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  1. The sad answer to this one is most likely a 'no' There are some sims that have the look but even after continues looking I have nto came across a sci-fi based RP sim. There is of course doomed ship but while it has outstanding looks, everyone ther does what they like wihtout regard to any sim wide backgorund story ... still .. go ther and have a look since it is a 'must visit' location. I have always found it very strange that both science fiction and cyberpunk themes are so underrepresented in SL. One would think that the idea of virtual realities would make more ideas to surface and more sims like this being build but as far as I can tell form my searches for ncie RP sims, supernatural and fantasy themes have goten much more attention. Even the 'dark urban' theme that has been the big hit in previous years seem to be in a decline. And sci-fi (with the exception of TV show/movie based sims that are around) is nowhere to be found. Or I have not came across it yet but then I would love to know where to look for it.
  2. Theresa Tennyson wrote: With one GB of memory, realistically you can't run a viewer that supports mesh. All mesh viewers have very similar code to render mesh and right now it leaks memory. It's not uncommon for SL to end up using more than a GB of memory itself in a crowded area. I have run the first incarnations of mesh viewers ... Firestorm ... as well as the non mesh versions of Phoenix and also Firestorm on a 1 GB computer. It actually works (however it was a very good computer bild by a freind who knew what he is doing) and that is why in such cases I would suggest both Cool Viewer and Singularity since the other viewers might include too much other code besides mesh that be too much to have running for longer periods of time .. but then .. I used Phoenix and Firestorm on that computer and it has worked *Is very happy to have a new one now that is sooooo much better*
  3. This is a good question however the answer would be that out of those three only one I would really recomend to try. Singulariy, since Imprudence is old and has not been updated since a few months by now (the developers are working mainly on OpenSim and have dropped SL development I think totally now) and the Phoenix developers are shifting all their effort to their newer Viewer Firestorm. I have heard good things about Singularity and if you are looking for a v.1 based viewer then trying out this one and Cool viewer would be the best option. However I would rather take a v.2 based viewer like Firestorm (that is the one I use and I sadly don't know the others well enough to recomend one .. but look for the Blog 'Nalates' Things & Stuff [i am never sure if I can post links or not so you will have to google it] as she has always in depth reviews of many different viewers and also looks at completly new ones that are not on the LL lsit yet). As for reliability then this would be hard to tell since on the technical side it depends on the computer, the connection as well as on the way one uses the viewer and on what features are those used most often. Some viewers are better used for one thing while others are better on other fields. On the side of security then it is all about looking at the website and the information provided .. going to a office hour if provided or joining a support group (Phoenix/Firestorm has a excelent one, and they have also been very informative in this group and outside of it, like on thier viewer wiki) and then looking if the information about the people, their beheviour and openness in development are satisfacionary or not. If a viewer is active since a vers long time (Cool Viewer for example is around for several years now, has a extremly invovled and capable developer and the only reason it is not on the lsit is, because the dev does not like the list and LLs idea of viewers being on it). For choosing the best viewer it is best to just ask around and compare the answers followed by taking up those mentioned as best (and explained why) and then testing them if they work good for you too (and when using them .. use seperate cache folders or they will negativelly affect each other). Your system seems a bit like my old one and some viewers might be a bit too 'heavy weight' for it. I have run Firestorm and Phoenix on it, but only with reduced grafics and some lag. It worked but in your case I would try Singularity frst as it has always been a viewer that was a bit mroe light then the others and offering good performence even in mor laggy areas. Cool Viewer is another option of course but all in all there i only one thing that has to be said when it comes to chosing a viewer (this includes the LL one). There is no 'best' one. There is always just one that is best for any given person and their opinions will always differ. So try some out, look what they offer and one of them will give you what you need to have the most fun in SL!
