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  1. I once underwent a DDOS attack on my own incoming internet, by someone in this very game. I really did not know what was happening until I paid my internet company to come out and try and figure out what was going on. Once it was established, someone was bombarding me with huge packets and disconnecting my service, they were able to watch it happen and gleaned the IP addresses it was coming from. I was forwarded to the FBI and a very wonderful female agent took over the investigation. What she advised me to do, was to warn the individual that it was going to go for investigation, and he would
  2. I just got into my sim with an alt, but cannot log in my main, go figure..she has a hell of a lot to do today...lol Update: got in by using the hint of going to a different sim, logged in at our linden home, TPed to our sim, THAT WORKED! Thanks guys !
  3. I want to thank all of you for your fantastic help ! Oie, i found yours to be very helpful, and we will be looking to correct several of the things you mentioned, and thanks so much for taking the time to visit the sim and look this problem over for us. It is an activity sim, so we do have lots of stuff out for them to do while there. We put 5 gaming tables out in the Western Town Saloon, so it could be, but i'm not sure, maybe some of those scripts. They have been updated to the latest versions. LOL who knew that crazy shark was such a mess, he is so gone. Thanks again, and contact me in
  4. I have a great sim, its a biking sim, where riders seem to enjoy the sights, and love to ride. I am always looking for ways to cut back on lag, so that their rides would be more enjoyable. We have a script counter that allows 150 scripts and 5 MB usage. But it seems anytime someone enters or leaves the sim, of course the wild lag jag hits. Anytime there is over 20-30 people on it, seems the lag is incredible. We do all we can to keep up to date scripting in all things out on the sim, and good textures that are easy to load. Is there anything else we can do? Would appreciate any and all ideas,
  5. A friend of ours turned off his computer to go out of town for thanksgiving, came back, and he cannot get into SL, or the Market Place, or the SL website. It times out, and or says "this page cannot be found" . He can get into all other web sites he wants to, just nothing involved with SL? He has reset his modem several times, restored one of his computers, but it still keeps happening. Any ideas, we can pass on to him ? thanks for your help :)
  6. This week, me and a couple others i know have been having problems with moving to the next page, or opening a page on an item to see its description (everytime it flips you to page not available, often it comes up on a "retry, but not always). Checking out, its a nightmare, took me three tries, and today it would not let me check out from either "buy now" or my cart. I keep getting a message the page is not available, or it flips me back to the front page of the MP. If there's a fix or a trick, if anyone could help, we would all really appreciate it, thanks :)
  7. I'm not sure about anyone else, but with all this mesh, when i'm in a group of people, that all have mesh bodies, mesh clothes, mesh hair, mesh god knows what, my video card crashes and hard. I have a G-Force 7300, granted not the top of the line but about 10x's better than i used to have, and it just can not handle all that moving mesh in one place. I love some of the clothes, and i buy hair thats a mix of mesh and flexi, so thats all good, and i could probably live without my mesh body, if i could keep the feet and and hands. I think it is the next move for SL, and probably will get better w
  8. Anyone else notice traffic figures havent changed since last Thurs or Friday?
  9. As soon as you feel your account has been hacked, and being that you can no longer get in, on your usual password, that is about the best proof you are going to get. Call LL asap, and file an abuse report ticket. They will tell you what all to do if you call, but the main thing is what ever avatar you can get inworld on, file the abuse ticket, naming the accounts you can no longer access. I would not delay, as hacked accounts are used to hack other accounts. Hope this helps.
  10. UPDATE: My attacker contacted me a week ago and apologized and promised no more attacks. So far so good. Should his better behavior continue, i will not further at this point my FBI case. Look i am not here to put anyone in jail, that has a RL job, and family, and create just one more succubus on society over an internet gaming dispute. That being said, if ANY attack happens i do have proper reporting systems installed on my computer now, thanks to the agt i am working with, and any IP that attacks will be forwarded to her by email ASAP. Thanks everyone that commented here for your input, an
  11. Darrius Gothly wrote: You should also contact your ISP for instructions on how to routinely change your IP Address. Many "hard-wired" services (those that assign an IP Address that persists for months or longer) can often adjust your modem settings so it routinely obtains a new IP Address or with very little fiddling will obtain one. lol at Periphials Darrius, my IP changes everytime i reboot my modem, and i have checked to make sure that it does. Being that he has clocked it several times a day, i have to reboot the modem to get the service back, i reboot it every night as well. I fill
  12. Yes i am keeping all my media off for the time being, i have it set to filter as well. However being in a tribute band, there are times when i will have to use the music media. He found me last night at a veterans benefit, and i had it all off in SL, but ran the SURL for the media on my winamp outside of the game. We do use outside messengers to voice, and i will look into getting a proxy for them. I am calling my local law enforcement agency today, and any others they suggest such as the FBI or the FCC. I would imagine since i have his SL name, they can be contacted by these agencies if a cr
  13. Ok here it is, ive managed to piss someone off in SL (like that's hard to do) and now, several times a day, that this individual is online, he floods my IP so hard it clocks my modem and im offline anywhere from 20-40 minutes. He has sent me and one of my friends IM's telling us he is going to do this, at the time he does it, so were pretty clear he can do it, and does do it. I have had my IP provider check my equipment and lines twice, i have been assured in writing it is not a problem on their end. We have gleaned two clues from his IM's, one that he must know the city and state you live in
  14. I've used Pay-pal for years in SL, and getting it set up is a royal PITA, but !! If you run into obstacles, their site at Pay-Pal is not very customer friendly, i call them, tell them what problem im having, and someone nice in their customer service dept seems to always be able to help. I feel its a much safer form of payment in SL where account hacking is so prevalent, they would also have to hack your PP account to get very much money out of it. Also its a real good idea to set a limit in Pay Pal as to what can be spent in the game, that might save you some heart ache later as well.
  15. Hobby...lol ..most club owners from the get go realize a club in SL is a money pit. I still find it laughable that there is a place on sim tools to actually charge to get into the region. In all my years here, i have yet to see anyone try that. You would have to REALLY love having a club in SL to keep one open, or be rolling in some assumed prestige, because its far more the norm to have to wrangle folks in with cash and prizes. SL is NOT RL, so lets get past that argument as a very moot point. Yes it would have been incredible had SL started out without the entire tipping thing, and relied o
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