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  1. I'm pretty much the same way. And I've run into the same thing continually. The only "extras" I have are the fitted mesh Lolas, and only because I can make them smaller. To me they just have a better shape than the slider breasts. And I also refuse to switch to a mesh body. I don't think they look as good and it's bad enough having to shop for clothing based on the Lolas, much less the body itself. The bottom line is it's your SL, be what you want and make the way you look so that it pleases you. If the guys you date can't accept that, you may be dating the wrong guys anyway.
  2. No more annoying than said 50 year old white dude tryin ta be all ghetto yo. word
  3. I was in another platform for over 2 years and was getting bored. Then someone told me about SL. I chaecked it out and then, finding it new and more interesting, got all my friends form the old platform to move over. Of the 20 odd people that came over to SL with me, 16 are still here and still friends I hang out with regularly. So, were SL to shut down I would find something else and pass the word to the friends I have. Hopefully most of them would migrate with me again and we would go on as if nothing happened. I have been to InWorldz and have 2 sims I have already set up. So that wo
  4. "/me points to his explanatory post just above this one which exemplifies and vindicates his observation so well that you might erroneously think Rhys might be a sock puppet . . . . . and realises that he should have also mentioned something about most forumites' inability to construct their own sentences, albeit brief ones, without their including at least one egregious grammatical, spelling, or orthographic error. /me recommends that such people should stick to Twitter, where their limited cognitive capabilities won't be stretched . . . too much." So, because you don't like the way some p
  5. Since a lot of the coverage on the landing was pushed to the side for coverage of pictures and stories about Kim Kardashian's bum it seems to me they might have been better served landing a probe on her assteroid The benefits would have been: It's almost as big as the one in space. It's easier to find and reach. It would have saved years and billions to accomplish. No one knows what would likely be found there either. It is more hospitable for future manned probes and exploration. ESA could have probably financed it with a spin off reality show, and no one watching it would have been
  6. Look up the word "Sardonic" Nova. Maybe you'll learn something. Though I doubt THAT.
  7. Rant begins here: So, you've lived somewhere for years, invested time and money in your home. You spent money within the community to support the merchants and contribute to the local economy. Participated in events to support the community. Then one day word comes down that there are plans to raze your home to the ground, burn all the clothes you have bought from local merchants, destroy your planes, boats, cars, motorcycles and all the things you have invested thousands of dollars in. All for some glorious new idea. But they would like you to stay, start over, invest thousands more to
  8. Communism, and vis-a-vis socialism, is the refuge of idiots, losers and the lazy. It's never worked anywhere it's been attempted without the use of force, and never will.
  9. WOW, I'm glad this seems to have finally petered out. I was so worried someone would expose the fact that ONI is spying on the sailing community. Now I can send a report to the Director that our secret is still safe, and still make my tee time at the Fort Meade Golf Course.
  10. Also because different viewers have nit just the standard features, but some little extras that help in doing different things. And since SL started revamping after V1, they've add junk that really is useless that not everyone likes or wants. TPV have always tended to give better performance and can be much more stable. In short, the post V1 SL Official viewer sucks. .
  11. You are welcome to your own opinion. But as with my RL, my SL is defined by me. What some else's definitions are, of either, are immaterial to me. Define it any way you want for yourself. But as with RL, trying to force people to see things according to the way you see them is a very egotistical approach. It shows not only your self centered attitudes and opinions, it shows your ignorance and smacks of fascism. Sieg Heil SL Nazi, have a nice day.
  12. Even though the US Spook Services are dual about this "Darknet", schizophrenically perceiving it as a brave online freedom initiative which facilitates uprisings in previously non-USA friendly nations, while also expressing deep paranoia regarding its ability to support what it considers illegal information trafficking relating to crime, terrorism and official government data embarrassing to the current and recent administrations. At this moment I think they are watching the internet more for an uprising inside the US than outside.
  13. So another end of SL post. You come here just to vent or to actually ask for help? My guess is the former since you've not replied to any of the people who've been kind enough to reply to your OP. I've been a resident for a little over 5 years now. In that time I've run SL on various desk tops and lap tops of different ages and capabilities. Most of the time on TPVs. Some have worked better than others on different computers, but with a little patience and trial and error I've always been able to find one that suits the computer I was using at the time. Instead of whining, take t
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