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  1. Sooo .. I run into a frustrating texturing problem that I don't know how to get solved. I made some mesh models, UV unwrapped them, painted the texture and uploaded everything into SL. One one mesh, the texture appeared correctly on another it has not, even when the steps from making the texture, over the adding of the material, to UV unwrapping and painting in photoshop has been exactly the same. Now, I dont rule out to have missed something along the way, but I repeated the process several times and the result was always the same. The texture made for mesh model 2 did not appeared in the correct way like it did for mesh model 1 and it's texture. Now I am rather lost and can't figure it out why one model should behave different to the other ... unless there is something that I am missing or a bug I don't know about (using Blender 2.59)
  2. Oh yes... running a RP sim is both a lot of work (more work then many who want to start one usually imagine) and a great thing to do. I loved my time on the staff of a RP sim and even when everyones problems and drama piled up on the admins until it seemed like there was nothing but trouble, there was still the feeling of doing something great for others and making sure that they can enjoy their time playing. So people who run RP sims and know the work that it invovles have my admiration and respect .... as have the builders of the great looking sims and items we love to look at or own. Without them, ..... the builders, those people who buy and sell, who run events, who form communities, those who put their skill and effort to create something great for themselves or others, those who fill this world with life ... without all them SL would not be here.
  3. Of course I had to make a stop when reading :'Anything and everything involving human beings and human behaviour needs policing' ... some have already pointed out that there is a bit of a problem with such a statement and ideas like .. democracy .. personal freedom .. human rights even .. besically the things many people have put lot of blood and effort into to overcome (and still do .. of course there are fanatics everywhere who have a problem with such freedoms and like to see them removed either because they are security-crazy, want to control everything and everyone or just can't accept other ideas, lifestyles and cultures) But anyway ... your other post should be a bit more precise. Especially: nt274 wrote: (...) it seems to be a very complex topic (...) (...) Some acamdemics think (...) (...) altering the codes of the game space - so people are unable to commit these activities, however feedback I have got from a lot of residents is that they don't want second life to be policed - it is a game (...) (...) However, as real money is put into second life, copy righting becomes a more serious issue - one which could involve real life jurisdiction. The whole governing question becomes more serious! The first thing I have picked out is the one that might be a problem for you once this research is being put into a paper since this issue is not one that is limited to SL. It is Internet-Law in general and would involve all the ideas that have been put forward in recent jears about how to govern and control the internet. How to deal with laws in such a international arena. SL is such a tiny part of it, that it isn't worth much more then a footnote. Unless you want to base it all on SL, but then you would have missed the main part of the problem and have put your focus on a area of the internet where not much crime is happening. Of course you never want to start anything with 'some academics think ..' .. I have written and read enough scientific papers to want to point out the arising question about who those 'some academics' are and what they have written in their papers (because such statements always need ot be backed up and considering the complex and very interesting topic of internet law/regulation/deregulation etc, I think many people that have commented so far would like to have a look at those too). The third point -- yay! ;P ... is SL a game or not? Finding the answer to this would be great finally, but the more interesting point in this goes right back to the first comment I have made at the start. Because changing the code so nothing criminal ( - as little as it - ) can be done can happen would remove all ability to create and all freedom form SL. So there we are right at the security vs. freedom argument and at the thing about loosing both when exchanging the second for the first. And so I am right at the fourth point and again on the need to point out how complex this issue can be. It is however a all RL law one and while SL is governed in the same any other online activity is (by the individual ToS) the things people do here are all goverend by the specific laws in their countries and LL belongs under US/californian law. Those laws and regulations are very much lacking and there is lots to be discussed about their implementation (see PIPA, SOPA, ACTA and the reaction those have recieved) and you will find much more interesting topics then criminal activity in SL .... especially when lookign at criminal activity in the internet, how they are fought and how the wish of security agencies / governments / corporations to control everything relates to the overall reaction the population showed towards it. SL is just a tiny drop in all this and it's problems with criminal activity are again just a tiny drop in what is going on.
