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  1. Sound advice! I had a coupla weeks off, minimized internet usage, walked off Christmas, smiled/growled at a fair few real people, back to the basement to dwell, for a coupla hours anyways.
  2. I would guess, not good stable connection. have you done a relog? Have a look at this please. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss
  3. Good grief! A severed breast in pocket - now I shall never hear the lyrics of that song quite in the same way. Maybe sidestep is a dance or a dance step, it kinda sounds weird to me in the context of the song, as sidestep to me means avoidance of something, like I sidestepped out of view when I saw my nemesis heading in my direction.
  4. "sorry". Don't be sorry. You have nothing to say sorry for.
  5. "gonna use my sidestep" ??? bizarre lyric but yes, this is great.
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