  4. Phil Deakins wrote: Peggy Paperdoll wrote: The developers at Emerald taught me that even smart grown adults can be children..........and many of those Emerald devs are the same devs building and distibuting the Phoenix and Firestorm viewers. Thanks, but no thanks. To be fair, it was only a small number of the Emerald people who were bad - the ones who developed the Copybot system. I never used Emerald because I considered those people to be untrustworthy, and, as it turned out, I was right. I even posted against Emerald for that reason. The Emerald developer, who blew the whistle on the malpractise when he discovered it, released a 'clean' emerald-based viewer (Emergence). which I trusted - because he'd blown the whistle on the scum. Later, he rejoined the clean Emerald people, who were then producing the Phoenix viewer. For that reason, I have trust in their viewers, and I use Phoenix. It may be that there are still copybot people in the Phoenix/Firestorm crew and, if I learn that there are, I'll ditch Phoenix. I'd rather ditch it in advance than rely on a straight person keeping his eyes open, which is what it took for Emerald to become banned. As bad as the emerald people have been .. irresponsible script kidies .. (I started to look at other viewers after I expereinced them in a emerald office hour not long before it all blew up .. really .. that was bad) they did not made copybot (and that Emerald included copybot code has been a rumour and I have not heard anything that would be able to confirm it) as this system has been around long before LL even open sourced the viewer code (rumour says that it actually came out of a LL code that was made to look into posibilites of backing up inventory in the first days of SL .. and got out and found people who abused it and developed it further). LordGregGregs actions have been great and I did the same as you with chosing Emergence and later Phoenix (however the choice for Phoenix has been taken after a test with Imprudence with Phoenix working better for me). Most of the developers followed LordGregGreg away from Emerald and those few who stayed have been those who approved of the actions or thought they have more pull then LL .. and they got the kick as they deserved. I am happy with Firestorm now But as always it is a personal choice if the information about the viewer any viewer creators publish are enough to take the decission of using it. After all .. we don't know what the lab is puting into the viewer too and have to trust the TPV devs to look into the code and say what is what ;P
  5. I have used TPVs back since Nicklaz made the first improvements to the original LL viewer. Back then it was a horrid thing that used to crash a lot (and I mean a lot and people who state that viewers are unstable have not been around back in 2006/07 XP) .. I used LL viewers now and then too but then stuck on using Cool Viewer and later Emerald fr a while before switching to emergence and phoenix and finally firestorm since I liekd the UI form the first time I have seen it. My reasons would be the improvements made by otehr developers to the viewer and the features they included. And also more ease in building and better access to all possible settings and controls. Especially back when Emerald and Imprudence have appeared the difference between this viewers and the LL one has been giant. It was like TPVs reached a whole new level while the LL viewer have not improved in any way since years. It is no wonder that many people switched and this started the great times of TPVs. Adding the problem with v.2 to this and it was not only functionality that drove peopel to TPVs but actually pure hate for what LL has presented. Sadly way too many people consider all viewers form LL to be v.2 and no matter how often they re told that the viewer changed completly, wont listen. Just as many people who only use the LL viewer still think that TPVs don't have the features the LL viewer has, can't see mesh and are made by a shady script kiddie in some basement. In reality of course the v.3 now seem to be a very good viewer (I have not tested it yet) and TPVs have all the features (and a few more what rises their appeal for those that like to use the specific feature a TPV offers them) and defintevly don't hold back any development (right now the only non mesh capable viewer is imprudence and since they develop mainly for opensim I don't think it is very often used on SL curretnly). So the final choice for why one person want to use this viewer and not another is mostly jsut personal choice and what works best on the given system. Or also because soemone lieks this UI and someone else another. I prefer firestorm right now. It gives me good performence and has all features I like to use. It is also running very stable and issue free (of course only as far as 'issue free' can be said in the context of SL ;P ). And for those who want to try out different viewers .. when they share cache then it is bad news and asking for problems. So give each viewer a separate cache so they wont get mixed up and break each other.
  6. Sci-Fi .. cyberpunk .. near and far future alike. There is a lack of RP sims of this theme what might be surprising considering that SL would somehow attrackt people who like such things and create those worlds. So I would defintevly go for all sci-fi RP (and no .. not doomed ship or necronom .. no, not this sort of RP ;P)
  7. This is called 'being Ruthed' after the basic SL avis name Ruth. It happens on all viewers and was much more frequent in the past before LL changed the not-loaded look into this cloud we usually see. But Ruth is still with us and as far as I know has the same resons in not rezzing parts of the avi. Changing the bald-hairbase, replacing outfit and/or any otehr method commonly used to solve such issues should work. If not then a relog in a empty sim without many other things to rezz is an option. I think such loading issues are usually caused by a problem with the connection between the viewer and the sim so it is we usually have little influence over. Unless that problem is with the router ones computer is connected to, but then the router simply need to be restarted. This might fall under the 'bake fail' problem and you should look at the phoenix wiki for their list of solutions about how to fix it. It is a good list and works for all viewers the same.