  4. Lucinda Bulloch wrote: (...) If you look at the rocks you can see that the land either side of the pacific are the same as the are either side of the Atlantic and that the sea bed is new rock, this would mean that the the old crust of the planet was the whole old surface with the oceans covering that making most of the land shallow seas when the dinosaurs were around, and that what we see as the sea bed now is new rock made from a rapidly expanding earth, so how is it that the earth for billions of years is one size, then rapidly starts to expand to a degree that the new surface is many times the old surface. That is not hard to explain, (...) Not really hard to explain indeed! .. it's called continental drift ;P Earth isn't expanding and hasn't been expanding since the day the last rock slammed into the bigger rock that eventually formed the planet we are on right now .. followed by the even bigger-rock that hit the earth-rock and that resulted in rocks being torn off the earth-rock and start to form the moon-rock (according to latest - and even very liekly to be true but considering the timeframes invovled, we might never see it happening elsewhere - theories)
  5. 16 wrote: famous sl avatars not linden + Steller Sunshine - builder Anshe Chung - mega baron Ziggy Puff - animation overrider Stroker Serpentine - poseball Adam Zaius - opensim Eddy Stryker - copybot Plastic Duck - greifer Argent Stonecutter - flight feather Luc Aubret - blitzer Chip Midnight - clothing template Day Oh - ocean waves Hamlet Au - blogger Nice list .. I heard of two. Anshe (who made all this money and was smart enough ot take it out into RL quickly enough so she made a fortune) and Hamlet (since I read his blog even when I tend to disagree with his assumptions .. but he is well informed) Some other people that might be known to a wider circle of people in SL would be the viewer developers beginning with Nichlaz (don't know the last name however but that is usually the only name he is refered too anyways) up to Jessica Lyon who is the leader and a very public fase of the Phoenix team (and the best project lead they could wish for for all I can tell) Those who use third party viewers usualyl knew the names behind what they use so that might be said to be fame. And it is well deserved since those people do a lot for the community by working for free and creating something so many people like and enjoy using. Hwever there are the infamous too that some people knew the names of but just as with many others, I would not call them really famous since most of them are famous within their circles. But when thinking about this everyone of those (excluding those infamous ones not mantioned by name but I have a few in mind and Anshe as she is the only one who is known for the moeny she made) have did something good for the community and got the fame for their skill and telent. No one ever got famous for looks or for being a model. Since everyone can look as they like this does not hold as much importance here then it would in RL And while I think my look is great and people do give me compliments for it I don't think I will ever be discovered by some osrt of famous photographer to have my profile pic made for me for free XP .... they all seem to chase a different kind of look
  6. Now this is a interesting question ... since in all the years I have been in SL, I have not heard of anyone who would be known across of all SL. Some people claim to be famous but in reality, they are just known in their circle. SL is a very divided place with little connection between various communities and many people mistake their little place for all of what is out there. When people mention seemingly famous names, they usually get stares and questions about who that is and what they did to become famous from those who are not in the same (or close to) social circle or trade then those seemingly famous people are. However there are some who are public enough to be known by at least a number of people across communities. Mostly blogers (but then only to those people who read blogs) or machinima makers who manage to do films of great quality (but those too mostly to those people who make and watch such films themselves since a lot of those who did see the film will never look for one again and forget the name of the maker a few seconds after telling everyone how much they loved it). Some artists too from time to time, but their fame usually retracts back itno the artist community very quickly (what is sad cosidering the works that are being made there). After all even the large uproars in SL only happen in small circles when looking at the bigger picture of overall SL ... when talking about the dramas of the past that filled up blogs, forums and discussions and looked like the whole of the community would be involved .. 9 times out of 10 I had to explain what is going on and why and no one inworld was aware of anything special going on. The same is true for 'fame' One way to become famous is to do public apperences and be invovled in something that concerns many people but those topics are few and not easy to get into since this usually invovle lots of time, knowledge and work. And some wit and talent when going into the public. So there is no reason to worry ... chances are, that even when you become famous in one place, noone will know you once you cross the next sim border. Let them look, stare and say no to those who are nof freindly enough, there is no reason to change anyways, if you feel good with the way you look
  7. The original copybot did not had anything to do with bots as it was a program that intercepted the data between the servers and the viewer and stored it on the computer ... considering that a sim with lots of content on it would take a long time to be stored the one wanting to copy it would need to stand around for a rather long time I guess ... and that might be where the bot-connection came from since I somehow can't imagine those people to be the most patient. However to answer to the original post .. I think chasing people away and accusing them if they stand around for a moment too long is a good way for a store to loose customers.
