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  1. Lol. drug free or Sober,,, did i remind you of a Moment you had... im LOL. silly chicken.
  2. Thank u Much. and i wil try to do better as long as they stay calm as well. IM NOT A BULLY but I don't ACCEPT BULLYING FROM ANYONE. No one. and if that is a problem I will gladly Not return here.
  3. i got it. you didn't and i don't accept witty COMMENT from anyone, cause there was NO NEED TO PUT IT OUT THERE.... DONT get madd because one wont allow you to throw your smartA$$ comments at them for no good reason. I made one comment on the young lady's post about needing roommates and a few post of my own and he went there and spoil it.
  4. Hello and how are you. Well t be honest i have never blogged before, so I didn't realize i made more than one. i will try t do better, but then again in all honesty is there a limit and am i supposed to be interrogated by everyone. i recall reading somewhere it said to Be courteous and kind to others. but because i made one mistake you wanna jump on my back. At this point I'm confused You said be peaceful. I DONT SEE IT.
  5. First, witty comments SHOULDNT BE THROWN OUT , IF THEY ARE NOT WILLING TO EXCEPT THEM BACK, i came in peace and Got BullS. and you may point out what i should improve on. I see no difference in what I typed and what you typed. Thank you
  6. i agree with you. but im not here to except witty comment from anyone. i do my best to stay friendly until someone like that guys comes along with BS.. ITS NOT CALLED FOR, period.
  7. Yes, im trying to master this BOM thing too. i have some old styles i would love to be able to get back into... Looks Great.
  8. Sheryl C. DarkThon (Blaque) This is Her -2020
  9. Oh, im so sorry that you forget easy... sounds like a personal Problem of yours.
  10. Lets see i started Sl about 12 yrs ago coming from The Red Light District i heard about Sl from Rl NEWs and said WHAT VIRTUAL LIFE DIVOCE/ PARTNER cheating... so I looked it up joined and was amazed Best sl game EVER. I have been in other VLG none are as Good as Second Life ( u have to do too much ) Anywhoo since in 2009 I have met a GANG of people good and bad. I have had Happy days/sad days .. Sl Family members who have passed away too. Since joining in 2009 I have learned how to build, design and make clothes and Scripting.. Omg I've Dabbled in events such as MODELING, MEET and G
  11. Happy you made your tier . They were only asking for clarity, because clarity was needed... I was confused too., I hope you find the 3 roomates your looking for aswell. keep up the good work
  12. 不不不不 What if we all just became friends in this Sl of ourS. good goobly woo, What a secondlife tht would be. A little lol dont hurt. ... In my profile IF U READ IT , U SHOULD ) you will learn The meaning of TAKE ME AS I AM . I expect NOTHING from anyone that i am not willing to give. We all have good days and bad days. sometimes i like to talk, Somtimes I dont, There are times i like to interact with my friends and sometimes I Dont but THAT DOES not mean i dont want or dont need friends IT only means Im busy for the moment Whatever it is. Send a mssg.. I think that is why the tool
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