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  1. "Premium account required to own mainland." So to sum this up.. 1) Full sim mainland from 195$ to 175$ 2) Premium increase from 72 to 99$ In conclusion: Mainland became 2.25$ more expensive again.. and yes it doesn't seem like much, but of you get that bill once in a month it is significant
  2. Hello, i'm interested, Current offer would be 1300$ Let me know either way ... contact me inworld when you are available if possible
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a grandfathered sim, 20,000 or 30,000 prims 1300USD including transfer fee Contact me inworld: Denim Robonaught or through email if I'm not online: nativeangel-at-skynet.be
  4. I'm selling my full sim for a low price: 65.000 instead of 120;000 or best offer, all offers are being concidered. Its a bit on a slope but perfectly buildable and can be terraformed into plateaus. There's a lindenroad "Route 8B" passing through at a small tip of the South East corner. Land across the road is part of the sim. It's also located relatively close to Linden road "Route 8", in the next sim. In the vicinity of a major airport, and the blake sea (bingo strait) Specs: 63376m² with 14505 prims. This sim has always been very fast for us, always between 70-100% performance. Never had any real issues. Contact me here, or Denim Robonaught inworld for offers and/or information, or just visit the sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tefnut/124/79/63 Tier date: 4/26
  5. Dresden Ceriano wrote: My main point is that someone would have to pay for you and your fellow "skilled content developers'" reduction in tier... LL certainly aren't going to take that sort of hit without finding some other way to make it up. What other choice would they have than to do so by taking money out of the pockets of the rest of us non/casual creators? I'm sure I'm not the only one that would take issue with having to shell out more cash in order to subsidize your creative vision. ...Dres I think that if "every" landowner and subsequently land renter, would have to pay a little less, or get more for what they pay, they would feel a bit more secure with holding on to their sims rather then getting rid of them when push comes to shove. and as bonuses : a) perhaps more people would get a sim, in the prospect of a somewhat cheaper price. and b) slow down the emmigration to the maze of opensims to get a cheap and loaded sim on another grid That said, i don't see any tier drop or added amount of prims added in any reasonable future since LL even downgraded sims by changing all server spaces from respectively 2 and 4 sims per server to 4 and 8 sims per server, clearly to cut down cost/maximize profit even further and this without much consent to any land holder.
  6. I'm not a builder myself, I buy things and mod them to what I want/need them to be, and then i put those mods down on my sim so people can roleplay on my sim, and use the items that are there. I ofset the cost with an sl family member, because I cannot aford a pivate sim alone. At least content creators that sell ltheir creations have some sort of income to reduce the cost of their sim, which isn't the case for any roleplay provider that doesn't have income unless he rents out the very part of that same sim they want to put as much on as they can for the steep price. which goes back to the constant preoccupaition in ones mind "shall i stuff my sim as much as I can or shall i sublet part of it to lower my cost", and unfortunately either answer is mutually exclusive. Also speaking as a member of the EU, having to pay taxes on top of the already steep price of 295$, isn't helping either! (in my case if I were to purchase a sim, aside from the purchase cost, this amounts to 295$ +61.95$ (21%)) A tax charge added to virtual money for virtual land.
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