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  1. *hugs* I know how you feel even when I rather like cyberpunk then post apoc and want the big corporations fighting! .. the end of Midian was of course be foreseeable as it's agony was going on since at least two years and while it is sad .. I played there for a bit more then 3 years .. it might be good that it is finally taken out of it's misery and hopefully manages a fresh start (hopefuly with a rebuild of the once great, but now very old look). And I loved Shadowrun! It might have been a fantasy setting with some extras but it still was the closest I know of a good cyberpunk sim with traffic, workign rules and good people to play with. Of course many didn't liked the shiny city as much as I did and stayed in the slum part most of the time, but I still had lots of fun there. And I want it back! Something cyberpunk! Futuristic! Fun .. love .. action .. all of it! But there is nothing and so I play in Llorkh that might be fantasy but is lots of fun too and has now many of those I met in Shadowrun and before playing there.
  2. And with mesh around the corner, someone might even be able to build it ... but this would be very very difficult and only the best and most mad of builders (one with a backgorund in expresionist art as I suspect it having a lot of influence on Nihei and the scenery he created) should be allowed to do it :matte-motes-silly: ... however turning Blame! into a RP sim would as difficult as it would be rewarding to try it out
  3. It is not that RP sims automatically are plagued with 'drama' but rather all places where a diverse group of people is supposed to work together are. RP sims fall into this category too and the bigger the group of people is that playes on them the bigger the chance that some of those people will have problems with each other. It is impossible to keep a place visited by hundrets of people and constantly fileld with players free of problems so a certain level of drama tend to be present. However it is not the RP or the sim causing it, but sadly it is a very certain type of people who bettter should read up on the definnition of words like 'fun', 'cooperation', 'respect', 'growing up', 'role playing' and a few more and reconsider what they are actually doing. Luckily they tend to get banned and booted quickly but sadly then move on to the next place. It would be nice if everyone could behave but not only will misunderstandings and mistakes happen and lead to arguments, but also each sim will attrackt people who think they are above the rules and that their word is holy and that they are always right (this is also the type of people who maximizes any problem in the moment when people say 'no' to them and of course it is never their fault too). RP sims don't have more drama then other places but the nature of a more closely tied community makes it sometiems more visible, even when the real ammount of drama is so small that one would have a hard time finding people affected by it.
  4. I actually avoid sims that use a meter system or levels or any other scripted form of deciding who is stronger then others. Some people like it and I guess it has soem advanteges if competition and combat is what one would like to spend their time with but since for me it is the writing and the creation of ongoing stories I neither mind the time that is sometimes needed to be spend on it (RL of course demands some planing since dedicating a few undisturbed hours for RP is sometimes difficult) or the difficulty that comes with pure text based freeform RP. I have started right off with text RP and needed some time to get to the point of writing a paragraph post .. the language barrier has been a bit of a problem at the beginning but it quickly got better. It always comes down to what someone likes
  5. Oh yes .. a freind of mine is doing it and even told me to like it more currently then the normal kind of RP in SL. She only has trouble finding people and keeping a group together but she has so far managed to run a few PnP games in SL like this.
  6. It is one of the things that seem to have been forgotten like script limits. And I guess mesh is still on the agenda only becasue so many people are poking and asking about it and refuse to give up even when it is beeing promised like since a year now. So considering all that has happened I think it is safe to assume that avatar physics wont come into existence anytime soon (we got webprofiles instead *insert sarcastic 'woot' gesture here*). However they might be tied into the work that is being done on the mesh import but it is at this point all speculation. It would be great for LL to be a bit more open about what they are working on and planning.
  7. Web-profiles do have lots of potential. They can be bigger, more cutumizable and much much more individual then what we have now. There is after all much more room on a webpage and I guess one could fit in as many 'picks' as one would want. And of course some links to other sites and profiles for who might like to do such things. But this is jsut the potential. It is not reality and while LL has said, that those are a work in progress and not finsihed yet, their current state is not anywhere near anything that could be safely shown to the public. In the form, they have released it in it was bound to collect negative feedback. It was like they missed a big red warning light flashing right into their face. And what will be the result? Not only will the trust and faith into LL be lowered once more creating negative comments and less investment and user growth, it will also hinder the implementation of the web profile once the faults and shortcomings are corrected. Especially if it takes too long to do so (I guess the slow loading and the size of the display will remain a big problem and be a showstopper for many for some time).
  8. A great post! Spot on and while no one can be sure about the numbers (predictions are difficult to do, especially concerning the future ) the potential to get there is present. Of course, in order to get 22% share of world economic activity, some form of merger with RL will be neccesery. After all many firms and official businesses will be active in virtual worlds by then instead of the mainly micro-transaction hobbyist merchants that are responsible for the most part of the economic activity in virtual worlds that we see now. There are also technical problems and things liek copyright and many many many other things as well to consider, but that is not hte point. What we should ask is more, if LL recognize those potentials and if they are actively trying to work towards such a long term goal, or if they are after short term gains that are promised to them by Facebook. Even when it risks the future and the massively increased profits gained from being the forerunner into a big curretnly emerging market.
