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  1. Pierre Ceriano asked: So today I'd like to know everyone's opinion : What is your position on the current revision of the TOS ? See: New Terms of Service for SL--grants LL the right to sell your work?I have seen considerable interest in this subject; the page ciited has over 9000 visits since 9/30/13. I have been updating it with new information and new links. I have posted more than 10 additional articles on the subject and these are also getting attention. My position is unchanged except for a an overoptimistic post of 10/28/13: Linden Lab is reworking the terms of service (TOS). Exchange of lettersAfter 2.5 months, I am not confident that LL really intends to make any significant change. ------------------------ What changes would you make to the TOS ? See What changes does UCCSL want in the TOS? This is my attempt to state the changes I think are needed. Not all of these are in the UCCSL letters. --------------- What other domains would you like to make proposals and what proposals ? Sry I don'[t understand what you mean by domains. What is your position regarding the future of UCCSL ? I thiink UCCSL may perform a useful service if it can organize the varied creators in Second Life into a united collection of guilds. I think, however, that the future of such an organizaton extends beyond Second Life into a more comprehensive collection of virtual worlds that includes the Hypergrid. I do not see UCCSL as playing a major role in getting important changes in the TOS. But I don't think any other organization will be more effecttive. If LL could have easily accepted the desired changes, it would have already done so. My video operations are my only work that would be affected by the TOS, and I have already moved the operations that would be affected to Kitely, where I also have much more space at a fraction of the cost.. Regarding TOS, I am posting a series of articles, based on the expectation that LL will make no substantive changes in current TOS. These articles will consder possible actions by each major type of content creator. Here is the first article: If you want to sell exclusive rights to your writing, don't put it on notecards in SL Selby Evans
  2. Here is an article about handling problems like those you have been having: Login fails? Lots of logouts? Summary Your problem sounds like a connection problem, but that could be in your router or modem as well as in your ISP. I have seen router failures give problems like that and give no problem with running a browser, (SL uses ports that browsers do not use.) You can test that issue by connecting your computer directly to the modem--be sure your computer Firewall is working first. TKR
  3. Here is an article about how to use SL resources to find people who share your interests. How do I meet people? TKR
  4. Here is how to check the termperature of your computer: System slows or stops when running graphics? Check for GPU overheatingTKR
  5. Che the temperature in your computer. Here is how. System slows or stops when running graphics? Check for GPU overheatingTKR
  6. Here is an article about SL resoueces that you can use to meet meet people who share your interests. How do I meet people? TKR
  7. I don't know for sure, but I know that some people are using VPN methods like that to get around blocking and other governmental restrictions. It is free. http://www.hotspotshield.com/ TKR
  8. Could Oman be blocking voice? Some countries have a protected monopoly in the telephone system and treat SL voice as a phone alternative that is not allowed. Is Skype allowed in Oman? If not, then SL voice may be blocked in Oman, when they catch on. TKR
  9. I have scripts that may do what you want. Contact me in SL and I will give you an object with the the script. TKR
  10. Here is an article about how to use SL resources to find people who share your interests; How do I meet people? Virtlanis is a goog place to practice English http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2013/05/2013-edu-language-esl-interview-with.html TKR
  11. Here are some ways yo use SL resources to meet people How do I meet people? There is a large writing community in SL: The writing community of Second Life. What does it offer to writers?Book IslandNotes from a novelist in SL, by Keykey Underwood A tale of three kitties Novelist discovered in Second Life What Second Life did for Colin Bell And some writers for video Video Comedy Series Writing in a virtual world, Phase 2Lots of video peoductions Comedy videos from the Virtual WorldMore generally What do we do in Virtual Worlds? Feel free to send me a notecard or friend invite. TKR
  12. Yes. You save them as a coalesced object: Coalesced object: What is that? The article gives instructions on how to do that and some cautions. TKR
  13. Here are web links to some overview info: Newcomer helphttp://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2012/08/kit-hobo-kit-new-table-of-contents.html These are summaries with links to details TKR
  14. See this article. Sex in Second Life. Get to Adult places. Two settings required to search for adult places TKR
  15. I just tested that feature on the web in Second Life 3.6.9 (282535) Oct 18 2013. It worked for me in Windows 7. I did not test it on the market place. TKR
  16. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2013/10/29/post2093/ [postED 9:00 AM PDT 29 October 2013] We are currently performing unscheduled maintenance on my.secondlife.com. Until this maintenance is complete, my.secondlife.com, in-world profiles and other services may be unavailable, and feeds may not update properly. Please watch this blog for further details.
  17. Yes. down again. MySL has so many maitenance problems that I have stopped recommending it as a useful site. Maybe LL can't afford to keep it running any more. TKR
  18. Here is an article that may help: How do I meet people? TKR
  19. Her is some info on finding jobs in Sl Job World, employment help. Learn the skills of finding a job. Any Job.TKR
  20. In addition to my previous post, here are some new posts Mama tells--but not all. Promotion 2 for: Flying Saucers Return Letitia Meets the Press. Production details Letitia Meets the Press. Shooting plan Letitia meets the press. Promotion 1 for: Flying Saucers Return TKR
  21. Here is an article about resource some of us use to make videos in virtual worlds Hobbies: Doing video/machinima in virtual worldsTKR
  22. You make a prim the shape of your parcel and texture it as you please. It will not affect any other parcel. TKR
  23. Here are some answers: What do we do in Virtual Worlds? TKR
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