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  1. Hello, dishorned You can do this. Take one photo with main account and give it to your sub-account. Only main account will pay for the photo.
  2. what care you for what people think, except you put off a new resident to SL and to forums, and thats bad.
  3. Ha! I seen this done, and I'm not about to state how either.
  4. sorry your first experinece here wasn't a good one. alwin's ok, just grumpy all the time.
  5. I don't think its right to go blundering into pople's homes. The people of Belisaria seem real friendly though. I've stood on the street and been invited into houses and house boats a number of times. I don't got premium so don't got my own rights to be there, so mighty nice of people to be so friendly.
  6. Yeah, gal, I know some ppl say you're moody, but you're not so bad. took me ages to find this lot and wow just wow everyones jphotos
  7. Grrrrowwlll be gentle with me I had a few weeks off you magnificent woman.
  8. Visiting the baby. Marc isn't my baby. He was left alone by his momma and I got through their guard dog to go see him.
  9. I didn't see that, I was too busy watching the pron on tv.
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