  9. There have been some 'game-sims' during my time in SL, but I don't really ever looked into them. I am more for RP and while there is rarely a RP sim that follws a set story (with so far the exceptions being Battlestar Galactica RP sims, that followed a storyline loosely based on the show from the destruction of the colonies to the point of finding a new home. I took them more then a year to get thrugh it and seemed to have been lots of fun) they actually allow you to create a story and quests for yourself. So go to the sim with the setting and community you like best, create your own quest and play on. Usually there will be people who become parts of your RP because you will find them neccesery to get to the goal you have set for yourself and when interacting with them, you will become part of their personal quests. But of course it is diffeent then following a pre set quest and needs a bit more work ... but what can I say .. I love to do it
  10. Look for 'City of Llorkh'. It might be something you will like if you are looking for no-HUD in depth fantasy RP. The downside is, that while being almost ready, it is not open yet.
  11. I don't play much in fantasy sims but there are a few that comes to mind. Karamoon for one, a sim that has been around for a long time now and is part of a bigger group of sims using a shared story and world setting so it is possible to pick the part of the world you like best. They use a meter but as far as I know it is possible to avoid using it. Another one would be Everwind. Also fantasy and no mater (but they have a dice system) as far as I know, but I have not been there in a while. I liekd the build better as on Karamoon and the little bit I played there has been fun (*shakes her fist at a certain NPC salamander* ;D) A mix of fantasy and sci-fi with vampires and werewolfs too can be found on Mirage Arc. This sim also don't use a meter and has a interesting multi-level build. There are of course also many vampire specific sims often based on the VtM rules and setting. But I don't know much about them as I don't RP there. I like other things more I am sure that the more dedicated fantasy and vampire players will be able to point out more sims.
  12. Lurken wrote: I'm so new that the expression "text-based" just hit me. I noticed that there are /rock, /paper and /scissors gestures preloaded, and I have heard of LARP groups that use RPS for conflict resolution. This makes me wonder if it isn't possible to use some light LARP (live-action role play) framework. Still, when we speak (and write) of immersion (which I enjoy so much!), it is really not the same to se and hear an arrow thunk into you and see some meter move than to read, "Scissors cut paper [or whatever]. You have an arrow in your thigh." So far my melee practice is awful. Just awful. But the jeopardy of walking into a tavern and having a dagger shoved in you rback (depending, of course, on genre) makes some damage-system necessary for tru immersion. Perhaps sims should be distinguished between text-based only, weapons optional, and full-on metered danger. (Maybe they already are. Shopping, screwing up badly designed items while learning to modify [AND to copy first, dammit], looking for new places, sorting inventory and the blizzard [no relation] of notecards and landmarks, and getting hit on for sex have really eaten into my learning RP and combat time....) The whole idea of text-based RP is something that I have learned .. well .. right on SL. I did not head that much expereince with RP in general before joining a RP-sim in SL but the idea of it instantly hooked me up. So I wander the non-meter pure text sims now and usually the difference between sims using this and sims using a meter is clearly stated in the description of the sim and also in the notecard with the rules (read them .. entering a RP area without reading the entry notecard can end badly). However there are also different systems in place that provide 'conflict-resolution' in the case where the participants in a text-RP can not agree on something or when the action would be dependant on chance. This is done mostly with different 'dice'-systems and people roll for the result. Sometimes a extremly simple meter is used too, but I think those are getting rearer and rearer. It is by now either text with the addition of dice if people want or need it or full meter. After all, everyone has their preferences. And the danger of getting a knife stabbed in your back is as big in the one as in the other system. I even think that the danger is bigger in text then with a meter since when one is stabbed with the use of a meter then all they get is the loss of a few points on their health bar, but a text RPer might need to deal with the fact that being stabbed in the kidneys can result in life threatening internal bleeding ... it all depends on the realism one is willing to put into this and the general fun of the, often totally random, scene that then can lead to unforseen and interesting results.
  13. Welcome to SL! .. we all wonder sometiems who is designing certain details of the viewer and it's settings in LL so don't worry when you can't find something. You are never alone. The use of the pics-section on the profile is a very standard way to include RP details, limits, sometimes even descriptions of what kind of RP is prefered and also often whole backstories (that of course then can't be used IC unless learned about). I use it to describe also what I have on my character on a normal day and also what people can see when they meet me IC in a RP sim. Another way is the use of a 'titler' that creates a floating text over your head. This is best for very short descriptions that would be noticable for people. It is often use to tell the accent of the character, the way people smell or indicate that their clothing is torn for example or that they are injured. Sometimes people alos state the mood of their characters in it, but this is a touchy subject as there are long debates about how much a floating titler can include and when it becomes too big (and I have seen titlers with texts bigger then the avi wearing it). Often the titler just says, look into the pics for RP information. Those titlers are free to get in almost every RP sim and most people have one and will give it to you when asked.
