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  1. Sci-Fi and cyberpunk RP has been always rare and hard to find on SL ... while there has always been a ton of various urban or supernatural sims available. So finding anything good in this setting was almost impossible. Sometimes however new RPs start and the latest is 'Era of Salvation'. Finally a Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk RP that does not include anything out of fantasy or supernatural elements (*dances in joy*). It opens on the 28th and I hope it will turn out nice and fun. I think they have a place at the convention too, but I would need to look. I did not had a chance to visit the convention yet.
  2. *goes into a corner to cry about the state of sci-fi/ cyberpunk RP in SL* sadly I hoped to find this for years and have not had any success ... it is all supernatural-urban those days and real cyberpunk is nowhere to be found. Even more so if one of the requirements is that no meter is being used. However, I would love any suggestions myself since many RP sims does not manage to become known wide enough and close down because those who would love to play there never become aware of the sims existence.
  3. A full RP sim ... speaking of former admin experience, that is much (MUCH) more work and more headache invovled then most who want to start such places realize .. it is also lots of fun. So the best tip is to start small and develop from there. So you will see if your ideas and your setting is actually one that works in RP before you invest into a sim. And you might meet the people who will stick with you and help to build it up.
  4. Rin Tae


    It all looks very Star Trek ToS like. Not really my setting but the ship at least is a very nice build indeed and since I always look for some Sci-Fi oriented RP I might drop by. However a crew would need to be active together and since people on SL come from all over the world it might be good to state the timezone this ship RP would be expected to happen.
  5. Firestorm for me as well. I started using it when it was in beta and quickly moved to it from Phoenix and stayed with it. I enjoy the features, the support in the group and the UI as well .. much better then the old v.1 UI in my opinion and I used viewers with that one for a long time too.
  6. While I am sure that some people claim to be SL celebrities the real answer is that there are none (those who make the very common mistake of assuming that their little part of SL is all of it might however beleive they are this .. but that is just funny :matte-motes-wink-tongue: ). At least not all over SL since certain communities have people that are more known then others. But with the way communities on SL are divided and rarely merge those people are totally unknown to anyone outside of their small circle. There might be some blogers or maybe some content creators and third party viewer developers who are known to a bigger audience but no real celebrities.
  7. Just as with several posters above for me it is all non-meter free form RP. I have watched a meter fight once long ago in the days of me starting RPing in SL and that was enough to make me decide that this is nothing I ever want to do (and there ar other reasons related to IC character skills and dynamics but that is not the place to discuss those). Today I don't even visit sims where the description says they use one meter or another. As for the setting then I just love science fiction and cyberpunk. The future is what I like to immerse myself into most even when SL offers a strange lack on this sort of RP enviroments. Fantasy can be nice too, but I never really managed to play in any fantasy sim for longer then a few weeks as I have trouble to actually develop a real feel fo a character there. Dark urban/post apoc sims offer a setting I like to play in as well, but they lately seem to all be only about supernatural and magic. And that is not that appealing to me either.
  8. You don't need to loose a shirt to make the inventory link get broken. Renameing it will cause to break the link as well as will editing it (on prim parts). Sometimes at least .. and of course copying the item and then wearing the copy while the link points to the original that you might have deleted or renamed. But broken links are no problem to fix. Just open the inventory and find the shirt and then either drag-drop it into the outfit folder (in the inventory window, and not in the the outfit window). In this case, the item will automatically create a link in the outfit folder or 'copy-paste as link' the item into the outfit folder. I create and play with outfits all the time and do this a lot when updating and changing older outfits.
  9. Imprudence is old and even when they would start to work on it again, it woudl take many months to get it back on track with all the changes that viewers have been through. So I would forgett this one for now. When people have problems however with their computers being unable to run a viewer like Firestorm (that I use myself and consider to be a 'heavy' viewer since it does need ressources and processing ower to run smoothly) I point them towards Cool Viewer as this one behaves much better on weaker machines. I used it on a laptop and while it wasn't anything great, it still worked fine (I had ot reduce grafics significantly but that was my laptops fault). If you have been using v.1-like viewers so far, then Cool has the added benefit (if oyu see it as a benefit of course as I for example like the v.3-look a lot) of looking like one and still having all the improvments of the later viewers including mesh (it was the first v.1-like viewer to have mesh compatibility). But there are many viewers to choose from so you can always do some testing to see what viewer will your laptop like best.
  10. This sounds interesting ... I would very much like to see this happening but it might have to be spiced up with some dramatic happenings now and then because most political work is all about writign up and reading documents and pushing them around various desks :matte-motes-wink-tongue: To be honest I would even think then the government building of some fantasy country might work better then making it based on a existing one (Even when the existing one would make it easier to relate to it .. at least for people form the US as the white hose is clsoer to them then to people from other countries). But it still should be fun
  11. Oh yes, Insilico is nice and a great location for RP. Hangars Liquides looks even better in my opinion, but both lack from various problems ... one being that they don't have enough people to play there and lack RP organisation through groups, factions and GMs to push the play ... and with Hangars Liquides, the sim not having been build with RP in mind.
