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  1. Hey i am looking for a second life work can make me more new expérience on it , i used to be dj but i want something different and i wanna learn about hosting or bartender or what ever that a job gotta offer, i am available after 11;50 am slt time ( i am from army zone time )
  2. Hellow. I got a kid avi i started few days ago and i was looking for lesbian parent ( S): I am looking foward to have parents who gonna be there for me and not message me just to let me go the next day without saying anything. I need a funny fam , very cool , sweet honest ,respectful and can let me have my work time on sl with my grown account and come support and enjoye the good party togethers. I am mostly daddy princesse bc ive been raise by my father in real.. i dont mind name change, I got facebook and IG.
  3. What kind of club ? because i am working @ one at the moment. ,i got 3 shifts perm sunday 6-8pm slt , monday 4-6pm and wednesday 2-4 pm . and im looking for a urban-rnb- mixed tunes random to play up.
  4. Hey hey , I am a dj that is working in a club @ D-block club and i do covering sometimes and doing my schedual perm That is : monday 4-6pm Wednesday 2-4pm Sunday 6-8 pm I am doing mixe Tunes ( Urban, rnb,Rock, Electro-club , Freak Songs. ReQuEST SONGS) I like to Entertain in the play to keep my people booty up to the floor. I do also gesture to entertain on chat. I do Give a DJ TAG FOR MY LITTLE FANS. SO if you got a spot to give and lookin for a good tunes beat well Hit me up Mspunkful 😄
  5. Welcome to all , feel free to opens up of ... this be for singles to replys what are you looking for ? real ? y/n secondlife relation only ? y/n who are you?( what kind of person are you?) if more to tell : comment here for me : I am seeking for a women can be as stem avatar or stud, it turns me on and i would like a partner only for second life. My real i keep it private. Who am i? well i'm a white geek with tattoos and ima be a dj for a club on second life @ D-BLOCK CLUB I am sweet, shy, lovable, attitude , cool person to hang with
  6. i want to redo the djing post as work for a urban ,rnb , any music to play in a club. I want someone to give me a chance and see if i am good still like old times i used to be as a dj. what kind of dj are you ? Im the kind of dj looks for good songs and trows them to make the booty jamming. Loving the dupstep,mix dj songs,latins,dancehall,rock,metals With good beats up. Music is my feeling ,il go with the flow. Enjoys the good times I do request music of people asking . I will use that mixx application at the moment , Last time I used sam broadcast when i had my o
  7. hello, i am a person who got back from the dead and i am restarting all over again since been ages didnt get on and delete my old account.( i used to be a dj & host at that time) so at the moment, i am looking for some work to get some linens, i don't know what kind of job i could get but help me out to upgrade my things.
  8. Hello everyone, I am a new begginer few days old on the second life and i am restarting once over since been so long i didnt get on . I am foward to meet some new friends or a family i could be adopted as grown .. i am a real mom who give alots of time to her daugther and i am living in quebec in canada . I do speak french too. I am the type of woman who likes to club , chill, having good times to be funny. and i am very sensitive and sometimes quiet person .
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