looking skins and those that I suppose are meant to be straight males wearing eyeliner and/or lipstick. (The eyeliner thing really kind of ticks me off). And then, just as you found, everybody (if not a fantasy/writing paper white) was "tan". And tan in ways that defy reality. In the end, the only way to get EXACTLY what I wanted was to make it. Which really isn't so hard with all the tools and templates sold on the mp. You dont have to go pro. It can just be for you. But you will be satisfied.
  5. Actually, its HIS sl. And if he needs that to be a game then it is. There is no great and mystical book that says it is or isn't this or that for everybody. Just because there's a population that likes to get all high minded about what it is for them, that doesn't write it for the world. And if a body logs in to PLAY then it is a game.
  6. How can you enjoy a thing that causes your rl to downgrade? Just me. I would cut corners , but my corners would be the imaginary ones. Signed, the guy who dumped his premium account and subsequently even his "owned" land on a private estate.
  7. Your original post made a lot of sense, so no worries there. I don't think you sounded desperate as much as just not knowing the ins and out of sl dating. I don't think its that unusual for certain ladies not to have a throng of males in their chat boxes, esp if you are not one to come off like "I slex with anybody". I think a lot of guys probably avoid gals that they fear rejection from OR( if they're looking for someone easy) who looks like they are not easy. Definately don't be shy to say something first. It could be any one of 9000 reasons that guy across the room hasn't spoken to you first. -From making a sandwich in rl, (and not really paying so much attention), to attempting to read YOUR profile and decide if you're with anyone in sl. Certainly don't rush things. It sounds so pattented when people say it, but finding something you think in fun of your very own plays directly into finding someone to spend that time with. I'm one who prefers the conversation of ladies who share my sl interests. If you're the type that likes hanging out with a pack of friends playing Greedy, and he's the type who likes going to book readings (yes they have them in sl) you may find thats not the best match Easier to work it out if you met over the common interest.
  8. Books DO get judged by their covers. And at this point in life (bout midway to a hundred) I don't know any wise people who *want* to look like the bad boys. -At least not where I live. And mind you, where I live is RIDDLED with the type. But they are never the wise. To be presumed an exfelon, future felon, marijuana smoking, male of bad life decisions built on piss poor foundations. Because THAT is what a "bad boy" typically is . And that is what teachers, potential employers, even the neighbors will react to your lamb in wolves clothing as. -Costing him the entre he might otherwise have enjoyed. The "real" bad boys also will respond to it , potentially costing him his life. As for the misguided girl, (and she's a "girl" for me at this point if muscle shirts and tattoos dictate the "depth" of her life choices), when the 12 year old (mentally) awe of dating Fonzy/Danny Zuko/Little Weezy turns to needing housing, resources, and mental and emotional input and support and she doesn't get it then these are the females "confused" and lamenting to the world as to why not. The eyes need to be fed? Take care with leading with that for a guide, or they may be all that is fed. My grandparents liked the saying "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach".
  9. Where were you when my wife had twins , followed shortly by our son? All Tatu. (funnin you, you'll find customers just keep lookin)
  10. rofl- "they make my pants breathe". Making a note to use that in at least one sl conversation.
  11. Looky there, a family of four.
  12. I have been to rp sims that have straight out gambling (bets taken on fights and such) BUT the way it was gotten around was that the entire rp sim did not acknowledge/function by lindens. Instead they generate 100% valueless (it does not exchange for linden) rp currency thats earned, stolen, or transfered between players for ALL trade-including those bets- that occurs in the sim.
  13. Actually it sounds like you'd do fine in a roleplay. As long as you roleplayed with people who know what playing means. It disappoints me every time someone tacks that tacky "it means someone with 20,000 sex partners" type definition to the word. -Gotta love kids, they know how to play. My opinion equals nyanyanman and Syo Emerald then. Some are alone and lonely in rl and this how they look for rl counterparts. Perhaps because of sickness or circumstance it is the one viable option. I appreciate that and respect that. HOWEVER, some of us just came to play To get outside of rl. Perhaps again due to sickness or circumstance, but with a different mental destination. Like Inverted Sunlight, I dug the Sims. Only recently (due in large part to being disgusted with sl interactions) I considered whether or not to do "exactly" like the sims and create an entire family, all to be played by me with me and no one else. (scratches head) Could be thats what we came for Inverted, to share our sl-esque sims (how's THAT for nuts) Anyway, I "get" the last several posters.
