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  1. I have this issue too, the worst graphics card available so I am on a break from SL until I get a new laptop.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone , I will start with Python and the maybe ANSI C. I chose Python because a lot of programmers said that for a beginner it is the easier to learn and a great introduction to programming. I am not in a rush to start scripting in SL so I would rather get very familiar with programming first before applying it to SL.
  3. Does that mean LSL is an entirely different language than the others?
  4. Hello everyone! I want to be able to learn how to write scripts which requires to learn LSL. But I would like to learn another programming language first so I will benefit by being able to write scripts in second life and outside of it. I would like to know which programming language would make learning how to write LSL scripts easier? Thanks,
  5. Thanks a ton for that reply! I definitely learned something but what intrigued me the most was the last part when you said "(There are pianos already in SL so you'd need to have a slightly different angle to be even more unique and I can think of all sorts of ideas for those but not suited to a PG forum!)", I really want to know how someone can get ideas for building a piano that are not PG :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:. Also, I am starting to learn the basics of building. Are there any detailed websites or videos that you know of which can help me learn? I thought about taking lessons but I
  6. Wait there are political groups in SL? May I ask what the reason for that is?
  7. Yes the NCI has been quite helpful with their guides. I am starting to get the basics down thanks to that place.
  8. Thanks for your post, I didn't know you were able to do all these things! I think I might start to learn how to build first and open a business of some sort. I also found out you are able to play musical intruments and since I can play piano it's a good route to go through. As MrZVZ has suggested, can you post more conversation starters that would make you want have the conversation with a person?
  9. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think I might start with taking some classes and then opening a business. Although, finding a niche is going to be hard from the looks of things.
  10. I really have no idea what to do next. I get that you do what you want but I don't know what I want or how I can do some of the things people do, such as build, etc. All I have done so far is put an outfit together and now I am basically lost. I also have no money so that does limit me atm. I tried exploring but even in the most populated areas people just stand there and do nothing, so it gets quite boring as it's not 'live'. Any ideas or tips will be great. :matte-motes-smile:
  11. @Tari Landar, your post does make a lot of sense since on a general day to day basis I live in London which is cold during most a the year, so everyone is covered up, etc. That could be the reason as to why I got the impression that everything seems to be overly sexual.
  12. No I am not conducting a survey or any form of research, and I don't know why you would even think of that lool. I just logged in and visited the Freebie galaxy and the first thing I saw was half naked girls, I was like okay whatever. Then after walking around for a bit I see nude pictures on several floors, I just found out they were showing what skins look like. Then on the destinations tab I saw adult destanations, etc. I'm an not condeming it in anyway, I just found it abit odd because I knew that everything was player made, so I got the idea that it was an overly sexual 'game'.
  13. Makes sense that people want to express themselves more freely on SL than they can in real life and thanks for letting me know about the options to choose what kind of content you want .
  14. By game I meant as something people use for a form of entertainment, and it's virtual, but I do realize that it's unique as anything seems to be possible in Second Life. By overly sexual I mean the nudes in shopping areas, the outfits which some people would categorize them as being 'sluty', the adult areas which seems to be a lot of them, etc.
  15. Hello everyone! I am new to the game, today was my first time logging in, and after having a look around a few noobie areas, etc, I realized how overly sexualised the game is. Everything from places to visit, clothes to buy and how characters dress and act. I was just wondering if the 'adult' content is a vital part to the game? If one was to try and avoid the adult content, is it possible to do so? I am not critising or condeming it just incase people flip but just curious. I do understand that the majority of the player base seem to be over 18 but are the people under 18 also exposed to this
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