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  1. I try to log in and it kicks me out saying there was an issue. Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, do you know how to fix it? I just downloaded the standard 3.0 viewer to the same laptop I've been using for SL for the past eight months using just a typical wireless internet connection. It'll load the log in screen just fine, but after typing in my information and clicking the log in button it crashes and I get a notification from SL Crash Logger telling me that the server may appear frozen just before it shuts down entirely.
  2. I'm on another avatar quest, this time for a furry. I can spend between 0$L to 200$L, but I want something that's great quality, that moves and flows properly with nice lines and shape. A full avatar as well, all the body parts and skins you need. Can be IW or market if you've seen one there that I may have over looked. The species doesn't really matter, I love all animals, but I would prefer something that's a bit more ralistic (As in no chartoonish characters). Is there anyone that can help me out?
  3. Really curious about in world photography but someone said I need a different viewer to take photos the way all the tutorial videos I've seen.
  4. I'm very confused. I've joined shop groups to use lucky chairs/boards and to get updates on their items, but when I return to the store it says I must activate a group tag. I've tried to rejoin the group but it won't allow me to do that.
  5. Sorry for the question that screams of poor noob.....but does anyone know of some inworld faun/satyr freebies? Mainly tail, horns and hooves because I can edit my avatar's ears if need be. I'd even be willing to camp out for lucky board/chairs and having to join a group is no problem.
  6. Hello, I'm new to SL and looking to create a child avatar to recreate an old favorite roleplay character. I was hoping someone could tell me where I could find some free items (shape, clothes, hair, skins) other than in the market and also looking for recomendations on some good child-ava-firendly worlds (nothing above PG-13). :matte-motes-grin:
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