  8. Thank you very much for the reply! I have not expected it and it is very nice to see that someone is reading those posts and feel, that there is a need for a response .... but .... I have to say, that I agree with the poster above that this answer is not one that would make me believe into the reasons behind the decission and I have to admit that when the investment of time and money has been mentioned, my first thought was ... what about saying 'thank you' for it? What about saying 'thank you' that we all kept SL and LL both alive during times of economic trouble and still support it? What about showing that LL stands behind it's product and is aware of the fact who pays for it's existence? Even when it would be done by something like a once a year event (that could be better orgenized and set up then the last ones but I know that it is possible since I remember those before) and the investment of a few minutes of the time of the CEO for a speach given at the event. That would do a lot to avoid the usual backslash and anger about the (so far almost always) horrid communication and community strategy followed by LL in the past. LL ... people want to love you all, but you are making it hard to even put a little bit of trust into your future decissions -.-
  9. I don't think that the singularity is anwhere near .. it might come and the overall technological progress is going on and does not show any signs of slowing down. And with predictions about the future being hard to make it is difficult to say what might be developed and even more difficult to see how it will influence human society. However the world is still full of fanatism, greed, death and abuse both of other humans and the enviroment. Short term gains are still often seen as being better then the well being of other people or the generations that will follow us ... Injustice, tyranny and a growing gap between the rich and the poor have as much a influence on humanity as the technological development and they will shape the world after the singularity event as well if not solved before it appears.And I am not sure that the result will be something we will like to see. The technological singualrity (however I would pint out, that the past shows that even the technological development of the next 5 or 10 years could not have be predicted) can not be disconnected from the social development and while I would very much love to see all those great theoretical achievments to be made, I can not stop thinking about the kind of humanity that is given those tools into their hands. Will they use it to better the life of everyone and cooperation or will it continue like it has in the past decades and centuries? And since I have used a quote form Issac Asimov (I think) in a recent discussion about a somehow related topic, I think I do it agian here since it would be appropirate: "Science gathers Knowledge faster then society gathers wisdom"
  10. so far, mesh has been a great addition to SL .. especially rigged clothing (even whit it's current lack of the deformer that hopefully wil lbe done soon) .. but you wont really find and 'community' aroud it since it is all over SL.The marketplace is started to be filled with nice items with I think full body non-human mesh avatars being the currently most interesting items (apart from rigged clothing but as said before .. this still needs the deformer to be really great) I am not sure about builds yet. I would say more and more is being made with mesh, but a good mesh is difficult to tell apart from a good sculpty. As for videos then there are some good ones. I am never sure about posting links here, but when you look for machinimatrix.org then you will find some very good tutorials about how to create things there. Now of course you said, that you have been discouraged by the grafics and in many parts of SL this has not changed much ;P .. but in others it is completly different and since you mentioned Snow Crash, then I think you migh enjoy places like Insilico or Hangars Liquides. Or Doomed Ship, even when it is a sci-fi horror setting and not Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk like the other two. Those are actually all pre-mesh builds but they show what a great builder can do with the build tools given. I am very much looking forward to see what will change once more and more mesh buildings, plants and scenery items are added to all those wonderful builds you can find in SL (don't let yourself be discuraged by the ugly ones ;P SL is big).
