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  1. Since upgrading (being kind) to Win 10, my GTX 960 crashes once/twice a day. This never happened in Win 7. I use the latest driver ( as well as previous versions to no avail. SL is the only one giving me problems. Any advice?
  2. I wish I'd taken Drake1's question to heart earlier. The problem was not apparent on Viewer 2. After doing a clean re-install of Firestorm, no more artifacts there either. I just couldn't confince myself that this was a software issue, but it was. Thank you for the advice and particularly the suggestion to try other viewers.
  3. I'm using Firestorm on both the PC on which the artifacts occur and the one where it doesn't. I can't try another viewer on the failing system for a week or so, but will try it then. Thank you for the thought.
  4. I'm using a 750W supply. I think that's plenty. Thanks for the thought though.
  5. I have been running without problems for a couple of years using a Gigabyte GAX58A-UDR3 motherboard, 6GB Corsair memory, an i7-920 CPU and a EVGA GeForce 8800GTS graphics card, using a Viewsonic VX2453 monitor. Then a few weeks ago I experienced artifacts on my screen when I visit venues with 6 or more avatars. The artifact typically starts at a point at an avatar, then crosses the screen forming a big triangle of a single color. As I cam around, these artifacts disappear and others form, sometimes almost filling the screen. I had a similar issue when I first started in SL, using a entry level graphics card and that problem disappeared when I replaced it with something better. I concluded that my 8800GTS had given up the ghost after many years of good service and acquired a EVGA GTX970. To my surprise, the problem didn't go away! I got in touch with EVGA support who walked me through various clean installs of the drivers. No luck. They offered to replace the card, but also suggested that I try the card in another PC to see if the problem moved with the card. It didn't. The 970 works beautifully in another PC (this one with a slightly faster CPU and 16GB of memory). My question is, what other than the graphics card could create this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. That went over my head How do I determine the server channel?
  7. I've created a vendor (yes, I know, who hasn't) that besides handing out notecards, landmarks and the object being sold also temp-rezzes a box that gets removed by the garbage collector if the user of the vendor walks away. Here's the meirdness I've run into: I have two locations where I test my stuff. The first is a mainland parcel with plenty of prim allowance. When I test the vendor there by rezzing the temp item everything works beautifully and the temp prim hangs around the expected minute or so. The second location is a homestead, also with plenty spare prim capacity. When I try my vendor there the temp-rez item flashes on for less than a second and disappears. In fact, I don't even have to use my vendor. if I turn the temporary flag on for just about any object, it disappears instantly. Making this even more bizarre, this behavior is not consistant. Some items flash on and off, while others hang around longer when I click there temporary flag. I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced anything similar or has some ideas of what's going on.
  8. I found that blocking GreenLanternC0rpz and Hal Jordan helps clear the view around my store. Won't help my customers though.
  9. I have the exact problem described by Madam Martian. Does the fact I'm using Firestorm influence whether the Lindens will look at this? BTW, I cranked up the SL Viewer and have the same problem there. It doesn't recognize I already have a store.
  10. Update: After doing the above AND clicking one of the side buttons it started to work. Thanks for listening
  11. Yes. I did see that before and it looked like the right thing to do. When I uncheck "Avatar", leaving on only Flycam, nothing moves. Any other thoughts?
  12. Just how do you disable avatar motion? I'd love to use my spacenavigator just for the camera.
  13. I just sold a mainland parcel that was owned by a group which consists of me as the owner and an alt as a member. The revenue from the sale is now held by the group. I want to transfer these funds to the owner. I already set the "Your contribution" value for the owner to 0. What else must I do to get back the funds? I appreciate your help.
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