  8. Ohhh... viewer 2 was bad. And even worse was the communication policy f LL around it that has in my opinion increased the hate towards the viewer. And while I have not tried out all the versions, the improvements started to appear rather quickly and over time the viewer has obviously overcome msot of the problem .. however by this time it's reputation has been hopelessly ruined. The good thing is that with v.3 so much has improved that people are now willingly admiting to use a LL viewer ;D .. and those things are also used in the TPVs. Like I have always sued the v.3 look set up of firestorm since it came with this function a few versions back. More will be added by both LL and TPV devs and there are other viewers coming and going .. sadly Kirstens went away (what might be a big loss of talent for grafic improvements but it seems like another dev has picked up where Kirsten had to leave it) .. Imprudence, after all one of the more prominent viewers after the emerald implosion, seem to have vanished too and most likely completly went to opensim. I have not seen any singularity viewer in soe time also. And this one has been the choice of people who looked for stable and good viewers that would be less resource hungry then the feature filled 'heavy weights' like Phoenix or later Firestorm .. or the more advanced LL viewers. On the other hand there is the Cool Viewer dev who brought mesh to v.1 viewers and who will most likely continue to prolong their life beyond what has been anticipated by most people. It wont ensure their long term survival I guess, but they will stay with us for the time being. Phoenix become more and more rare from what I can tell while the new viewers have not yet reached the critical mass of being visible everywhere. So there are viewers for everyone outthre. And more are being made and since all are open source, each improvement one viewer makes will also influence all the other. Each taste will be met and each computer will get the viewer it will run best on it.
  9. It is Firestorm for me. I started using it way back when it was the second or third beta version and have contineud to use it since then. It works fine, has a better UI then the old v.1 viewers, all needed features are in and it is mesh capable. And that is very important to me (mesh is just awsome ^^ and once the clothing will be made fitting to any shape it will be even more great as I wont have to only buy those thigns that fit). I prefere it over the normal LL viewer but have not yet tested any of the upcoming new viewers like 'Milkshake'. And since I am happy with Firestorm I have no reason to test them and will stick with my choice for the time being.
  10. Done that ... I treid to be and run a import expeort group in Midian .. that too was suppsoedto be hard to get to but where millioners walked around in masses and way too many people ahd magic ways to get everythign tehy could ever dream about. It is sad to see when people does not fallow the theme ... it is not only for the sim staff to be there to run and push things in RP to everyones fun and enjoyment, it is as much a responsibility of those who play there to support and keep the theme. Sadly way too often it does not work and too many RP sims close or drift off into elitist drama group circles or are handed over to the wrong kind of people .... hint .. those who desperatly want to be admins and express the wish the moment they put a foot on the sim usually should be the last to be considered for such positions.
  11. Interesting that you would get complains about it. I don't remember when I have last seen a non-mesh viewer. Phoenix has disappeared from the sims I tend to visit and when I see someone with a phoenix-tag I consider it the same as I would when seeing a more exotic viewer. Also Imprudence and Cool Viewer vanished and so far it seems to be that most people who use TPVs have opted for Firestorm. Me too (since it was out as the first beta version) as it is a nice and well working viewer. I would only change to non mesh outfits (I just got a great mesh dress that fits me perfectly ) if mesh viewers would be in a minority. But as far as I can tell, the other is true and non-mesh viewers geting more rare every day. At least in the communities I tend ot be active in and maybe there are others where this has not yet spread into.
  12. Got to ORACUL: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/19619 And best is to look up their store inworld so you can try out and see the animations working. I am exclusively using theirs after I discovered their store since they are cheap, dynamic and very well made. And it is easy to get the free animation HUD and then stock it up with as many different animations form this store as you feel Or use the build in AO in a viewer like firestorm if you use it (I do so I know that it has no problem with many animations too)
  13. Just to be sure .. this is not the same King's Landing reopening that has been around for some time now?
  14. LightStar - really good actually (more or less) medieval looking boots. Great for fantasy outfits There is always something at BareRose too but it is for the most part stricktly fantasy. Caverna Obscura, ViGo and of course Eclipse Development come to mind when looking for such outfits. Especially the last one has a good selection of putfits that are worth the money (since they tend to be mroe expensive then the others).
  15. All of those replys are so earth bound ... if you live so long that nothing new comes up, sign up for long term space missions since after a few hundret years on earth it becomes boring, then the 60 or so years to the next star wont be so bad. And age is not a problem either so those vampires could even come back. And there is for sure a lot of new things to see and do on other planets and maybe even tasty alien blood here and there (or becoming a snack here and there but what would eternal life be without some danger and excitement) Are you a vampire? Do you don't know what to do? Does the blood not taste as it used to? NASA wants you!
  16. Coffe and Power and SL are too compeltly different things ... replacing one with the other would be like replacing a spoon with a fork and try to eat soup with it. So no. Not likely at all and besides Phillip having launched both, those are done and run by different people for a different buisness model as well.
  17. Historical themes are not really my thing I msut admit so I don't know much about those sims. When it comes to Doomed Ship however then, while it is msot likely one of the most outstanding builds in the entire SL and has always been one of the best from the first days of it's existence until now, it is something that might better be called 'RP sandbox' then a 'RP sim' as everyone there is doing what they want and the best I got out of this is a few single scenes but never longer lasting RPs. However while it might not be a RP home, it is for sure one of the top ten sims to visit to enjoy the build and feel created by it.