  11. Fail indeed .... back when I have seen the first birthday celebration in 2007 (or 08, I am not sure which the first was that I have visited) it was a great build .. a marked way to walk through and see various builds .. sims that have not been clustered together with every little bit of them filled up by all sorts of exhibitions (with sadly very different levels of quality) .. it had room, it was nice, it was interesting. Later it all got worse with I think the low point having been at the 2010 celebration that really was an example for how to not care this from the side of the lab. The 2011 celebration I had in a slightly better memory then the previous one but it again was just a few sims placed by LL and then people puting what they liekd on it. I don't think that is the way on how to celebrate the main product of a company. And now I guess it wont be even this. On one side I am happy about it, since it was in the danger of being worse then in the previous years .. but now .. I guess there is no better way of showing their lack of care and interest in their own product as well as into the community using it then to refuse to even put out a sandbox for them to build on and keep it up for a week or so. Was it too much work? Or has LL decided that since people wont be happy about it then they just shrug it off and let people be unhappy since for them there is no difference if people are unhappy about a mismanaged celebration or unhappy about the lack of celebration? They just stay unhappy And who needs happy customers anyway? Or to change the question a bit ... Who needs customers? I guess not LL *insert angry words of choice here*
  12. And so it works ... I have tried that some time ago, but it has not worked either but I guess it jsut comes down to not seeing the most simple solution ;P But that is how one learns such things and as for expecting how it should work, then I don't know what to expect yet since I don't know enough about it. However my simple medical cabinet seems to be msotly correctly textured now and maybe it wil lbe textured completly correctly soon. I msut however say, that I found the tutorials I have seen all being rather unclear on this point about what todo with the UV-texture once it is made (do nothing XP ). I might be the only one but as a beginner I found that at the end of the UV tutotial .. especially those about SL .. there should be something more said about it. I might have missed it of course but at least nw I am happy that this one model worked out somehow. I'll need to make a completly new texture now that I see it inworld but that is a simple thing to solve ;D tytytytyty for the help
  13. I unwrap things before exporting but I still might do something worng there (being a beginenr and such ;P ) and I have not seen the above posted video yet (*will go to do that after writing this*). So maybe the problem is there and I just don't see it yet. Thank you both for the responses I hope they will help *edit* still no success. -.- The tutorials seem all to stop right at the moment that I would need to solve my problem, since while I have the UV map, the texture and I can see in blender how it would look when correctly textured, it still turns out totally wrong when I hit 'bake' and when I try to upload, then it uploads without any texture (what is logical since I have to save the texture made acording to the UV-map to the model somehow) I could I guess texture each face of the object individually, but that would defeat the purpose of the UV-unwrap as it is being shown in the tutorials. Ironically in the second tutorial posted, the second (sadly unanswered) comment seem to be form soemone with a similar problem
  14. So, I have a bit of a problem with blender. (version 2.59) I know how to create items, shape them, make them look nice and even how to limit their prim-impact once I would upload them into SL. What I don't know, it how to texture them actually. So far, I have watched many tutorials about textures and materials but none has really get me anywhere close to actually making an object and having it be textured in the way I want to do it. I unwrap the item into the UV editor, make a texture to fit it and now I nwould need to know how to make the texture (different looking parts on different faces of the object) stick to the model in the way as it is made acording to the unwrapped UV-map. So far baking it always resulted in the texture either being assigned totally wrong, comppletly appearing on just one face or the entire item being black. I am sure, I am missing something between the unwrapping and baking but I have no idea what and since I am only at the beginning of creation of 3D objects with such programs, I am at a loss on where to look to find out how to do what I want. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions
  15. Some people will never learn and continue to write such things into their profiles ... while of course such disclaimers are absoultely meaningless as ... as far as I know .. the TOS simply forbids the sharing of logs without consent given by those invovled. And writing such disclaimers in the profile does not equal that consent. I consider such disclaimer funny (sometiems actually even rude depending on how they are worded) and love to read those, that actually turn them into a joking little text to point out how useless this is Of course, sharing logs is being done all the time ... between friends when one send something funny one said to another friend and all three have soemthing to laugh ... or when people give each other interesting and exciting RP scens to read or when admins or sim staff people require proof of something having been done or said that would be against the rules (in that cases all invovled parties agree and submit logs [or should because this is the only way to proove things and it makes the life of everyone invovled easier] what of course does give consent). And I bet merchants, club hosts and anyone running a place in SL would keep logs of problematic conversations saved just in case those might be needed in the future. And loging is a function that has always been there and a very nice one too .. especialyl for people in RP who likes to keep nice scenes saved for personal enjoyment and to read again later So while it is not something one can be reported on for having, the disclaimer is still meaningless. And when a log is shared without consent in a case where the LLs might get invovled, it will not save the one who had that written in their profile and shared the log.
