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  1. Thanks for the reply. Although I am not scared of scripting, my only experience with it is in 3ds max and second life. A small script that replaces the names on Poser bvh export would be fantastic, and even a stand alone one would be nice, but I wouldn't even know where to start!
  2. Hello all, I'm not sure how many people use Poser for their SL animations, but I ran into the following: The old avatar I used in Poser had a skeleton with standard Poser naming. (hip, chest, lCollar, rThigh, etc.) These names are, as far as I know, essential for mirroring poses in Poser. The SL bvh importer still recognises these bones since the upgrade of the skeleton to Bento, but the added bones for the fingers for example will not take the Poser standards (lMiddle1 instead of mHandMiddle1Left). Does anyone know if there's a workaround for this? (other than manually altering
  3. I was also looking for this rig, it seems the link is dead. Also, which are the bones that need to be in the rig for a working bhv file? The available FBX rig can be imported into Poser, but with flaws. I cleaned it up in 3ds Max so it works in Poser, but it won't produce any BHV files that are recognised by SL. (I used a human avatar and removed the tail, quad leg and wing bones, as well as the extra spine ones which borked the rig in Poser. Also I removed the bones that are used for volume rather than transformations (BUTT, BELLY etc).
  4. Thanks Theresa, looks like I turned off the automatic updates for the graphics driver....shame on me!
  5. I was wondering if anyone has experienced the following (and of course if someone has an explanation, or even better a solution): When I start SL (I've used different viewers) I usually get 60fps (capped by my NVidia software, medium-high graphic settings). When SL is inactive, by opening a webbrowser or any other program, the framerate drops to 20fps or so and it pops back to 60fps when activated again, which was always been the case. But what is (relatively (for a couple of months)) new to me is that when I keep SL inactive for a longer period, which seems to vary between 30 seconds and seve
  6. Phil Deakins wrote: I started the thread to state my point of view that SL does not have a steep learning curve, and also to ask what people mean when they say that SL does have a steep learning curve. Both of those were clear in my OP. So I'll defend that position unless people show it to be mistaken. Going by the vast number of times the curve in question is mentioned, we can conclude it is there. Just because you don't see it and have not experienced it, does not mean it is not there. It is. So the remaining question is what that curve exactly is. It's a strange concept, since I see
  7. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Lastly if American's were "less" intelligent as you imply, why do so high of a proportion of the worlds break throughs in innovation, technology and invention come from America? Just a list of some important inventions of the 20th century... I've thrown "the old countries" into a bunch. Nuclear power - Yurp PC - Murica Aeroplane - Murica Automobile - Yurp Rocketry - Yurp Antibiotics - Yurp Television - Yurp Internet - Murica Radio - Yurp Refrigerator - Yurp Mobile phone - Murica
  8. Canoro wrote: Philip Rosedale has been experimenting with new technology that want to add to Sansar, according to him, will improve the interactions between people and reduce griefing. That would finally explain the name: sans AR
  9. To me it looks like you have a problem with the weights. The parts that get deformed are possibly weighted to your shoulders or neck. If those bones are made wider or shorter with the avatar sliders, the mesh will deform accordingly. Another possibility is your skeleton in Blender not being scaled properly. Make sure to use the standard avatar skeleton and do not include joint positions inyour upload. Yet another possibility is the affected parts have more than 4 bones assigned, that can give unexpected deformations. I wonder which bones that would be in that location though.
  10. Taeem wrote: Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Get over yourself and your conspiracies. You're shocked? Would you be shocked if I said "experienced miner", "farmer" or "griefer"? No sabotage is intended at all. None. Really. No to the last one. Surnameless ones can count instantly as 'experienced griefers' just by standing there, and as 'experienced trolls' just by posting something, even on the day they rezzed. Okay, I´ll take your word for that, internet stranger. (note: google if 'Kwakkelde' is a martian given name) Actually, I think I might reconsider my conclusions about the illum
  11. Taeem wrote: So you are implying that a surnameless one could actually be an experienced scripter? I´m shocked. Unless of course you tried to sabotage our vault expedition by having us hire a surnameless scripter. Get over yourself and your conspiracies. You're shocked? Would you be shocked if I said "experienced miner", "farmer" or "griefer"? No sabotage is intended at all. None. Really.
  12. Canoro wrote: be careful with hacking the vault, some say there are some things that are hidden forever because they are too horrible for humanity to understand, it can drive an unprepared person crazy. That is exactly the reason why I suggested an experienced scripter. Well that plus the fact that, as someone with a last name, I can't be bothered to do the actual work. That's something peasants should take care of. , it is not meant to be open in this era, they lock it there because if left unleashed it could disrupt the internet by bringing back old viruses from 2003. Which means th
  13. Taeem wrote: we might witness mainland doomsday on Friday, May 13th. , which is scripted to release all seven hells over mainland, May I suggest some commands for an experienced scripter to prepare for the opening of the vault and upcoming unholy war? In no particular order... llGetAlpha llGetEnergy llPush llEdgeofWorld llDie llSin llPursue llRound llMoveToTarget llShout llSetStatus llPow llSin llSetPayPrice llBreakAllLinks or simply llGetKey, llWanderWithin llGetMass I think the war is over when we manage to llGetRegionFlags. llGetOmega
  14. It's also twice the median household income in the US ($50k) and about twice the median in the Netherlands (EUR35k). As I said, nothing to get excited about. (and nothing to be ashamed for either of course)
  15. ChinRey wrote: Oh, I just wanted to open with some sensible words to make my own rant seem more important. == I'm baffled why you quoted me The only SL millionaire I know of is Anshe. There could be more, but going by the amount of people cashing out more than $5000 a month (2010 figure), under 200 people, it's very possible she was the first and only one. BTW...Are you an SL millionaire when you cashed out a million or when you have a million dollar, all of it made in SL, in your RL bank account? I wouldn't consider someone who made 1.2 million in 10 years a millionaire, unless the
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