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  1. I am in the process of remaking all my structures on my sim in mesh. Currently they are made with standard and sculpty prims. I am just curious if there is a limit on the amount of mesh a person should have on their sim. Any insite on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have an additional question about the Project Sunshine. I do a lot of content creating in SL, and ever since the new viewers have come up for PS (project sunshine), I can no longer upload textures as temproary to test them on my creations to see if they look correct. So my question is, with this new way of rendering, did they remove the ability to upload temp textures for testing? Any info on this would be great. Thanks
  3. To all above that has been talking about the good or bad effects Marketplace has had on the SL ecconomy and please forgive me if what I say does not seem 100% thought out....I am half asleep but I need to say this before I fall asleep and forget what I wanted to say. It is true that MP has effected the in-world experience in a negative way but it is also true that if you got rid of MP, SL would be deminished. I know it would be a next to impossible feat, but the only way I could see both working well with each other would be that all items in MP would have to have an inworld counterpart (perhaps a higher percentage taken from the sale if they do not have an inworld version available), and the MP version of the two would be priced somewhat higher making the in-world version a little more appealing and worth the venture to seek it out ingame. Much like a convenience store, you want it fast and now, you pay extra. If you take time to shop for it, you get a deal. Not only would that help possibly negate some of the negative effects MP has on SL, it would also boost the reason to have inworld locations thus helping to give more interesting things to see and do while in game. Right now MP to me is like a big company that shuts down its factorys to have their products made/sold in another country. I think many residents that happen to live in the USA (and other similar countries) can relate with in some way to what I am trying to say.
  4. I have to agree with what Shockwave Yareach´╗┐ said above. We are on a slow sinking ship, and I hope that hole gets fixed soon. Second Life is not the only grid out there in the web universe any more like it used to be, granted it has the better user base (for now) but as many mentioned above, that is shrinking. I am a content creator and still enjoy heving an inworld store, but I will be honest that I am getting closer and closer to the why bother phase. People use marketplace for 80%+ of their purchases making it a waste of my time and money to have, pay and maintain an inworld location. As for the cost of owning land, in my honest opinion, the pricing of land is plain stupid. Yes I know it costs money to own and run the hardware that makes the SL world possible, but if more and more people come in, then leave and take a few of the long timers with them, there will be less and less and less things to do in SL. I have vast ideas to make interesting locations and places to visit in SL, but with the state of the econnomy in the states and in many instances world wide, the money to put into a game is not justified. To me, and I may be wrong, but would it not be better to have much lower prices to own(or lease) land/sims from LL and have a much larger and more diverse world to explore than to over charge the ones that are trying to make it and in most cases failing to do so? I know this is not a simple thing to do, but perhaps make an incentive that to get the low prices that the land/sim owner has to keep their properties interesting (not flat and barren to just divide to rent out and make a quick buck) and to maintain them as not to get stagnent. I don't know....I just hate the thought of no more SL.
  5. I know that you have have multiple attatchemts on a single point in viewer 2, but when you do so, the additional items can not be seen by other viewers (Phoenix, etc). My question is has anyone heard if and when it will be viewable on all viewers?
  6. I myself do not mind the web based profile for my PERSONAL use like for updating. But I am not a fan of Facebook at all...and it is not a good move to go that direction, not unless we are catering to all the teeny-boppers that are Facebook addicts (sorry if I offended those facebook lovers that are not teeny-boppers).
  7. Thanks for the info, but I do not use Internet Explorer. I use Firefox. I have had my profile open but still can not get any others profiles to show. Still getting the failure popup. Any suggestions?
  8. Ok...I don't know whats going on...but ever since I updated to v2.5...now I can not open any profiles...all I get is SSL HANDSHAKE FAILURE. Can anyone explain this or help me correct this problem. Thanks.
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