  16. There is no real right and wrong here .. just a 'too much' since thought posts become bad form when they don't give a chance to respond and are being abusive in nature. On the other hand it would be totally acceptable to explain actions done with a few words about the thought process behind it. For example: /meX takes Ys hand smiling at her while already thinking about how to ram a knife into Xs back at the first moment possible. After all it is no secret that neither of them share much sympathy towards the other. /meY holds Xs hand just a moment longer then it would be done usual knowing exatly what is going on behind those eyes that are now trying to hide the hate behind a smile. She smiles as well even when nothing different is going on in her own thoughts. Now of course the example posts only work when there is a backstory behind the relationship of X and Y and where both people are able to ICly guess the thoughts of the other one. In a meeting with a new character however thoughts can be used as well to explain for example, why a character act reserved and maybe try to hide things by not really answering questions or being silent while the other one tries to engage in conversation. This way one prevents the other from thinking that this person does not want to RP with them as the reserved-behaviour is explained with the person thinking that the other one is suspicious or not one that would be trsuted for whatever reason. Giving this thought process visible behaviour patterns that can be observed and interpreted by the other character helps even more but depends a lot on the IC acting ability of the character in question. The big problem with thought RPs is, when posts invovle more of it then outside visible actions people can react to or involve nasty comments about the people around ... and I have seen those happen and consider people who use that to be their own kind of griefer out to upset and anger people by pretending to be IC .. luckily I have not seen such people twice in any sim they appeared at and it is a not that often seen phenomenon. On the other hand you also have people who will scream about ANY thought in a post but I believe in the idea of thoughts having their place since they can add flavour to a nice post and explain things where needed
  17. For technical support .. phoenix/firestorm beats LL defintevly (*sends hugs to the support people for those viewers*) But to answer the question here ... the best viewer is the one that runs best and while I have not tested them all, it is currently Firestorm for me. The newest has a nice UI too so I am happy. However when testing viewers and installing them one can run into problems easily since often two viewers does not like to exist side by side on the same computer and will make the SL experience all crashy and awful without any visible reason. Clean installs and clearing the cache when changing viewers helps too and prevents other problems that people might run into (however clearing cache is not advised as a solution for everyday viewer problems) So it all comes down to the viewer one likes best
  18. There have always been some Firefly RP places around (since the copyright holders have nto been that stupid to be bothered by people playing ;P .. and even if, the BSG RP prooved that sometimes it is all about asking since the official permission has been given without fuss in that case) but it is not as big as it has been. So right now there might be jsut a few palces and none that I would know with bigger traffic. But I am sure that some places are there and RP is happening there.
  19. It would halp if the sim would offer notecards, a story write up and maybe rules and contact information to admins (the usual stuff a RP sim needs) right on the landing spot. Without that it is just a (great looking) place for personal RP scenes or a RP sandbox where everyone does what they want (not that I would have seen many people there yet and those that I have seen have been just exploring it). People coming in don't even see that it is considered to be a RP sim or get an idea about what kind of RP would be going on ..... so some information at the landing spot would help a lot in recruiting RPers Especially since there is a lack on Sci-Fi and cyberpunk RP in SL and I know many people who are looking for just that
  20. The current RP situation in SL is rather sad. Especially for those that seek out specific thems since there is a lot to chose from when it comes to fantasy, vampires and a few historical themes .. some urban ones are around to and with Contagion there is a very good zombie survival RP. However my personal RP wishes have not been met anywhere so far ... especialyl since sci-fi sims on SL seem to call themselves RP just so to give a theme to their all-about-sex setting ... I don't like that ... almost as much as all HUDS and meters outthere *sighs* No RP and sims are too expensive to even dream about building one ... *sighs again and goes to continue her search for a place to play on*
  21. Actually you have a backstory in the sim ... all that is needed to know about it is to open a history book ;P Sims that are not base on reality have to come up with enough information about the world to give people a canvas they can paint their own stories on. It is harder this way but in my opinion one of the most important things. A nicely made backstory that gives the needed information about what is going on, what time it is, maybe some historical events to give it all the right perspective .. some details .. does a lot to spark imagination. Without a story a RP is empty and everyone is left to do what they want what can only result in chaos and cliques forming with people using the sim for their personal RP and being unable to interact with otehrs because their view of the place differs from them. .... Doomed Ship is the best example of this .. a beautifully build sim where everyone does what they want ..... To continue with answering the original post I have to say that the sim and the story is one thing and another is the community. I have seen well made and thought out sims die because they have not managed to attract enough people to form a community that then would draw in others (on the other hand I have seen sims stay that should be forbiden to have 'RP' in their name ). I think there is a lot of luck invovled here since enough people need to get to know about the sim quickly enough. And with the forums not being visited by that many people the only possibility is spreading the word about it inworld. But if a good write up, a nice build manage to attrackt enough people so that a community can take roots a RP sim can stay around. From personal expierience I know that the first few months can be a lot of work .. and that goes for both sides since it can either be a struggle to make enough peopel start playing there or it can be a struggle to keep up with the masses that seemingly out of nowhere storm the sim. I guess there have been also enough sims that failed because the staff was not prepared for this or made up of the wrong kind of people ... I have sadly seen this too .. but i ngeneral I have lot of respect of people who decide to start RP sims (provided they know what they are about to do ;P)
  22. There used to be several sims dedicated to Dune RP (I even have a snapshot while standing in a prim-sandworms mouth ) ... but then the rights-holders got silly and filed complains with LL what resulted in all of this being shut down. Not sure if the situation has changed but that is why there is no Dune RP on SL anymore ......