  14. You are awesome Amethyst. I had no idea about the weight distribution being a question. I guess i'll find out whether I've set the seats correctly :matte-motes-agape: I wasn't so ambitious as to attempt a motor or even sail boat this first time out (an air boat/swamp boat done as a steam powered one) but it could very well happen in the future so I certainly wouldn't turn down any info or input.
  15. I am trying to make my first vehicle, a simple boat, and want to know if the vehicle requires a script that specifically allows passengers or will a general boat script suffice as long as there are seats available for the passengers.? If it requires a passenger specific script, is there one anybody would like to recommend? As a secondary question, I keep running across references to physical vehicles. Would any prim(s) on a water vehicle need to be physical?
  16. If its just to open new purchases of clothing, you can always attach the bag or box and open it while attached. The file goes in your inventory just the same. Then just unattach the packaging.
  17. You might want to mention which roleplay community.
  18. Wow, sorry you're having this problem. Sounds like you have someone in particular you are trying to avoid. (Can't imagine you mean just anybody cuz...well....that seems strange to me lol) Best advice, if you use firestorm (dunno about other viewer settings) turn off hearing sounds on your land from outside of it and viewing the avatars. Yeah they'll see the interior of the place but by what I understand they won't be able to spot you personally or your guests. If you block the individual wouldn't that block objects belonging to you from their veiw? I did used to have a security system that set verticle distance for how far it sensed, I can try to look for it /name of it if ya think that'll help any. Area searching items and agents makes it impossible to disappear off the map but ya do what ya can. Why not move your box?
  19. Definately go with the group join then. It was added likely as you were typing. :-) secondlife:///app/group/f10dd4f7-2e8c-71ba-8bfa-aad96fc06824/about The membership of the group should have LM's and info on hand or in their picks.
  20. There are two Gorean hubs inwold. One called the Gorean Welcome Center, the other I can't recall the name of (Something like "Gorean Information Center" maybe). Either will direct you to a plethora of Gorean LMs and info on the towns (letting you know if its BtB, GE or whatever). Stick around I'm sure someone will come by who knows the name of the other location. (Edited to add links) secondlife:///app/group/f10dd4f7-2e8c-71ba-8bfa-aad96fc06824/about The first link, if pasted in nearby chat inword, will give you a group join for BtB gor http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Big%20Serenity/86/10/25 the second, if pasted in the addressline on your viewer, will take you to the welcome center. Walk through all of the rooms to the maproom.
  21. I got a feeling that instead of posting as if this grand rp universe was up and running that post should have read more like "this is the plan, please contact to pitch in a whooooole lotta money and time to help make it a reality". And I base that on these two phrases: .....taking Region Orders..... .....looking for Partners Who can Help..... Great showmanship. But so much that it blotted out the part about none of this being possible unless the audience can come up with a buncha money to put into the existing sims AND purchase the other proposed sims and them join them onto his two. Doesn't mean its a bad vision. Cooperation between sim owners is how the 999(however many) sims of gor came to be the "world" of gor in sl. Just wasn't *explicit* that he was asking for something.
  22. For the coordinates as given: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wych/22/158/50 Future reference: Stand on the spot you would have visitors land at, open your map, and hit the button "copy SL url". If you paste it in a word document, wordpad, or notepad you'll have it to paste anyplace as you need it.
  23. ..... I have recently acquired a home and decked it out to the nines! But find myself pacing around wishing I had people to share in the experience with...... I suspect that might be one of the disappointments of homeowners all over secondlife. If you need a guest for any dinner parties I'm available.
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