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  1. I don't know enough to help you on this, but I hope you will look into the possibility of producing solid products from Second Life objects for sale. There is a lot of art work produced in SL. Some of it might sell in 3D.
  2. Here is a summary of resources for video production in virtual worlds: SUMMARY: Resources for video production in virtual worldsThere is a section on audio resources TKR
  3. Cerridwen Lynagh -- try to test a new router. Routers can fail on ports that are not used by browsers, but are used by SL. So the fact that your system is fine on your browser does not mean it is OK for SL. TKR
  4. Here are some possible causes and ways to test/correct: Login fails? Lots of logouts? Summary
  5. I think many sim owners in SL have the opinion that a reboot at least once a week is good practice for efficient operation. Usually, SL does a sim software upgrade once a week, providing the reboot. You can see the reboot schedule here: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ To find out what server is running on a specific sim, go there, click on Help (top menu), click on About Second LIfe, look for server . TKR
  6. The problem of viewer crashing when you upload an image, as caused by a conflict with Skydrive is supposed to have been resolved in more recent viewers. I don't know, because I switched to Google drive and no longer use skydrive. If you are having viewer crashes when you upload an image: Install the most recent version of Firestorm If the problem continues, check Firestorm support: http://www.firestormviewer.org/support/ SE
  7. The Event manager has to have that event hosting power in the group that owns the land. The land has to be group owned, and the land has to be set to show in search. The event manager may need to be wearing a role with that power and the time of trying to post. TKR
  8. Genesis -- I suggest you install Firestorm: http://www.firestormviewer.org/ If that gives the same problem, try SUPPORT HELP – If you need help or have a problem with the viewer please reach our support team: Click here to see How to get help or visit our Support page. TKR
  9. There is no general problem with connecting to SL via WiFi (lots of people do it). Wi-Fi tends to lose packets and so cause erratic function at times, but it is usable. Your Wi-Fi source may have some ports blocked that SL uses. You will have to talk to the tech people at the source of the Wi-Fi. Here are some posrt used by SL that may be blocked. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/SL-router-ports/qaq-p/930063 TKR
  10. I cover video production in virtual worlds in in my blog and have a hippo list that can carry casting calls and other calls related to video production in virtual worlds. My blog is here: http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/ If you would like for me to carry information in either of those places, send me a notecard in SL and/or a web link to your site. (Not IM. My IMs get capped) Selby Evans
  11. Here is an article that may have relevnt info: Login fails? Lots of logouts? Summary TKR
  12. A lot of content creators do consider the TOS a big deal. Here is a summary article with links to many other articles: http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2013/09/2013-help-new-terms-of-service-for.html I have moved my serious video production to KItely because I may not be able to sell exclusive rights to videos if they are produced in SL. TKR
  13. So far, there have been no public reports of LL selling products without paying the creator. They are not likely to sell products on the SL market place in competition with the creator because that would cause an immdiate and intense reaction from the content creators. On the other hand, one of the explanations they gave for the new TOS was that it was to enable them to sell products elsewhere (eg., Desura) as agent for the creators. I don't know of any reports of that happening. Some content creators may be checking other possible markets (such as Desura or Kitely) to see if their products are being sold there. If any had been found, I think we would have heard.
  14. I have not seen that problem, one of my sims diappeared and a lot of objects on the adjacent sim vanished. And I could not TP. All that around Noon SLT. We used to have regular Sunday problems like that, but I thought they had resolved that problem.
  15. I don't know anything about MInecraft, but here is ab article about what we do in Second Life: What do we do in Virtual Worlds? I doubt that people can do many of those things effectively in Minecraft. If they can, I would say there is not a lot of difference between SL and minecraft. TKR
  16. Here is an article that covers common causes and cures for constant crashing: Login fails? Lots of logouts? Summary TKR
  17. I have not had this problem because I stick to the old fashoined kind of headset. I have heard of this problem from many friends. They have found a setting that will fix the problem. I don't know what it is, but I expect someone will tell you. There is also some kind of conflict with Skype when running USB headsets, but that, too, can be fixed. Sry I dn't know the detals on the solution, but I wanted to let you know that it is a known problem with a known solution. TKR
  18. Search for Rockcliffe University Consortium (RUC). If you IM me inworld, I will send you a Landmark. TKR
  19. Here is my list: What do we do in Virtual Worlds? I will follow this thread to pick up new ideas. TKR
  20. Here is an article reporting on things people do in virtual worlds: What do we do in Virtual Worlds? Look over what people do, see what interests you. BTW. When you see people standing around, they are probably talking to someone. If you get close to a group, you may see and hear local conversation. People also may be chatting in IM. TKR
  21. There is a thread on this here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Text-html-mime-type/td-p/1094507 The previous problem was caused bu Norton: I was looking at their website. The only related problem I see like yours NJMike is a conflict with Norton 360 with a warning then quarantines and removes slplugin.exe from Singularity Viewer directory. Might that be a possibility that your antivirus protection has quarantined the slplugin. exe ? If not you can post the problem to their website so the build team can answer it for you. If you are using Norton, try this: OPen up Norton Security Suite, under PC security protected tab > veiw details >virus and spyware scan > click on details > click on security history. That should show you what has been quarantined by the security suite. You may want to replace Norton with some other antivirus. I found it a source of problems years ago and remove in from every machine I buy. I use a PC and am happy with Microsoft Security Essentials. Free and has never blosked anything that I wanted to use. TKR
  22. Here are articles about system shuts down: System slows or stops when running graphics? Check for GPU overheatingDoes your SL run slow, crash easily?About needing a plugin -- you need to tell us what it is that you can't run. If you don't know, then just ignore the error message. TKR
  23. That sounds like a problem of overheating -- here is an article on hot to test for overheating and what you can do about it: System slows or stops when running graphics? Check for GPU overheatingTKR
  24. The IP address may be banned, but most users can get a new IP address by turning of the modem for a few minutes.
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