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  1. Here are some suggestions: Login fails? Lots of logouts? Summary Troubleshoot Your #SL ConnectionTKR
  2. Here is an article that may help Guide to streaming audio in Second Life. Shoutcast. http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2012/04/kit-guide-to-streaming-audio-shoutcast.html TKR
  3. Here is a place you might check for a job opening: Job World, employment help. Learn the skills of finding a job. Any Job.But keep in mind that most employers will want some experience in SL TKR
  4. Here are some suggestions: System slows or stops when running graphics? Check for GPU overheatingTKR
  5. Here are some articles that may help -- and you can get a Google translation to French. Scroll down the coilumn on the right to the translate bar. Troubleshoot Your #SL ConnectionLag, what you can do about itTKR
  6. I am seeing no problems with the current SL viewer. I have had no crashes recently, except for a few instances if crash-on-exit. Those are no bother. I have a mesh intensive video set that I used Saturday to make a video. About 6 people there, none crashed in the 2 hour shooting session. (These were using various viewers.) TKR
  7. This may be helpful: System slows or stops when running graphics? Check for GPU overheatingTKR
  8. I just checked and found no problem. My inventory is loaded. I see no maintenance report on the gid report TKR
  9. Here are some suggestions on how to meet people who share your interests. Or, if you really have no preference, people who may have interests that match your experience. How do I meet people? You may want to pay particular attention to the item about communities. TKR
  10. Here are some possibilities Login fails? Lots of logouts? Summary Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection Recently someone else had a problem like the one you describe. The cause turned out to be overheating of the graphics board.. He found a temp fix by turning a house fam on the case. Others have removed the case. TKR
  11. Here are some articles that may be of interest to you; The writing community of Second Life. What does it offer to writers?Bloggers in SL--Promote your blog and the SL Blogging CommunityBlogging Second Life (aggregator)Posterize your blogs in Second LifeTKR
  12. There are few jobs open to people with less than 60 days experience in SL, but here is a place to look for jobs: Job World, employment help. Learn the skills of finding a job. Any Job.TKR
  13. Here is an article about how to use SL features to find people who share your interests How do I meet people? TKR
  14. I don't know whether this will fix it, but you should update your drivers if you have no recently done that. Google seaarch for radeon drivers Go to the AMD graphics and drkivers software page and follow the instructions. Remember, always get your graphics drivers direct from the manufacturer, never from Microsoft TKR
  15. Here are some articles about that: Content creation Content Creation: Build, script, video, classes, tools, collaborate Good Building Practices (Linden Lab Summary) TPV: Viewers by third parties, not Second Life Textures, Pictures. How to make and use them Uploadiing 101, textures, sounds, animations Also, be sure to look for Builders Brewery. You should find it linked in those articles, but can also find it in search. It is a place. TKR
  16. Welcome to SL. Here are some answers: Killing is only possible in areas set aside for that (damage zone). These are generally role-playing areas. They are indicated by a heart in the navigation bar (upper left). The only effect of being 'killed" is that your avatar is returned to your home point. You are not likely to be in a damage zone unless you look for one. There are no penalties in general, though there could in a particular role-playing game could impose penalties on killing or on being killed. Your husband can find info on role-playing here: Role-play Here are some articles on starting in SL: What do we do in Virtual Worlds? How to get into Second Life without really trying Newcomer helpHobbies in Virtual WorldsThere are jobs in SL, though they will require some experience in SL. This article has information on jobs Your things, your Lindens, your inventoryThis article has information on land and houses; Land and housesI suggest you look over the hobbies and what people do in virtual worlds. See what interests you and try out the places and groups. Also look for people who share your interests. Here is help on that: How do I meet people? TKR
  17. But we got the memory part settled. Your machine shold not be slow Here are more suggestions: Go to the Nvidea site and get new drivers-- The ones that came with windows are out of date -- This may not fix it , but you need them anyway Be sure you are testing with a wired connection. Here are some article with suggestions -- they may not fit your problem, but we are out of frist guesses Troubleshoot Your #SL ConnectionTroubleshooting: The viewer screwerDoes your SL run slow, show grey people, crash easily, make you a cloud? 2012TKR
  18. Sry the compatibilty mode did not help. I followed problems with win7/64 back in 2010-11. Never heard of people running out of memory as easily as you seem to have done. You have probably tried this: 1. Check what loads on start and cut out what you can. 2. Restart windows. 3. Start SL and try it before you start anything else. Use Ctrl + Alt -Del to open Task Manager, then check Physical Memory (under the performance tab). I just checked that load on my system (with no effort to reduce memory load). With SL and 6 broswer windows open, I still have 2.4 GB available on my 6 GB system. I am a little doubful that memory is your problem.
  19. You may not be running SL in the compatibility mode -- Here is a relevant article http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2010/08/windows-7-64-bit-second-life-no.html As you can see, I was running win7/64 Back in Aug, 2012. I don't think I had more that 4 GB of memory, but I don't know. I do know that Win put SL in a special directory that was reserved for 32 bit software. For me, the installs were (are) automatic, but I gather something can go wrong. I found instructions for handling that condition and gave a link in the article. TKR
  20. Welcome back -- Here is an article about Sl features that can help you find people who share your interests How do I meet people? TKR
  21. To get much help, you will need to give more details about what you did to set up a DJ stream. Meanwhile, here is info on how to play musig on your land: Guide to streaming audio. Shoutcast. PerformancesTKR
  22. Go to the web site of the manufacturer (not microsoft). Be sure your drivers are up to date. The drivers shipped with new machines are usually out of date and cause that message. TKR
  23. I think the most likely thing the bots are doing is creating a report on sims -- checking that the sim is still there and checking the number of people there. The count is something theyy might want to get every hour. This info it made available in reports. TKR
  24. Viewers marked beta will probably not overwite your current viewer. If they are not marked beta, I recommend that you assume that they will overwrite. They may not, and you may get an optfion to install them in a different folder, but don't count on it. You can preserve the old install by copying the current folder to somewhere else and giving it a new name to identify it. I would never install one of these without a good reason to accept potential troubles TKR
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