  18. *Offers a hug* Finding a good RP spot is very difficult since some time. There are places for sure but mostly really only in the the three themes already mentioned. And I have long ago given up askign myself why does it always just has to be the same old urban theme all over again. Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi are more or less non existant and never had much of a presence in SL since the day I joined. And I would like that best. At least there are some Game of Thrones sims showing up and there (enforced by the setting) the medieval fantasy is much more medieval then fantasy. But in general ... the RP possibilities seem rather limited lately. And while it is lots of fun to jsut build a little place and RP with your freinds a sim offers the possibility to meet new people and have their stories influence your own. So if anyone knew good places, there are lots of people around looking for them.
  19. Those have been evil evil names to be mentioned! After all, there are no problems in this perfect little world of ours :smileywink:
  20. I have been part of a bunker RP project recently .. we build parts of it, had a nice story .. but in the end the cost of it was too high to justify keeping it up during the lenghly development process. However the number of people expressing interest when told about turned out to be much smaller as the number of actual people showing up. But then ... all things can be done better the next time around. And I have to agree with one of the posters above. Having the meter being totally optional would do a lot in making the sim interesting since I am defintevly not the only one who, after reading that a sim uses this or that meter, don't even tp there. Ther seem to be a meter culture and a freeform culture outthere and any RP sim builder might have to decide on which culture to cater to.
  21. A very good freind of mine is actually one of such store models and I guess many more of them are actual people then one might think. Bots need to be registered and while I am sure many also use soem alts, it might be more convinient to hire some peopel who are able to put their avi on a pose stand for a few hours while they work in RL, sleep or do other things. I don't think any of them ever watches what is going on but once I had a short conversation with one of them about the clothing she was shwing. It was really nice and she has been very helpful and freindly. But for the most part store models are AFK and in my opinion their use is great because it shows much better how somethign looks inworld then many of the heavily photoshoped pictures on many vendors.
  22. Be careful about this. Some time ago Universal (the company with the rights to Galactica) put an end to all such sims and content on SL. Intelectual property and such things ... the one sim that opened a few weeks ago (BSG Exodus I think, based on the new series) has been made by peopel who contacted Universal and reached an official agreement with them. I don't know how this will go for other sims so better ask about this before starting to build.
  23. TriJin Bade wrote: Legacies / LaRPS has been running well for over 3 years now. I guess it's because I have a true love for the subject. I've noticed many new places pop up, drop a shopping mall down, rez some old prefab houses down, some rental boxes and hope for the best. Good luck to em. You can't prefab quality. This is very true. But such sims have been around since the first day of RP in SL. Always opening and closing with no one able to keep track of them. And most of them have never been worth to even bother about but then there have been rare gems that closed too early. Mirage Arc didn't really get a chance from what I have seen and while a sim like Perdition stayed alive Shadowrun Seattle did not because it runed into the financial problem only a month after opening. And it started with high traffic almost instantly and was a great build. Midian City on the other hand has been around since 2006 and has, through all up and downs, kept a community active from the first days of it's existence. And no matter what one migt think of it, it does hurt to see a sim like this be in the danger of closing (luckily it has a community of people willing to fight for it to continue). Sims come and go all the time ... the difficulty is to spot the really good ones fast enough to support them.
  24. It has been a very unfortunate coincidence, that both Midian City and Shadowrun Seattle runed into problem. Midian is still there however awaiting decision on who will buy it so it has not clsoed yet. Of course the problem with costs troubles all of SL until LL finally decide to reduce the costs to maybe bring more poeple to rent sims again. But this is not going to happen and with a still largely troubles economy it is little wonder that sims all over SL are having problems. So it hits some RP sims jsut as it hits other sims all over the grid. Luckily I found a nice RP home in the City of Llorkh and while some sims close other open (I know of one fantasy sim - D&D based and one sci-fi - Battlestar Galactica that opened over the last week)
  25. Rin Tae


    It might be, that with all the viewers you have (I assume you have several snce you wrote about 'the rest of newest updated viewers') the cache become corrupted. It is one of the most essential things to give each viewer on your computer it's own separate cache location (those can be set in the preferences) so the different viewers wont mix up what they are using. Also it is good to make 'clean instals' when updating a viewer. So you need to delete all the files from the old version (including those in the usually hidden windows app folder .. of course it is best to copy the chatlogs somewhere else if you want to keep them) and only then install the new version then. And when you have set a separate cache location and install a new version of the viewer ... manually delete all the cache from the folder so the new viewer version wont get mixed up with the cache of the old.
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