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  2. /me takes a deep bow - Thank you!!! Oh - so much easier now with mesh, guess yours was every bit as good! Oh, please - shut up And grrrr, I always post my pictures prematurely - the finished picture (with some added postprocessing are <HERE> on my Flickr...)
  3. I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to do that, so give it a whirl and tell us how it went 😉
  4. Go to a sandbox and rez them so you can feed them, then take them back into your inventory. Do this for as long as it takes you to rent or buy a new place to rez your animals.
  5. Yep. You totally can. And where are you???? Amazing picture! Everybody does red dresses better than I do! And I don't think I knew the Laurie Anderson song! (I do know another red dress poem, which I may use, eventually, though . . .)
  6. Taya, I can't even begin to guess how you did this, but you totally win the thread. Wow.
  7. Suggesting someone gives up their home, not cool, bullying in fact to even put it out there. There is no difference in one home set up open to all than any other, they just had a sign earlier than others. I would have had no idea it was his unless a friend told me, because so far my exploration has been physical, by that I mean I have walked or ridden around and enjoyed the spaces and entered or not homes that invited me to do so with signs. I haven't gone into edit (except for the dog) on things to see who owned them, I may have glanced at creator laughing that a linkset yesterday because the cow was now called a shelf...I have no idea who owns the homes, land settings, name of parcel, not caring because it was not the point. Now that I think on that I am worried I may enter the home of a nemesis and be slaughtered, oh well. Still reeling a bit at the suggestion of anyone leaving their home, under the guise of it making them some kind of hero to do so, by announcing the drop. On a side note, I have always said I am late to the internet...13 years in SL does not make me an expert on the rest of it. I am Sasy everywhere, because I hsd no real previous presence...so starting the post with an image, that yes I have seen them with different wording, does not translate to me as making it any different than if you didn't. Memes to me are thing people say differently just like gif. So it means I went into the post with just reading the title and written words, the assumption that all took it to be light and breezy lets chat, may have gotten missed by others too. I have seen many images as part of posts in the past, but again am not going to try and decipher if they are something trying to mean something else. This is how wars start, someone shares a picture of a cat, and someone sees someone kicking over a garbage can in the reflection of its eyes dun dun dunnnnn
  8. Appears I was in no condition to be driving a bumper boat anyway...
  9. They are already out, but they are all full at this time that is why your seeing the old ones.
  10. I think we need a slogan. Here is one idea:"Bellisseria - The Best of Both Worlds". I was also wondering if residents thought that adding free sailboat rezzers to the areas near the lighthouses would be a good idea or a bad idea.
  11. Everywhere in the new continent of Bellisseria's houseboat community areas. Have not proved landmark purposely as it's from my alt's home. You can easily find the area; there are lots of places to hang out - the moles did a lovely job of landscaping with lots to see and nooks and crannies to relax at every turn. Go!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Catwa's Uma head is very malleable to changing into a less typical human look without becoming doll-like. I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve, but these are 2 looks I did with the Uma head that really do not look like your typical ava. I heavily modified with the sliders and also the body sliders.
  14. Not a sim, but a house open to the public, that's very "Sabrina" ish. My house actually, because we at Baphometrix Studios love Sabrina & all things witchy : Baphometrix Studios, Increta (33.0386,57.2907,51.973) (I'd be curious about other places in SL as well)
  15. You know, I said what I said. I'm not going to continue rehashing. I think I made my own position crystal clear.
  16. If people are unsure if something is violating the Covenant, where should they ask for clarification about it before they bother LL with yet another ticket? Or is the general consensus that there be no discussion and everything should automatically be escalated to filing a ticket? I've seen a couple things both here and in the community group chats where something is brought up and a Mole or Linden has seen it and taken care of it without the need for a ticket, so I'm honestly unsure if the forums are a good place to bring up things like this or not when someone just wants some clarification before going to final step to report someone. It would all be MYOB if Bellisseria was a perfect world, except we all know that isn't going to happen, especially as more and more people move in and more neighbors start having disputes. LL will have to hire extra people just to deal with them and then our premium account fees go up to pay for those extra staff. (I'm still playing devil's advocate, btw... feel free to tell me to stop creating imaginary scenarios and to zip it at any time! 🤐) See, my thing is the exact opposite of that. I don't care about people watching anything I do, except maybe being bald while changing hair... lol. If I'm inside my boat, not out on the deck, but literally behind closed doors, having sex, can I be reported because someone cammed in and saw me?
  17. Oh wow this came out wonderful. I did one of these years ago before mesh came upon us. Nowhere near as good (I wonder if I can even find it). You nailed this. Kudos.
  18. (PIggy backing on Scylla) Red Dress - Laurie Anderson Well I was down at the Zig Zag That's the Zig Zag Bar & Grill And everybody was talking at once And it was getting really shrill. And I've been around the block But I don't care I'm on a roll - I'm on a wild ride 'Cause the moon is full and look out baby - I'm at high tide. I've got a beautiful red dress And you'd look really good standing beside it. I've got some beautiful new red shoes And they look so fine I've got a hundred and five fever And it's high tide. Well just the other day I won the lottery I mean lots of money I got so excited I ran into my place and i said: HEY! Is anybody home? Nobody answered but I guess that's not too weird Since I live alone. I've got a beautiful red dress And you'd look really good standing beside it. Girls? We can take it And if we can't we're gonna fake it We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves We're gonna make it And if we don't we're gonna take it We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves Well they say women shouldn't be the president 'Cause we go crazy from time to time Well push my button baby here I come Yeah look out baby I'm at high tide I've got a beautiful red dress And you'd look really good standing beside it. I've got a little jug of red sangria wine And we could take little sips from time to time I've got some bright red drop dead lips I've got a little red card and mechanical hips I've got a hundred and five fever! OK! OK! Hold it! I just want to say something. You know, for every dollar a man makes A woman makes 63 cents. Now, fifty years ago that was 62 cents. So, with that kind of luck, It'll be the year 3, 888 Before we make a buck. But hey, girls? We can take it And if we can't we're gonna fake it We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves (Yeah tell it to the judge) We're gonna make it And if we don't we're gonna take it We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves We've got a fever of a hundred and five And look baby It's high tide. Well I could just go on and on and on... But tonight I've got a headache
  19. MontanaUSA

    Please help me

    Good afternoon, today I needed to change land. I selected several items and took the take. But now they are in my inventory and I can not put it on the floor. My items are rare, they are animals that need to be fed and if I can not rezz I will lose them all. I Need help, please!!!
  20. I had a house on Bellisseria but I have abandoned it. Questions is, can I use the security system in my old Linden Home, I like them a lot better but using the security system and not having the ban lines, I like that idea, so can I use the security system I got with my Bellisseria house in my 512 Linden Home?
  21. oh 2009 i remember that time. think i was on my 4th avatar by then.
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