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  1. Everything seems to go with Knickers eyeye Knickers mm maybe not so much frilly Knickers Lacey Knickers Dirty Knickers Jim Knickers
  2. Your imagination could truly run wild. Like what happens to your real body when you go to sleep, does it go robbing shops or naked swimming? Watching a friend going offline at the end of a session can be pretty spooky at first, like they just disappear and go nowhere, don't exist any more. My av isn't logged in currently, it's nowhere, but when I first used to log out, I always parked it up somewhere as if it was going to stay there all night motionless without me.
  3. Thanks. Do Linden people have birthday parties or something? SL gotta be good for parties. I went to a wedding one time. That was pretty nice.
  4. Theres other options. Why do people like you assume we're trusting the government or cdc? Why do you people assume we're living in fear? We're just trying to make informed decisions. Its all new territory, and this is not just flu. This is the germ that the .01% of household disinfectants doesn't kill.
  5. I work mostly alone anyways, forklifting. Walk alone to work and back again. Canteen closed. Some dudes wanna be social at lunchtimes, they'd be on my RL block list if I could have such a thing, stupid mixing they do, got this idea in there heads about it being government control. Lockdown not made a deal of difference to me, still not got much time to log in proper to SL, and people on these forums have seemed meaner (some people), and I don't block people but will run on by them if I don't like them. Who are Patch and Tommy?
  6. Lawd love a duck! If LL knew what my profile pic face came off of they'd likely remove it. And I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
  7. I think of us all as one big family full of funny uncles and strange cousins, but I suspect you're youngr than my daughter, she's looking over my shoulder right now shaking her head. Think that's a no from me, chick.
  8. Hello, dishorned You can do this. Take one photo with main account and give it to your sub-account. Only main account will pay for the photo.
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