  23. What RP sims usually need is a lot of work. More work then many of those thinking they can start one imagaine. Especially in a more general setting it is almsot a daily fight to keep the theme against people who will do everything to argue the rules to their favour and try to bully, convince or slowly push you to the point where the one special advantage they want is granted to them. There is of course the everyday things like little disputes, answering question and helping in storylines when they require input from things bigger then it is represented in teh sim .. smuggle RP need oversight as well as well as all over rules and parts of the setting that keeps the RP in theme. But the question here is o f course more specific about the market and finances and the short answer would be .. the sims that stay open are those where the owner can finance them independently without the need for rentals or a market. Since both sales form stores as well as the number of rentals are fluctuating and not a long term stable source of income. Just like donation boxes and funding through money gathering events, rentals depend on the size of the community with the bigger it is, the more money will be gathered up to the point of being able to support the sim. But at first, the money gathered this way wont support even 512m² piece of land. A market is more or less a must have for RP sims since, when it is offering items in the theme of the sim, it will make people who look for this theme go there and shop. If it grows big enough it might even develop into a hot spot for theme-item shopping like Insilico (I know, that there are people RPing there but I have only once seen some doing it and most visitors seem to go there for the wide selection of stores). However how the stores are set up both have advantages and disadvanteges. A store at the OOC entry area looks very good when it is full and people can tp in, shop and tp out without the need to go to the sim. Non-RP-shoppers will see this as a big advantage since they would nto have to dress up or get OOC titlers or actually have to read what the sim is about before they enter. And accidents of such people disturbing the RP because they are not used to the proper-RP sim behaviour will be prevented. On the other hand, this takes away prims that could be used in the sim build and makes less people go and visit the actual RP area. And tping into a still empty OOC mall before entering the RP already makes the RP seem empty and so dicourages further exploration. Stores in the sim itself can, if they are set up correctly, reinforce the theme and the feel in the RP. They can bring people to wander around and explore and learn more about the RP while they shop. On the other hand such shops need to be build like shops since there is little that is more ugly then a sim with in-sim shops that just have the usual wall buy-boxes of a normal SL shop. They need furniture and also can only sell in theme items. Both of those requirements are not present for a OOC area shop and would limit the availablitly of items and merchants willing to set up stores there. It also requires people who don't want to RP or even have no idea abut what RP actually is to wander itno the sim. And this can cause problems too ... and it will hide the shops so people who tp into the sim wont know that said shop is present and rather tp out (if they are out on a shopping tour) to the next location then to go and explore what would limit the ammount of people staying .. while a OOC store is more likely to keep people for at least a few moments they need to see what is being offered and the longer they stay the more likely they also got interested about what the description notecards are about. Ther are many strategies about how to keep a RP sim open but the best one is still to jsut be able to pay for it since all other methods will never provide the needed ammount of moeny indifintevly ... at least unless LL finally does the sane thing and lower sim costs but that is a dream that wont happen anytime soon ......
  24. WolfBaginski Bearsfoot wrote: There is a huge body of literary sources, with a range of styles. I'd expect a Vampire RP based on Pratchett's version to be quite a bit different from something influenced by the VtM game, and Ankh Morpork is distinct from the Uberwald. But please, Mr. Linden, can't you find something different to promote SL with. Or at least get a better picture! Seriously, SL looks way better then that poor picture that seemes to be the best that LLs marketing people came up with ... and Ankh Morpork would be sooooooo great as a RP sim but difficult o bild properly and people wanting to play there would need to have read the books (what they should) or they would not be able to get the right feel of comedy and unseriousness about all things fantasy
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