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  2. Sheesh .. this thread was from July and the OP got her answer.
  3. Ok so this question is for the avi's that are using an auto refresh plugin and fishing for Linden Homes. I am waiting desperately for a houseboat to live on anywhere in Belli. but have missed the only one I saw using auto refresh, although I notice that I am fishing and catching houses that become available. I will land a belli home, check it out.. decide I am not happy with the location and abandon it right away. Even though I only want a houseboat , I cant stop myself from taking the home only to look at it. Am I being greedy? Or do others do the same thing as me.
  4. If you get the "spam" notification, you can notecard the questions from the application and send it to me inworld. Our spambot uses honeypot and gives false positives from time to time. It has locked me out before, too.
  5. BEE REAL ESTATE  SINCE 2007 PRIVATE PARCELS FOR RENT - FULL PERMISSIONS (ABILITIES) - NO RULES - NO COVENANT 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Hills at Royal Chase 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Valley at Olber 1664m - 571 prims - L$399/w Platinum Sands at Raziel Vesperia 3328m - 1142 prims - L$799/w Platinum Sands at Raziel Vesperia 4096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grass Valley at Gothlauth 8192m - 2812 prims - L$1799/w Grass Valley at Gothlauth 
  6. @Patch Linden Burnside has lost all roads/mole constructs edit : Seems some resident stuff has gone too.
  7. Scylla uses backdrops all the time. (Sssshhhh!) Beautiful shot, Chloe Kira.
  8. It was for me, at first. Thank god everyone was so welcome and encouraging, from the time of my very first posting here. I think mostly we do a good job of this. I was really and truly entertained by the sporadic notifications I kept getting of your likes, especially as they gradually progressed toward the end of the thread. It was a little like receiving postcards from someone on whirlwind tour, or text messages from someone on a bus journeying to get to you: "Just passed through Beamsville! Nearly there now!" We're glad you arrived at last, safe and sound. 🙂
  9. Or maybe... just maybe, you were one of those kids that required a little tighter rein because you liked taking things apart to see how they work. In more ways than one. I'm not overwhelmed by the choices. I'm not interested in watching most of it. Prime Time isn't Prime Time anymore.
  10. I've turned off scripts for everyone but our groups. I am going to have to contact the vendors who have shops at our landing area and speak with each of them as well, maybe put them in the group too. This is just such a mess to deal with. I will never understand the mind of someone who thinks its funny to ruin other people's fun, or, as in this case to harass people just because they didn't get their way.
  11. Teach your passion Pleasant Shore Elementary School now at Cocoa Bay Estates, Cocoa Bay is based around a family-friendly roleplay environment. We are currently looking for dedicated staff members for our school. If you are interested in teaching and/or coaching https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdEpZswzeGwhjAYYo06ofEWStEWilEg3SNjR5EWVVe3_6bPIA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3ESInA4Ka1gI5AJ2uUTBJZtq6yC9QN73Q1rn8g2Fem-NrNfhgFKCaFc3Y Contact Nish Lockjaw Numbers (nishiyo) ( Principal of PSE )
  12. Here is the online application hon: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PtZMvZCKQYTxnyX_olN9GQbBcXnmnBJrnUnalRHCHDg/edit
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  14. Le bump to le top for amazing jobs, come to CLUB Fragment
  15. My iMac Pro contains an AMD Vega 56 Pro graphics system, which is slightly faster than the 570. It works fine with SL, but I think people with lesser hardware running under Windows probably get better frame rates. eGPU support in macOS has improved considerably, but that's no guarantee of success with SL. Hopefully there's a good return policy where you shop. NVIDIA is not an option since Apple dropped driver support and hasn't allowed NVIDIA to release their own.
  16. I have been searching for years in vain to find a good full avatar of a feral wolverine, the animal not the X-Man character. I would love it if it was a mod for the Timber Wilds bear or fox avatars or the KZK Direwolf avatar. If anyone can makes this avatar a reality or knows of someone to who can please reply here or email me I would be very grateful to discuss terms over the avatar. Daxxel
  17. Well yes, yes it is. (Homecoming FTW!) PS: The thread title says 'How does your Avatar look today?' not "How does your Avatar in SL look today?' Just sayin..
  18. I know this is a basic question and I SHOULD know the answer, BUT -- my profile is locked which means every profile I click to read is also locked. How can I UN-do my locked profile?
  19. That's a very good likeness of Carol! My parents replaced their TV with me, either thinking they didn't have time for both, or that I might be more entertaining. I did sneak in some TV watching at friend's houses and binged a lot on the oldies station in the engineering school student lounge, so I'm not completely culturally clueless. I do have a TV now, but I don't have cable. I stream a few things and, like you, I am overwhelmed by both the choices and the expense. My Mom's cable/internet bill (she loves baseball) is starting to look like a car payment.
  20. You need to get AMD to use with a Mac. Apple has been using AMD exclusively for several years and doesn’t support Nvidia very well.
  21. I know they aren't exactly classics but I wish I had bought these when they were released.
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