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  1. The no-script region I have trouble with is Egan, and it happens every time, so I don't think it's just bad sim crossings, unless there's something wrong with the region that causes a bad crossing every time. There are three lakes I can access, and I can get into the rivers through the Snowlands too. But there's no direct route further north than Sutherland & Sugarloaf, due to the fact that the water level in the north half of Sansara is about 40m lower than the level in the south. I wish the Moles would cut a canal from that southernmost lake to the south coast, then it would a
  2. These three are all in the same town...
  3. Yellow Bellies unite! (I was born in Lincoln too).
  4. I have a Trudeau but I find it much harder to sail than B-wind powered boats such as Bandits. I really want to switch to a Bandit at some point soon. Someone recommended the Sha Zero to me a while back and that one is my favourite of the boats I own. And it's only L$99. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/OUTLET-70-OFF-SALE-SHA-Type-ZERO-sailboat/4144729 It rarely crashes and is very fast; really it's too fast for the sailing I have around my home; my neighbouring lake is 4 regions in length and the Sha can easily cover that in just a couple of minutes. I'm kind of trapped in m
  5. I disagree, but I do think that all non-SL-related threads need to be in a separate sub-forum. All the political threads, funny animal threads, what-are-you-listening-to , covid threads and peeve threads and all the others, just stick them into a separate sub-forum all on its own so they aren't cluttering General any more. That way, the people who want them can still participate, and the ones who don't can ignore them.
  6. Blocking in SL isn't really blocking, it's "muting" or "ignoring". You can minimise (but not completely eliminate) being seen online by a setting in Preferences "only friends can see when I'm online" and then, if the blocked person is on your friends list, also uncheck the option for that friend to see when you're online. However this won't hide your online status from them if they are a member of any of the same groups as you, so you really ought to leave all your groups as well. The only way to make it so that someone can't physically see you inworld, is to not be in the same regi
  7. They weren't banned but the rules for traffic changed so they were no longer of any benefit to the person owning them. That, and bots. As well as the bots that flitted around gobbling up all the money on the money trees as soon as they were generated, there were also bots who automatically parked themselves on a camping chair the moment it became vacant. This meant that it became impossible for any real person to obtain money from either of those things. Some bot-farms would create armies of new alts over and over, to get the money from the "30-days-old-and-under" trees. Certain types of
  8. I have noticed that calling cards of my friends are duplicated. They are present in the main calling cards folder and also in a sub-folder called Friends. A couple of my friends have changed their names and I have noticed that the calling cards in the Friends sub-folder have automatically updated their names but the ones in the main folder did not. If I open the calling card of the one that's not changed, it opens the correct profile and shows the new name there. This means that it's not really possible to completely un-associate from your old name. Name changes were never intended to be
  9. I had a similar situation with my first account. After that year's break I couldn't remember the password and didn't have the email address, so I left it and started a new account. Nine years later, I decided to submit a support ticket to get it back, fortunately I remembered enough and recovered the account. His inventory was terrifying. He didn't even own a pair of prim shoes. They were all system-layer shoes (yes they did exist).
  10. The biggest disappointment for me was that Ex Machina Davide never took off. My alt got that one before Jake, and it's the nicest looking slim male body I've ever seen. But no-one ever made clothes for it. What would be really nice is if someone (other than Legacy) made a quality new body for men that fits already existing clothing, like Lucybody did with their Maitreya fit.
  11. It was the beginning of June that year I think. I started with my first account on the 20th and that was shortly after free accounts started. Point to point teleports must have started before then or at the same time; I don't remember ever having to use telehubs. I had a break for about a year from the end of 2006 to end of 2007 but since then I've had no breaks longer than 2 weeks, and even then, only when I was on vacation somewhere with no internet.
  12. Indra has Lelutka Erin and Lelutka Lily (the free one). She was previously using a Skinnery skin but has lately been collecting gifts and Midnight Mania from 7 Deadly Skins. She uses one of the very darkest tones but they have some very pale ones too; Cloud, Powder, Snow and Dew are the palest tones I think. Be careful though; a lot of their skins are made for Genus and they don't fit round the lips.
  13. I've been a landowner since 2008 and I've always kept scripts on for everyone, even in my club. And I really can't remember even one occasion where someone came in and griefed with a scripted object.
  14. It really disappoints me that some creators are dropping Gianni support. I know some people dislike the anatomy but I've always been very happy with it (I get compliments on my shape when I'm out on the gym circuit and most of those guys are surprised when I tell them it's Gianni - even more so when I tell them my skin is 9 years old! 😁). That said, one of my alts has Belleza Jake and anatomically speaking I like it better, especially for slimmer shapes, but the neck fit is terrible on most heads. Somewhat ironically the best fitting head I had for Jake was a budget one from Lightstar. T
  15. As far as I'm aware, public nudity in any Moderate region, including Bellisseria, is allowed. But... ...some people in Bellisseria host events in their own homes, or in the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Those events may have different rules; the hosts or home owners may not want people to be naked at their events. They are perfectly within their rights to ask for people to be dressed, and eject you from the event if you don't comply. So if you're attending an organised event within Bellisseria you really ought to ask. But if you're just walking around or sailing or hanging out at a pub
  16. Looks like you ought to be packing a can of roach spray as well as a pistol.
  17. I noticed recently that Cris's partner Allison is 3 days older than he is. 😁 So it looks like she is leading so far.
  18. They have not changed the list in full since it was launched (April last year). They changed a small number of them about 2 months ago (6 months after the launch). I would not expect any new names before April 2021 and at the rate of 4-6 new names every 6 months, it will take around 5 years before we're seeing a whole new list. This assumes that the new owners keep up the changes at the same rate. They may not bother at all, and just leave the list as it is in-perpetuity.
  19. If it's anything like the way it was previously, it could be anything from a month to a year. Until a certain number of avatars have chosen them (we don't know how many). I also suspect that some names, which get very few or no takers, or maybe complaints, are pulled off the list early. Covfefe was one of the names that got pulled from the last batch after only a short time. They also don't release a whole new batch all at once. They pull a few and add a few at a time, as they did a few weeks ago. My name, Luminos, was in the list for well over a year.
  20. Definitely photoshopped. You can tell from the edges of the fluff which are actually not fluffy at all, but jagged triangles: Also one of the nails does not fit the nail bed, this does not happen in SL because nail polish is usually a painted texture on the body's nails so they always fit perfectly. Or, if they are mesh add-on nails, if one is out of place they are all out of place by the same amount.
  21. If you want muscular, I would recommend Signature Gianni above any of the others, coupled with a skin that has plenty of muscle definition drawn into it. Gianni has the widest range of clothing available for it, and it can go more muscular than Legacy, which is really the only other viable men's body available at this point in time. The rest are either rapidly losing clothing support, or never had any in the first place. I used to recommend Belleza Jake but Belleza bodies are basically abandonware now, the creator has not updated them in years; even the Bakes on Mesh feature was created b
  22. The most likely reason is what @Talligurl says; your state has recently implemented a law which prohibits online gambling. The only way to avoid this is to move to a state which does allow it. Laws like that are rarely because OMG Gambling is bad!! It's more likely to be We want you to gamble only in our state because we want your tax dollars. That's why they still allow you to but lottery tickets and visit a physical casino.
  23. The threat to get you "swatted" is a RL physical threat and should be reported, even if they don't have any method of tracking you down. My guess is that this person has mistakenly assumed that you're an alt of someone else who has upset them. Maybe it's their contact details that this person has?
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