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  1. Visiting the baby. Marc isn't my baby. He was left alone by his momma and I got through their guard dog to go see him.
  2. I didn't see that, I was too busy watching the pron on tv.
  3. I logged in to go see this place, and thought it was dead funny. Talked to owner of land too, dead funny. Land ain't g rated, so where's the problem really? No one can smell the smoke, things can be derendered. I'd live next door to it.
  4. great detail. Much to find hidden, there always is.
  5. Hi. Has anyone told you to go for a long stand yet? You're maybe doing nothing wrong. People can see you online when you stand right in front of them.
  6. I wanna be in Rammstein, their videos are cool and sexual.
  7. Bouncers and primary colour chairs a shock to the system, been 20 and more years since I'd needed to go to the JC, used to be open plan and music playing, now got bouncers. Guess next time there'll be armed guards.
  8. orbiters mirrors with no reflection the ability to alt view inside people's houses - although I try to do this when I'm in Google street view
  9. Sound advice! I had a coupla weeks off, minimized internet usage, walked off Christmas, smiled/growled at a fair few real people, back to the basement to dwell, for a coupla hours anyways.
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