  12. Vercetti Hofmann wrote: wow years... And I wonder why I have not given up yet .. but I still hope and keep looking around
  13. Yes .. doomed does not really fit the topic but from all the changes I have seen made to it, it looks like those running it are trying very much to get away from the sex sim topic. When I was there last time, they scaled the land back to 'mature' and stated in the notecard that people looking for sci-fi sex and tentacles should go to necronom instead. The newly rebuild parts of the ship also seem to lack the hidden poseballs and just as the tentacles, I have only found them in the parts of the ship that are now a few years old. All good (when slow moving) changes I appreciate a lot (and hope I am right with this and that it will be succesful) but the sim is still very much everything-goes and best suited for personal scens with a few freinds or a secondery RP location And should you find a sim as described in your question then please tell! I am looking for years now :matte-motes-crying:
  14. Yes ..... all the time -.- Yes too! Once a few years back, I repeated the entire stream of animations on my old AO for fun and actually managed to do it nearly perfectly. But it wouldn't really work with my current AO since it has way too many poses in it and plays them randomly too.
  15. Nice.. me and my freinds use to call this kind of playing 'Black Box RP' after the first time we did it in a empty black box and build the entire world in the emotes and descriptions. And now Black-Box-RP stands for all scenes played like this with no or only limted builds. With the right people it is really awsome to play like this ... so have fun playing I might be a bit too busy right now for more RP
  16. If they want to steam and steam lets them then it might turn out well for the company as a whole ... afte all steam itself is moving away from being just about games so SL might find a place on it. If the move is good or even sane (I admit to have my doubts but I passionatly hate steam so I might lack a really objective opinion here) time will tell. As for view from a RP perspective then todays games (especially online ones) seem to be made with the idea that clicking on the avi and making it swing a sword is RP (what is one of the reasons I don't play such games). So at least the meter based sims might attrackt a gamer or two but text RP is something very different and more found on forums then in games I would say. But it is in games too and people RP there as well and not all games are made to be entirly void of all possibility to immerse into the game-world too, so maybe it will all turn out well. Kind of worse then hoped for but better then feared :smileytongue: The more important thing is, that steam has an audience and is doing marketing for the games and shows them on their page and when loging in into it. This might .. for the first time in the history of SL ... give it some marketing and since it would not be done by the (in this department) usually very lacking LL, it might even work. Interesting times ahead
  17. I don't know much about meters since I never use them and don't play in sims taht use them ... but from what I do know is, that such stats seem to be already in at least some of them. I guess it is needed for metered combat as it would give a numerical value the fight system can use to determine the outcome. Now of course I prefer text RP and determing everything in RP through the RP itself and the things people write as a cooperative story of sorts. Some text RP sims have however also used simple stat systems. One that is still around (however changing to a new setting and with new owners so the system might change) is 'Perdition'. However for a text RP sim some HUD based stat system would not add any value as the stat would not be tied to any system that needs a numerical value to determine any outcme and it would hang over peoples heads cvering the world up in text. The usual way to do this is to put the stats into a pic in the profile that people playing in a RP sim have anyway. People can just look there when they need but such stats are more important for the one who plays the character as a guildeline then for others to see I would say. Adding a hud to a text RP would jsut add useless scripts, lag and bring back what was already a problem in some RP sims I have seen ... people with book like texts floating above them .. or multicolored and blinking titlers that somtiems had info in them that had absolutely nothing in it that could be reacted to or that other people would simply not know .... The less huds the better :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  18. All the viewers use the code provided by LL and add their own features and fixes to them. They change the UI layout and move some settings to the surface that are hidden in the official viewer. Some change a lot like the very detailed grafics setting possibilities on Nirans viewer or the look of a version 1 type viewer on the version 3 type viewer based Cool viewer. The currently most widely used viewer seem to be Firestorm (the numbers are secret but a while ago a linden indeed confirmed it as far as I remember) - I guess a lot of the why it is the most used one currently might have to do with their awsome support. I use it too and I like it but viewer performence is something that is very very individual and depend lot on the computer, the internet connection and even the way one use the viewer they have chosen. So you might need to try a few out to find the one that suits you best. And if you do and instal several then make sure to keep their cache separeted ;P ... otherwise they might mix each other up
  19. ohhh.... how I hate such gestures .. it is the reason I don't go to clubs even when I am also convinced to miss out on some great music this way. But the gesture spamming tend to get all the fun sucked out of the event. However I do go to one club I am following around the grid for several years now and that combines great music with people don't spam gestures and use open chat for funny and often interesting conversations ... so I guess it all comes down to find the right place and the right group of people.
