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  1. great detail. Much to find hidden, there always is.
  2. Hi. Has anyone told you to go for a long stand yet? You're maybe doing nothing wrong. People can see you online when you stand right in front of them.
  3. I wanna be in Rammstein, their videos are cool and sexual.
  4. Bouncers and primary colour chairs a shock to the system, been 20 and more years since I'd needed to go to the JC, used to be open plan and music playing, now got bouncers. Guess next time there'll be armed guards.
  5. orbiters mirrors with no reflection the ability to alt view inside people's houses - although I try to do this when I'm in Google street view
  6. Sound advice! I had a coupla weeks off, minimized internet usage, walked off Christmas, smiled/growled at a fair few real people, back to the basement to dwell, for a coupla hours anyways.
  7. I would guess, not good stable connection. have you done a relog? Have a look at this please. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss
  8. Good grief! A severed breast in pocket - now I shall never hear the lyrics of that song quite in the same way. Maybe sidestep is a dance or a dance step, it kinda sounds weird to me in the context of the song, as sidestep to me means avoidance of something, like I sidestepped out of view when I saw my nemesis heading in my direction.
  9. "sorry". Don't be sorry. You have nothing to say sorry for.
  10. "gonna use my sidestep" ??? bizarre lyric but yes, this is great.
  11. I don't like ACDC at all, except I like Whole Lotta Rosie.
  12. I like Taylor Swift's incredible legs - they just go on forever. She has her place. Another guilty pleasure, another band people rarely actually admit to liking, are these, but this is one of my favourite tracks right now.
  13. Wow. "Rabbit hole". Yeah. That is definitely how I am feeling right now, like I escaped from the rabbit hole. It really did knock me for six seeing these people again. Our Vietnam, which was nothing like it, obviously, was the Falklands conflict of the 1980s. None of my old school friends fought in that one, as far as I know. One of my class mates died of some kind of kidney problems, and another died of cancer, and that made me sad to learn, as you must have been to learn about yours who had a promising career in medicine; it seems extra ironic with his chosen career path, and a darn massive shame. What fasincated me the most about the group who came together for the reunion was that at least half of them had remained living within only a couple of hundred yards away from our old school, some had only moved one town away, but yet they had still not kept in touch. They all looked and seemed so old to me, and yet there was an element of let's see who can drink the most. Some things never change !
  14. Harry Styles. What a fascinating young man he is. I think he looks like a (very) young Axl Rose. Maybe he will be asked to play him in a life story of G n R. I would pay to see that.
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