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  2. When I first toured the new Linden area I was impressed with the details and how it was executed. I was, however, extremely disappointed at all the ban lines. I find ban lines very distracting and quite frankly unnecessary. While sailing through the region I lost three boats in ten minutes. Was I intentionally trying to "invade" somebodies space? No! All you have to do is very slightly tick a ban line and POOF your boat is gone. This causes great frustration to say the very least. Upon a second visit to this new region I was overjoyed to see that the ban lines were all gone! It was boating time once again, and not one boat did I lose. I do not intentionally try to invade a person's private property or privacy, but an occasional tick in a tight passage is unavoidable. I do support security orbs for use on ones property with a delay setting to allow for a passing vehicle or boat in an area that is quite tight. Even with a delay, a security does it's job. It will eject those who are lingering for no good reason. It think ban lines should simply be banned totally.
  3. Halfway dressed for work, taking a break to drink my coffee.
  4. I tried direct post to flickr and its not working. SL instructions are: Opting in to Second Life Share for Flickr The first time you use SL Share for Flickr, we guide you through the process of opting in. Unless you disconnect your Second Life account from Flickr, you will not need to opt in again: Choose Communicate > Flickr... from the top menu bar to open the Upload to Flickr window. Click the Account tab of the Upload to Flickr window. Click the Connect button; this opens a browser window inside Second Life. Provide your Yahoo credentials as requested, then click Sign In to sign into your Flickr account. Review the permissions you will be granting Second Life in order to upload photos, then click OK, I'LL AUTHORIZE IT to complete the opt-in process. So it looks like it was a yahoo thing. We might need to ask the new flickr owners to make a path again for us.
  5. FISH HUNT BLOG CONTEST Are you a blogger? Now is your chance to show us your talent and earn some money! We are going to reward bloggers who will write best ARTICLE that will promote "FISH HUNT GAME" to new players. 1st prize: 8000 L$ 2nd prize: 4000 L$ 3rd prize: 3000 L$ *The winners will be chosen based on the quality of the article and the website traffic rank of your blog. You must have: ✔️ An existing blog website If you are an active player of Fish Hunt this is of your advantage as you can share all your thoughts and experiences from playing the game and for those who have never tried this game before you are always welcome to do the research on Fish Hunt game and learn how you could promote it with blog article or video. Send us link to your promotional blog article for Fish Hunt to email: chloeisaks (@) gmail.com Deadline for submission of your blog post link: 15th MAY 2019 Winners will be announced on 18th MAY 2019 Fish Hunt Game in SL
  6. yes correct~ and they wont share lol. so this is the crap im working with right now. Im interested in reading all your responces and thank you for the links and input. thank you.
  7. I was at orientation island trying to move up jump etc... and learning some short cut. When I have finish I though It was not as hard. After that I was totaly lost. What can I do here. How strange are people. Feeling like a refugee. Feeling lost and alone. I think I didn't grow and I am still the same sometimes still today. SL is really strange.
  8. Phew, finally done. I put up a few curtains, pictures, plants, candles, and my home is finished It is really basic, not up to standards with newer furniture, but it is functional. No landscaping was performed, as to save as many prims as possible. So, I have used a total of 32 prim, plus an additional 26 for my kittycats Which leaves me with plenty to create multiple skyboxes, that I can spawn whenever the desire hits..
  9. There are those if you look around. I found a cuddle sit under a bridge that abnor mole put out.
  10. I just discover than when you type /hey in the local chat it run something. Maybe that the way to use a gesture.
  11. As of April 18 the first group of new homes seems to be all taken up. Guess you have to wait for the new releases.
  12. 1. Rez zones!! 2. Some sort of mild bumper along the VOIDs or even a string of swimming pool floats which will only appear as you get too close, as a visual aid that we’re straying from navigable water would be nice in my opinion. Something not as visually intrusive as those nasty ban lines! As beautiful as the wide open seas appear, that view is very inviting and mesmerizing especially for inexperienced drivers and sailors, in my opinion. 3. Open stage spaces or Premium Member Open stage spaces. 4. Public transit or Premium Member transit I’m very pleased how beautiful and thoughtfully designed this new continent is and looking forward to being part of the new Security system which will hopefully set a fine example of compromise for the good of the community. Maybe there’s a way to make the door locks operate like invisible ban lines, but only allow them to operate within a certain box sized zone like the size of your house?
  13. It looks like Bellisara is all taken, I can't get up traditional houses either, on an alt that is premium. But I will take him out of premium in May, so I haven't bothered to claim a house. I am watching the development, to see if any Bellisaria houses or boats comes up.
  14. I simply love my new home the lindens gave me. I can even put a small shed/shack in the back for a friend. I just wanted to say hello to my fellow neighbors. I wonder if LL will do events at the community areas?
  15. https://discord.gg/BzR5xBF Official DISCORD group of biggest gaming community in Second Life - Linden Gold Hunters. Everyone welcome. Level up and gain on ranks as you chat in our discord group 🏅
  16. 1812 Overture... because, who doesn't love canons?
  17. Yup, I was a day late and a dollar short with Ramblin Rose...
  18. I'm going to guess that you may have missed what Abnor Mole said regarding this, a little earlier in the thread. I went back and grabbed it for you, because he explained it perfectly and what will happen if someone AR's you because they were peeping through windows.
  19. https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2019/04/18/easter-bunny/
  20. might be here too... or paste the paragraphs in google translate
  21. You mean " avoid layering alpha blended surfaces as much as you can "? Never did I say that you can't layer them, but if you solely rely on that to create the illusion of hair volume it will absolutely break, do remember that SL like every game, is realtime 3D, and a lot of the time it means we have to create the illusion of something , rather than making the thing because it's simply not computationally reasonable ( modeling and texturing the appearance of fur vs actually simulating individual fur hair ) There is a bunch of good examples here. http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/HairTechnique. A lot of hairpieces you see in videogames only use alpha blending at the very tip of hair strands and tufts, and use masking or no alpha at all for the rest of the haircut, but they also typically build haircuts as carefully textured volume+strands+tufts rather than just a "pile" of strands, and that is a skill that can take time to learn. My advice would be to specifically look at what game dev studios do for their game characters and not what people do in SL because you can't assume that popular SL creators actually know what they are doing (business skills != art experience). Also many youtube tutorials are done by people who are not more experienced than you and are just eager to share what they just discovered/learned. Sadly, that tend to be how bad habits spread, and how their legitimacy is reenforced. (I realize I sound like an ***** everytime I give advice but believe me I only want people to get better)
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  23. Thank you for your help.
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