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  1. Cheap and effective : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Paladins-Rent-Tracker-rental-system-for-friends/997334
  2. Except for some samples in a lab, smallpox has been erradicated. That's due to the vaccine and is one of medicine's finest accomplishments. Measles in the US was erradicated as well due to the vaccine, and the only cases seen in the US are brought in from visitors from other countries. However, measles cases in the United States hit a 15-year high in 2011, with 90 percent of the cases traced to other countries with lower immunization rates. The Wakefield study started the scare, and it was his TV interview that set off the public panic. The lowered vaccination rate in at least the English-spe
  3. I've read both Microbe Hunters and Cry of the Covenant and they are excellent. Semmelweis in particular was a captivating character, and it is hard to believe that something as fundamental to us as basic hygiene would have been ridiculed. Even after he forced his staff to wash their hands and childbed fever virtually disappeared, they didn't believe the evidence. But anyone who's read this far into this thread is probably used to that.
  4. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Mr. Original is the one I think of in connection with this hoax, coverage of it having all but disappeared in the UK since he was discredited. I wasn't aware how prevalent it still is in the USA until this thread. I am sorry that you and other families have to suffer even more because of such charlatans. Fortunately we didn't suffer. I never believed the research, and at any rate, my son was already vaccinated when the first reports were issued. I do feel terrible for families who bought into it though. They were victims.
  5. Thanks, I knew I was misunderstanding something. Obviously I haven't used either bulk edit or quick fill.
  6. I was discussing this thread with a doctor I know and he mentioned Andrew Wakefield whom I'd forgotten about. For the whole story, see Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wakefield Wakefield was the original source of the claim to the mercury/autism connection. All subsequent research was a result of his claims. In a nutshell (and it's a big nutshell so I can't possibly cover it all, the article is fascinating): Wakefield was paid a very large sum to do research by a group intending to sue the vaccine companies. He used an extremely small study group of 12 children, only one of wh
  7. Since you're keeping score...I do almost exclusively mod/copy. I allow modification because I hate items I can't adjust, so I won't sell any of my own that aren't mod. Except for my software product, my in-world stuff is small furnishings or land ornaments, and the copyable aspect is a big selling point. Customers can make as many copies as they want, and if they want a polka-dot sunbeam, what do I care. If they wreck the thing they have a backup. The only thing they can't do is transfer it.
  8. Marcus Hancroft wrote: Earlier, you were talking about using "Quick Fill" on your listings. When you use the quick fill option, the "Item Title" is automatically changed to the item you selected to quick fill from and you have to manually change the Item Title back to what it should be. I've never used quick fill. Do you mean, if I want to change my shop location and I use quick fill to do that, all my items will be named the same? That can't be, I'm missing something. I thought it would only change the fields you alter.
  9. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: It can take years for progress to be noticeable for something that you are literally working on daily. Then one day...you see that...wow...your child is doing something that you wondered if they would ever be able to do. My son was nine years old when he first said "mama". I cried. Recently he did his business in the toilet for the first time. He's 25 years old.
  10. How would you explain this data: Thimerosal was first used in vaccines in 1930, yet autism rates did not begin to rise until the 1990s; in fact, it was relatively unknown. In 1999 Thimerosal was removed from vaccines. In 2006 autism rates began to soar, with one of every 166 children diagnosed with it. In a study done this year, the rate had increased again, with one of every 88 children diagnosed with autism.
  11. Medhue Simoni wrote: Again, you missed the twisted logic. You can do whatever you want with yourself or your children. What you don't have the right to do is enforce that on other people. Since we're dealing with widespread public health issues here, we do indeed have that right. In the UK, where this controvery took hold even more strongly than in the US, children are now dying of common, preventable childhood diseases because they now have reduced herd immunity. Those are pointless deaths. We do in fact know exactly what autism is, and it is defined precisely in the diagnostic journa
  12. Cyneswith Luik wrote: Hi, wondering if I might get some help... On the wiki concerning ANS for DD, it says there are some 3rd parties that offer ANS processing services. I've tried searching for these, but can't seem to find anything... could anybody advise about these? I've been working with the iGlom Redelivery System. It processes the ANS transactions and keeps a complete record of all sales. There are various reporting options. It will optionally email or IM you on each sale. If you have your own server set up for ANS, iGlom will process the sale and add it to its database, and then
  13. iCade wrote: I am always in SL on Ultra Settings, so this isn't an issue caused by using low graphic preferences :3 It could be a difference in graphics cards, and there's a difference between Mac and PC many times too. There are lots of technical reasons that a color can look different on every monitor. On the other hand, I wouldn't purchase from a merchant who substantially altered the appearance of the actual product. Color though, that's extremely variable between computers.
  14. Madeliefste Oh wrote: I have no proof it is like I think it is, it is just my impression. But I think you have this marketing team that thinks out these campaigns, and then when they have decided what it will be for coming month, they contact the collegues from marketplace so they can set the 'tag' on the marketplace and let the residents know about the campaign. So I think someone from the marketplace team did post the message, because (s)he was told to do so. But not because MP team is the responsible team behind these campaigns. That makes the most sense to me, it's how most big busine
  15. If you think about it, cloud computing just means "keeping my stuff on a remote computer." Everything we see and do inworld is on their servers; our viewers are just downloaders and interpreters. I'm not sure how much closer they could get.
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