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  2. If you want to try how come system skins on bakes on mesh you can play with my avatar i have keep it system uvmap compatible so, a part hands fingers and toes (which can be "fixed") you will have all compatible hehe
  3. Friend:Hello. gave you seen this new lovely gown? me:no friend: *shows mp link* look how good it looks, new release me:yes,looks good friend:but fatpack costs 3400L, and i have only 860...( me:ok friend:it will looks great for my new RP with my partner,or even simple ballroom time me:yes,it s nice gown for everything) friend:sad that i have only 860( 🤣🤣
  4. I can completely relate to that Plus, I am incredibly easy to distract 😂 I'll be working on one project, get a little bored with it, and then move on to something else, even if that other project was not finished.
  5. I am not sure, but from what I think, it isn't rezzing a bike or a horse 3-4 times a day that's the problem. It is the ones that rez things every second or two, so it looks like something is there, but not counting as an object. That's scripts running all the time, stressing the servers.
  6. Them's fightin werds! Meet me out behind the barn and expect to get a whuppin. If I'm not there in 5 minutes, you can start without me.
  7. This is why I could never be a creator and sell in SL. I can never be sure that things are good enough to sell, because I am not OCD at all... and I always question myself if something is finished, or if it's just good enough for me. But when paintings disappear halfway into the wall, I start to notice.
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  9. I made the switch to Ubuntu back in 2006, tried various variants of the 'buntu family, like Xubuntu and Lubuntu and finally landed on Kubuntu. I forgot what year it was, but the KDE3 was still current. I am exclusively running Kubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo), will be changing to 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) when it goes alpha, but I plan on changing to KDE Neon on the next LTS, which IIRC should be 20.04.
  10. I've switched to the Alderley, the more I looked at the Winchester the wonkier it got.
  11. I laughed when seeing this and then this came to mind...and I laughed even more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K16fG1sDagU
  12. Ok so with every good intention I offered up my place to be home to the Bellisseria Squirrel... Well... she went in and changed the name of my home from "Eva's Home" to "Bellisseria Squirrel & Eva" 🙄
  13. Looks like dirt trails and maybe even treehouses 😉
  14. Only Linux users would define each distro as it's own OS *ducks* In all seriousness, I'm just envious .. I was a hardcore Gentoo who got lazy and ended up in *buntu land (because rpi mainly) , and then threw the towel in when it transpired that you can't run two dissimilar nvidia cards with their own independent monitors in the same machine, with nvidias drivers because you need *$%^&!* cuda and expect it to just work, or ever work .. no, really really .. and now I'm on a single 2060, I just get random lockups .. so Windows 10 it is, because it does just work and I don't have the time to waste tinkering ... and if I did, I have a more than a few vintage apple boxen than need some love. When I do waste a few hours, at the moment It's on a Win98/WinXP dual boot lappy and a growing collection of old junk games.
  15. Also consider that ray tracing in general is extremely hardware intensive and even games like minecraft with ray tracing require very, very high end computers to even get playable framerates. >> https://youtu.be/5jD0mELZPD8?t=62 Thats an RTX 2080ti with an i7 7900X getting 60fps in 1080p with that graphical mod. And a Ryzen 1700x and GTX 1070 (still a very high end system) in 720p to get 30fps. Even titles designed for ray tracing end up with 1080p/720p sub 30fps performance if you want it to actually look good. Battlefield V is a good example where a 1070 and HEDT type of i7 or Ryzen 7 is going to give you 1080p medium 30fps with ray tracing enabled. A game like SL where you have a lot of detailed objects and shadows being drawn to begin with, lots of light, lots of non static or interactive physics objects is a game where ray tracing is going to decimate the performance. And really most of this games users just dont have the hardware to make it even close to playable. SL can already look pretty impressive, but work needs to be put into the optimization of rendering in the game. Because of many other times where this has been discussed, theres no real reason for SL to perform as badly as it does. But thats another topic. Ray tracing just isnt going to happen for SL unless theres a pretty big jump in graphical hardware performance at a more economical price, and currently the turing cards are the first generation of cards with these dedicated RT cores, as times goes on if the technology sticks at all, im sure there will be more powerful ray tracing capable cards at a price the masses can buy. As of right now most users are running laptops and integrated graphics, and even for dedicated graphics most people use something like a GTX 1060, 1050 or performance equivalent, or even lower end. I use Steams hardware survey for these kinda stats. There are a similar portion of users on steam who use a GT 730 as compared to people who use an RX 580... Theyre usually a pretty good representation of the PC gaming sphere. SL's userbase is probably a little bit different but overall likely follows the same trends. So that brings it back to my original statement which is that theres just not enough people who would ever use ray tracing for it be a good idea to add it to the game. And if it was, almost nobody who could run it would actually get performance that wasnt completely unbearable.
  16. For right now, it is just Windows on my PC. I do have an older computer, an Amiga 1200, which I run Workbench 3.1 on, which I like to play games on. I also used to run 16.04, that was a while ago though Lately I have mostly just been emulating other operating systems.
  17. School's Out, Memorial Day, whatever the reason, The Wastelands is having it's sometimes maybe annual-ish land sale! If you ever wanted to find a home for yourself in The Wastelands, or just expand your ever growing empire here, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. ONLY Monday May 27th: Buy a parcel at normal price, get *8* weeks of tier included. Don't miss out! May 28th to June 3rd: Buy a parcel at normal price, get *6* weeks of tier included. Our land normally comes with just 4 weeks of tier, but this special sale gives you way more time to enjoy your stay here. The Wastelands is Second Life's oldest and largest post apocalyptic themed estate and community; established way back in January of 2007. Here, you won't find clean and stylish homes, pristine and luxurious beaches, noisy dance clubs, tawdry sex palaces, or any of the glitz and glamor more common to Second Life. But in our parched deserts, rocky expanses, and rank swamps, you'll find beautifully ruined buildings, precarious shacks, and mysterious assemblages of abandoned material, most of it created by the people who live here. From hidden underground bunkers to teetering swamp huts on stilts, from burnt-out vehicles to nomad's tents, from helicopter concert stages to trap-ridden combat pits to ball courts to trade posts to working drive-in movie theaters, The Wastelands is filled with creative, detailed constructions. As per usual because of the sale, our Free Move program will be suspended until the end of June. All sale dates end at midnight SLT(PDT) of their respective last day. http://land.the-wastelands.org You can find our current available parcels here, or by opening up your map in Second Life, typing in "The Wastelands", and ticking "Land Sale".
  18. Use a plain backdrop. Make sure the image has good white balance. Don't clutter up the image with text. Let us see the product clearly. There may be other pictures, but always have one that just shows exactly what you get.
  19. Your bunny will be very welcome in Bellisseria. There is a cat house that welcomes all animals.
  20. We used to make money during the week playing Pizzeria, that would get spent at the weekend on a couple of games of big pot slingo or tringo. We never won (came heart stoppingly close to an obscene amount of L$ a couple of times), but the hype was real ... followed by hours trying on nomine skin demos to make us feel better.
  21. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, mostly. I also have an old Windows 7 machine for when I need the Linden viewer.
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