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  1. They are trying to silence me and when I say kill me I mean they are looking for all the means for Linden Labs to close my account and be banned, that's what I mea
  2. yea my english is horrible, so i try to speak the best possible, thanks for your opinion
  3. These people of this mafia are a group of a long time talking directly with the governors saying all kinds of lies or half-truths, they like to provoke and then become the victims and thus have the favor of the governors and eliminate those they want and walk around my head, they go saying that I abuse them for my antiquity AND that is not true, among other lies more Why does this player say that about me? She accuses me that I use my life times age status to inflict on the Governors, and I say that that is a total lie from this player, I have been playing second life for 15 years and
  4. to make a illegal money with exploits and try to kill a honest player i dont think is drama but if you said is a drama, ok is a dramallama
  5. This is interview from somebody older in secondlife about 9 years old, and he , she explain to me why some players in WT and Bug Island want kill me forever, and i corroborate my suspect with this conversation, the green area is me, the gray area is a anonimo player I've been 15 years and know the rules of second life and avoid violating them, but I know that there is a mafia in Weapon Test Server from BUG ISLAND ,which involved in finding bugs and then sell them for a lot of money, these unscrupulous characters know that I can give them away and for this They are trying to provoke me to
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