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  1. I have wondered that same thing lol. As for your beautiful chalet I'm happy you are keeping it. Glad it was able to go to someone who will actually use it. I am dropping my alts premium. I'm tired of the clownery that is GOH nowadays. I never considered myself part of GOH and I am happy for that. Their actions though are going to ruin Belli.
  2. I figured out how they were able to get all those stilts in 2 seconds when they weren't even showing up on the land page yet. Its greedy and disgusting that they also were creating alts with ppl on the forums names that speak out against them. Standing in front of homes trying to intimidate. Stupid drama over homes is what this boils down to. Mercedes, I am sorry you battle those flare ups. I have bad health issues too and SL is definitely a wonderful distraction most of the times. I hope you are feeling better right now. Sending you those feel better vibes!!
  3. These aren't ghosts. These are alts waiting to see if these stilts release. Evangeline explained it perfectly.
  4. I started seeing these orange poof cloud avi's after they moved stuff to the cloud. They are just avatars who for one reason or another aren't rezzed to you yet so they show as orange clouds. I don't think they are ghosts or avi's using particle systems. Its just SL being SL lol. As for them being at Lost Caves, I agree with everything Evangeline said.
  5. Yep these looked like they released on the 15th and were all claimed, picked over and thrown back just like most other chalet regions nowadays. Most of these are probably all mixed up in the pipeline now.
  6. What I did last year when I was new to getting a home in Belli was to walk/fly around the roads and paths of bellisseria and look at the homes others have done up in the different neighborhoods. It will give you a great idea of the different home types and their potential. Hopefully that works for you and good luck on getting your first home in Belli.
  7. Its so they can claim the "I was first" trophy cause evidently that is what makes you special in Belli these days.
  8. Wow I'm shocked at the amount of doubled up campers I'm running across suddenly. I found 3 in Quitmann just now. They all show Linden Home. Over the past 2 days I've run across 7 at least this way. The other regions that had them that I can remember are Timpson and Spring Creek. Not sure what is going on or how to properly report them since I just see these exploring so thought I'd just share it here.
  9. Thank you for letting me know. I probably won't bother trying for a chalet at this point as I may downgrade my one alt that I do have but I am not sure yet. The one on Pinochle that was a dupe to Limestone was also done up so nicely. Love all the GOH'ers landscaping skills. ❤️
  10. I was offline when this went. I had only wanted one Chalet which I noticed was taken already. I'm very happy to see Sylvia grabbed it and decorated it up extremely beautiful! ❤️
  11. Ok was wondering some rental person got it. Thanks for posting about it and other homes on here. ❤️
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