  14. Lurken wrote: (...) But MMORPG is not about DPS. Without danger the RP is just "Let's Pretend" again, but the chance of injury, loss and death supports the RP, not the other way around. In WoW I addressed the issue of RP by bringing RP with me, not looking for it to be handed out. As a noob in SL I admit that I don't want to annoy the seasoned folks with RP in OOC channels or places or times, and with noob questions ... so I am getting weary of people who may RP not trying it on me so I will know (a) how it's done in that sim and on SL (do we indicate OOC with ((double parens)) as in WoW?) and who is interested. The sexual element that permiates SL makes it a little suspiscious to stop, look at every (usually weak) profile of "Nearby" people. Standing in the newly found plaza of a sim waiting for things to rezz, reading and sorting the confetti cannon of Notecards and Landmarks, and trying to sort through profiles is a daunting hit to "play time." It would be much simpler if those who want to RP, WOULD RP. In chat. One thing I did in WoW to announce that I RP was to interact with my environment openly. "I say, that's the tallest gnome I believe I've ever seen." "Rain in Westfall. Never thought I'd live to see the day." Anyone interested in RP within chat channel range knows instantly that I RP, and can join me, or mark me for future reference. They, and grinders, can also ignore me and, in doing so, I get an idea of who's in and who's not. (...) There may be some techical reason for joining groups for RP, but I have explored several themed areas and sims and interacted in character in all of them, regardless of my affiliation. In WoW I found that guild membership forms RP ghettoes (in the original meaning of the term) and isolates RP into awkward cliques. (...) Good MMORPG (almost always meaning combat with a side of forsooths) isn't really what SL is set up for. SL is, primarily, social. (...). Looking for MMORPG here is a bit out of place, really. True RP is clearly possible here. But for the RP to happen, it has to be brought by every member ... EVERY member ... of the RP community. "No deposit, no return" is what the old folks said about the old glass soda bottles, but it also applies here. Anyone who wants "good" RP has to bring it as an investment and work and wait for the dividends.... Now of course I have stated above, taht I do not care for meters and as such also not for health points and clicking on my opponent to hope that he will fall down faster then I will. This is a game but defintevly not RP for me but everyone has their own definition there. Loss, injury and even death (death scenes are often very special for the people behind the character so they tend to be long and written out with every bit of skill the participants are able to bring into it) are part of a text based RP jsut as when hitting each other with a scripted system. It also levels the field even more since it is independent from lag and does not depend on how well the computer and the connection of the participants is. But anyway, the part above about bringing RP to yourself is very very true for RP in SL too. One has often to give people something to react to by interacting with the enviroment. I have seen great examples of this in my time here reaching from people walking up and coughing blood on someone elses shirt, over people searching through dumpsters to something simple as asking for help and directions to find their way in a new city they walked into in character (it also helps to read the entry notecard of course to get the right feel for the RP as there are always hints and directions included in them). One has to give indecation of not being a silent observer (I have actually started as a silent observer before overcoming the language barrier and starting RP by someone actually inviting me for a drink in a bar) so people can react. Innitate RP and it often takes only a few moments to have the doors open for you. Reading other people profiles helps too since even when much information in them can not be used in character, there are often pic-entries about RP limits as well as about what is visible and noticable about the character. Interestingly msot seasoned SL RPers will happilly assist with any questions but I have also made the expereince that observing silently for a few days works just as well to learn the ins and outs of the RP. This is how I learned how great text-RP can be and I have loved it ever since the first day. Sadly, there is another thing that is true in the post I have quoted. RP cliques happen in SL too and some sims are so infested with them, that it is near to impossible for a newcomer to find their way in. It frustrates people and make them leave before tehy even get the chance to met with those who are welcoming of RP. There are elitist people here just like in every over place who think that they have more to say then others. It is really a pain when a sim gets such people and without seeing it, one would not believe how much damage such people can do to any RP community. Luckily such people are easy to spot and most admins keep them out but a newcomer who runs into such cliques can easily be discouraged to ever try any RP again. And as for the last paragraph quoted ... yes, every member of the RP has to bring their part into it here since the play is always cooperative. As I said, I do all text based RP and this is something that can not be discribed differently then as colaborative story telling. Everyone is a character in everyone elses story and shapes a part in it. The impact is sometimes small and sometimes it reaches a point when one word spoken changes the entire course the story has been taking so far. I love it
  15. There is a 4th point to this also. LL would need to decide on what kind of game the continent should have, make up the setting of the game and hire builders to make it. So given the various interests of people and their own preferences for RP, this continent would have to include different separeted areas with different kind of games on them. But then, I rather build my own
  16. It has already been said, that LL might consider providing some information about such things to residents form outside the US .. actually the majority of residents as far as I know is outside the US and therefore might not know about what is exactly considered to be a 'spring break'. On the other hand there are so many different events and celebrations held every day all over the world, that LL has a rich selection of those to choose from. There can be soemthign else each week and it would not only challenge creators to make new items, it would also allow us all a little glimpse into cultures we have not known about yet. But for that it is needed to look what is going on outside the borders.
