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Songs that make you happy

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Well, a shooting spree can be a happy event depending on how you look at it... lol.

Honestly, I am a song writer (though most people wouldn't know that) and I have a tendency to write happy, peppy songs about the most horrible things.  If I had the equipment to enable me to share them inworld I certainly would... maybe I need to talk to Lillie to get more information about that.  I would love to share my musical creativity with you all, as limited as it may be.



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@Storm: I love it... I'm very familiar with it as well... I was a classical nerd way before I ever branched out into "modern" music.

@Sylvia: I love that song.  Oh happy times!!!

@Dillon: I'm not a big fan of Hall & Oates but you are right... that is a happy song... thanks.



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Embracing the goddess energy within yourselves
will bring all of you to a new understanding and value of life,
A vision that inspires you to live and love on planet earth.

Like a priceless jewel
buried in dark layers of soil and stone,
Earth radiates her brilliant beauty
into the caverns of space and time.

Perhaps your are aware of those who watch over your home
And experience it as a place to visit and play with reality.
You are becoming aware of yourself as a game master.

Imagine earth restored to her regal beauty,
Stately trees seem to brush the deep blue sky,
Clouds billow to form majestic peaks.
The songs of birds fill the air
creating symphony upon symphony.

The goddess is calling for
and honoring
of what she allows to be created
from the core-mystery of the blood.
Those who own her planet are learning about love.

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Yay!  I'm glad I saved this thread for after the crying thread :)

(I love the energy in this video and unfortunately it's not very good quality but I haven't found another one that includes this video)


Sigur ros ALWAYS makes me happy!  

The live vid of Gobbledigook with Bjork is so much fun! 


And speaking of Bjork and happy:







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Dres, Shiny Shiny is one of my fav songs. Love the Mikka song too. Some of your songs reminded me of music I used to listen to. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, kept me smiling all day :smileyhappy:

This is my happy song; ItchE & ScratchE "Sweetness and Light". May not be everyones cup of tea but it certainly makes me happy when I hear it

Superman Lovers - Starlight, happy with a vid that makes me a laugh 

Love The Shins. This is a happy happy song, film clip doesn't do it justice though, except for the balloons at the end, I do love balloons

Final for now, the Dandys Everyday should be a holiday :matte-motes-smile:

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At Dres, you are not old.  There is just very little music today that is interesting because almost as soon as a CD is released, it's file shared, and that is why oldies station are so popular in L.A. where I live because not much good music is being produced anymore.  We have some country stations, and I'm sure rap stations, but the majority of people I know listen to the oldies and the classics.   I'll never forget the time I was in guitar store with my rl guy, and a kid about 16 years old said "Dad, your generation has so much great music and mine has hardly any".  A lot of younger people I know are very savvy on "the oldies" because oldies are huge where I live, and that's near Los Angeles.  Most L.A. radio stations are oldies oriented. 

This is one that makes me happy ever time I hear it:


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1333 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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