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  1. I found the solution, I went back through my files and found that there was something funny going on with the normals, they were the right way, but wasn't rendering as if they were the right way, so I've pulled in older versions of the file and I should be able to make it work properly now
  2. No, not a shadow either. It's very strange, but I figured there's something in my 3D model that's wrong because I can't do a nice clean AO bake on those pieces either. I might just have to re-model it and see if that fixes the problem.
  3. Hi Everyone. I uploaded a mesh model, and I found that when I zoom and rotate around the model, I get a strange glitch appearing on the mesh. It seems to act like a grainy reflection, however, the mesh has no texture information other than the default flat blank white texture. Pictures below. Anyone seen this before? Thanks for any help. Aurelia :D
  4. Thanks, where do I find the Phong specular setting? is it in the build menu? I have only uploaded a model with a lambert texture applied, then done the texture in photoshop with an alpha map to create specular highlights... I have played around in SL and have found that if I reduce the transparency setting in the build menu that the triangles disappear quite a bit. I was hoping not to have it soooo transparent but if thats what it takes to look good I can live with it...
  5. Hi Guys I've done transparent parts of mesh in the past and I haven't come across this issue before. Now all of a sudden I'm seeing it everywhere! I get this triangular effect when adding my texture with transparent parts to my uploaded mesh. I don't see the triangles if it is opaque. I've started noticing it on some other designers outfits too and I've tried it on 2 different computers and I still see it. Is this just something that can't be done? Or is there a fix for it? Thanks! Aurelia
  6. Hi There doesn't seem to be a "sculpted prims" forum, so I hope its ok to post here... Anyways I still sell old Sculpted prim clothing in my store (in a sale room) however, recently a customer said that they couldn't "stretch" my sculpted prim clothing. I sent to my alt avatar and also found that the object couldn't be stretched either to change the size... They are just a bunch of linked sculpted prims, with Copy and Modify permissions. I can't understand why the other avatar wouldn't be able to adjust the size by stretching? What I mean is none of those little "grey boxes" come up to click and pull on. I also found this with other designers prim clothing I had in inventory that they no longer stretch either. So does this mean SL no longer supports Sculpted prims? Thanks! Aurelia
  7. oh ok great thanks for letting me know, I just used the fbx converter each time, for older versions anyways LOL. So Maya 2014 supports multiple materials? - silly question, I'm sure it does LOL. I might just go have a play thanks for answering
  8. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone has been using Maya 2014 for uploading into SL? Rigged and non-rigged mesh? And if so, what is your process? do you export in .fbx format and then use the 2013 fbx converter to convert to .dae for upload into SL?
  9. So just a bit of an update: When I went back in and assessed my UV maps, I was able to easily fit them onto one map pretty well so I went down that way and have just the one material on it and the rigging works just fine... very very strange! I'm not sure why having that material the same would make any difference but there you go... the mystery remains. Thanks everyone for all your input.
  10. Well I have to go back and change my UV's so they all fit on one map if I change the materials because at present they overlap (hence needing 2 materials). I'm going to test uploading them as separate rigged objects (linked in SL) and see if that solves it. If not I'll change the uv's and just have one texture.
  11. Hi Cathy, Yes it is all rigged the same as the nearest blue areas... that's why I'm having trouble figuring out why they are going haywire. I was wondering if it did have something to do with them having 2 different materials at all.
  12. Hi Guys This is frustrating me to no end. I've spent the past 2 hours trying different ways to resolve my issue, and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I have rigged my mesh in Maya, and everything moves nice and smoothly. I have 2 different materials on my mesh. To better see what the problem was, I applied 2 textures. The blue one works just fine, no issues, no glitches. The pink one however, is doing some crazy stuff! In maya, I don't see this happen. (I have checked and re-checked and redone about 6 times just to make sure) I have used 2 different materials on my rigged mesh before (maybe 2 weeks ago), and didn't have this problem. The mesh is one object in maya. All transforms are frozen, all history is deleted. Please help! Aurelia Chauveau
  13. Thanks that helps! I'll see what I can find on the marketplace
  14. Hi Guys I don't know much about scripting. I'm after a script that I can use on a rigged object. It is a dress with a belt, and I want my customers to be able to change the belt texture. So it would have to be transfer permissions. If its via a HUD or a Menu I don't really mind. If someone might be able to help? Contact me in-world if you can help. Thanks! Aurelia Chauveau
  15. Thanks guys for all the helpful replies!! Looks like it was an over-heating problem, because today, after my computer has been off for a while, things are running fine again. Strange because literally just had a new fan installed in the computer so that overheating didn't even cross my mind. However, I do live in the tropics, and its the middle of summer, and it was the middle of the day and I didn't have air-con on... so I really should know better! If I keep having the problem though, I will try those other suggestions. Thanks again! Aurelia
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