  20. I would rather say that the description of goths given is rather far away from anything goth as they usually don't act sad (unless said person is sad but overall sadness and making it a part of personal appearence would rather make the person in question move closer to emo and not outright goth). Goths can be very funny people wearing other colors beside black and tend to be normal people with normal lives who just came to share a specific taste But for a funny and actually even informative description about all the steerotypes and how right or wrong they are best see: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Goth It is a very fun site about many things and often a entertaining read (even when I would say they overdo it here and there ;P )
  21. Punks are rather far away from goths and emos. Those are entirly different subcultures and even when one might argue that goth and emo seems clsoer together their main connection comes from both liking black colored clothing (not that true for goths however as they can dress up in colors and still be all fitting their clothing-style) ... but all in all those two are very separate as well. And each of those three subcultures is itself divided into smaller groups and people follwoing various influences. But that would be too much and better left to those palying such roles to decide for themselves. So yes, better keep it all separate and even better just let people come in as the character they want to be and see what kind of subcultures will form themselves
  22. Will it use a meter again? *hopes the answer is 'no' because the Nomos sim looked great and will now look even better if updated and SL lacks sci-fi and cyberpunk RP sims too. And it would be a great place to play in.
  23. I would not call mesh a trend. Just like sculpties have been it is a very nice advancement in the tools and possibilites to build things in SL. It is not a fashion trend or thing to add to clothing (bling is hopefully lost and forgotten now) and shoes that can be turned on and off. It is just another method of building and one that is easier to make and offer more possibilites and less limitations the sculpties and even more so then prims. Now of course neither of the older methods will go away (despite some screaming that went on when mesh was about to implemented about how sculpties will be discontinued and all of them erased and banished from the grid .. yes.. some people are *insert word of choice*) and there are always things that are better done in one method then another (pillows might be better done in sculpts then mesh). Mesh itself also need some thinking about how to make it so it is efficent in the land impact number and look good with proper texturing. But this is the same for sculpt builds and prims. It just depends on the builder and honestly I don't care about badly made mesh items on sale because there is a even greater number on badly made prim items and horrid sculpts on sale. I don't have to buy it and just go and pick the really great made ones that so far I had no trouble finding. Sadly it was a great oversight by LL not to realize that rigged mesh clothing is probably the most desired application of it. Mesh static, non deformig objects can be and are great already but rigged clothing is something that can not be achieved with any other method and looks better then the older alternatves. So now they need to add the mesh deformer because so far most people (including me, but the sample is rather small with only those on forums and those I talekd with) expressed the opinion of not wanting to change the shape to fit clothing. Merchants have responded by offering demos and different szes and I have found enough mesh items to be fitting me very well (and I am on the shorter scale of SL sizes what often made fiting things difficult). Of course they will never be able to offer enoguh sizes for anyone so the deformer project is the thing needed to make rigged mesh clothing as awsome as it can be. Currently there are two different deformer ideas that are being worked on and the first one (made by quarl, funded by residents and getting cooperation from LL) has been making good progress so far. The second one is very new and surfaced only a few days ago (I thik) but from what I heard and read about it, it might be a very good idea about how to do it as well (not that I would understand all the technical things about it :matte-motes-tongue: ). Trends are one thing, using new building tools is something very different and I really don't want to get back to prim shoes :matte-motes-mad:
  24. I came to the sad conclusion, that trying to find this sort of RP on SL is a lost cause. I searched too and the result has been similar ... as for those mentioned in the reply above, then .. it might sound evil .... none of them is a RP sim. However Insilico and Doomed Ship look relaly good at least.. Two other very good looking sims taht can act as a place for RP is S.I.C. and Hangars Liquides. In Hangars Liquides RP is being curretnly build up but it is in early stages right now so it might develop if all goes well. But if you have a group of people willing to RP then the best thing is to find a good looking place and just RP there on your own. In time .. maybe .. somewhere .. someone will build a sci-fi RP sim (however sims are expensive and even when people build RP sims they tend to fill it up with supernatural things and vampires what isn't really the thing I am looking for)
  25. The biggest problem I have is, that I don't know where the problem is and what picture would be best that could give some insight on it. The models are very similar to each other as they are two different versions of a wall corner creating a 90° angle in two different directions. There are no complicated forms or anything that I would think of beign a problem. Especially as the wall itself and one of the corners have been textured correctly. As for what I do, then .. after having created the model, I add a material to it (to all faces) and use smart unwrap to create the UV image. I save the UV image and open it in a image editor where I create the actual texture. Both the model and the texture are then uploaded into SL where they hopefully fit to each other. After some trial and error I managed to get several models textured but I keep running into this problem at some point and it keeps holding me up to the point where I just can't get anythign finished. This actually makes me think that I am been making a mistake all along but I just don't know where it might be. And so I am searching for a way to actually be able to have it work everytime. Tutorials have prooven not to be much of a help so far and the only one I know who uses blender (version 2.49 however) is rarely online so I am kind of lost about what might be the mistake. And I didn't knew about the archive isntall but I don't really plan or want to have several active at the same time. I update blender from time to time to keep up but haven't so far and will do it again since all nearby walls have nice holes in the size of my head in them by now. Who knows .. maybe it is all a bug and the new version will fix it, but I have the feeling that it is something that I am doing wrong (even when the actual process of UV texturing is only three - after figuring it out - easy steps)
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