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  1. Ohgawd this thread . I haven't laughed so much for ages. I think LL didn't give us a schmekle by default, because they just knew there would be that glitch, you all know the one, where you teleported and your hair and shoes ended up your butts.
  2. Soz to have to tell you mate, but I think your Mom got mixed up with the mafia.
  3. I can't be arsed with ARC at all and have turned myself into a wheel, just to roll around SL as. I don't go dancing or anything, and I've given up being human, its so over-rated.
  4. Typical man - I was wondering how you go about stealing a woman's periods (please steal my girlfriend's) and realised you meant full stops.
  5. Recently had cause to talk to the neighbours about their unreasonable noise coming through the walls at 1.30am and I said to them "Can you not just try a bit harder to restrict sounds to parcel?"
  6. skippppittttt, the beard I mean
  7. Please add more photos of this adventure. I couldn't stay logged in and it looked so fun.
  8. oh is he the ***** in S-cun t-horpe marches the elephant back outta the room
  9. I'm dead puzzled still why this offends you. I just see something that reminds me of all the cartoons I watched as a little kid, eg Marine Boy who could swim under water because he chewed something called Oxy Gum.
  10. Yes, all are taken. For now. When they become available, they will appear in the list. New ones are going to be built on the empty sims, meantime keep an eyeye on these forums and blogs for more. Oh and welcome to the forums too
  11. Or rent for now. Just for now. I rent. I always rented, but am waiting now for a new linden home because they looks better than the old ones, and I have walked and hopped and skipped and jumped and cycled and driven around the new linden home sims and feel it is my neighbourhood already. So excited.
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