  17. It would be great if SL would reach a technical level, that would allow for MMO-like games to exist. It is not there yet and the various problems preventing it have been outlined above. But then, I only see this under the aspect of those technical abilites that would allow MMO-like games to exist being of great advantage for many areas as well. For me and my RP they are of very little importance as I like the long and descriptive stories of text-based RP and never put my virtual foot on sims that use a meter. But others like such things and I think that making SL able to deliver such content would benefit other areas as well. I think the event managers and artistic community would make good use of the technical improvements that would need to be in place for such games.
  18. I could not find the EMail I got back then and indeed, LL seem not to provide any direct method of contacting them besides the ticket system: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ I looked for it all over the site and while I might have overlooked it, I rather think, that it is gone. Therefore sorry that I could not be of more help, but this does look like the technical problem I had back then. After all, if LL blocks a account then they send a E-Mail that tells so. So even when using the ticket system the problem might still be resolved quickly.
  19. I had this once more then a year ago. I didn't know what to do and was rather surprised but one E-Mail to LL support fixed it. I asked what it might be or if I have been reported for soemthing that I am sure I have not done ( xP ) and I got an answer within one hour telling me that there are no issues and obviously they also checked my account and I could log in again. LL support is rarely being thanked for what they do, but in this case it was quick and nice. So the best thing to do is to contact LL support and see what they can do.
  20. This looks like one of the issues that has been going around the grid lately. When you change clothing, your viewer sends the command to the SL servers to change the apperence of your avi and send this information to all other avatars that are nearby. This process can of course on some point get interrupted. Maybe when your viewer try to connect with the server or the server is .. who konws why ... unable to process the request. Luckily the fix is reasonably easy and since many people experienced this over time it is also well documented. Try the steps described in the link below: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=bake_fail Besically, you need to make your viewer send a request to the server to reload everything again. Good luck!
  21. It might sound harsh, but without the ability to financially support a sim alone, one should not even start building a RP sim. There are different models available in helping with paying (events .. date auctions, donation boxes, shops and also subscriptions like it is being done with the B&J meter when I remember correctly) but in the end, they all depend on how big the community is. If no one is there then there is no one to donate or pay and any RP sim will go through times of big activity and times of being almost empty. Usually shops and rentals are best to get a more or less long term stable stream of money and donations will add to this as well when people are having fun. And one succesful donation-event can easily get a full months tier together. But in the end ... the sim owner need to be able to pay for it alone for any period of time because there is no really stable and predictable income stream available.
  22. Now I am not sure if this works in all viewers but Phoenix has the option to 'paste as link' . It still might be a bit of work depending on how many outfits you have saved (I have more then 80 by now ) but it speeds up the process. You copy the new item (AO in this case) and then simply go from one outfit folder to another and click 'paste as link' in the right-click-menu into each individual outfit folder you want the AO to be included in. Then of course you need to delete the old item link and all your outfits are updated. Since you need to copy the AO once and can paste it as often as you want, this can be done reasonably fast even with many outfits in need of updating.
  23. I would not be surprised if the battles cased because those initiating them have been banned by now and there was luckily no new replacement for this sort of griefers coming in. And those new griefers that came in found other places and people to attack and bother (and have been banend too, but there is no short supply of such people in the world). And of course .. as already mentioned .. SL become larger and the different communities moved further apart ... or of course people have simply realised how utterly pathetic such fighting is. However the fights (at least those that reach the public eye) have stopped long time ago now and that is the best thing in all this.
  24. I do not go to clubs usually. Gestures play a big role in the reson of 'why' as well as a often very disappointing selection of music being played. There is however one place that I go to since I discovered music-events on SL a few years ago: FRACTURE It is however only active during their events three times a week and not 24/7 (however the Fracture-Radio stream plays all the time). The usual crowd of people attending the events is always great fun and very interesting to chat with.
  25. Science-Fiction! .. sadly, there is not that much of it around so we have to create our own .. what is of course the best part about SL as one can simply go and build for themselves what can not be found elsewhere.
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