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  1. Oh, are alts allowed? I'm one of Kali's alt army. I get logged in and robbed every few months or so because I'm one of her hopper alts and get stipends that Kali steals. ETA: I was the first av. Kali was the alt way back in the beginning.
  2. Real friends don't require their friends to agree with them on everything. They are capable of disagreeing and still remaining friends.
  3. Katt from Kathleen, my real name. Kattatonia from cataonic, the way I felt because I suffer from Clinical depression now treated somewhat sucessfully with medication. Wickentower because ot Wicca and the tower struck by lightning from the Tarot signifying change. Kali from the hindu Goddess of death destruction and change. Wylder because she is wilder than my first av, Kattatonia.
  4. hmmm I am a USican. I live on the west coast of North America. I started in June of 2009. I just generally wandered about and had a good time. Fell so deeply immersed in my second life, so much that my first life rather went to pieces. Came up on the other side of that and now I try to keep a bit better balanced. I still wander about having a good time for the most part.
  5. ooooh! Aren't you a sweetheart! Well, I think I would do a lot of the things I already do, only more so. I would undoubtedly make a blog to record my adventures and stuff. I'd take more of the building classes and finally learn how to to do sl-scripting and how to make mesh and sculpties. I'd probably join an rp sim, one of the medieval or faery/elven ones. I'd get to enjoy more of the entertainment, go see live performances. And I would probably post in the forums more often too. And I'd go back to my first haven, NCI or somewhere like that, and volunteer to be a newbie helper. And I'd get more involved with the Bay City Community where I live, and attend their meetings. I'd have the time to take a more active role in the planning stages of events like Burning Life and SL's birthday parties.
  6. Yes they do. I can't speak for all women but i have a couple of ideas about why that is the case. 1) Virtual Women do not have to fear that they will be raped no matter how scantily dressed they are. 2) Virtual Women can make their shapes look exactly as they want them to appear.
  7. very interesting.... I was curious so I put on the girl next door starter av and she weighs in at textured (not sure why it says textured) 18585 which isn't even in the green, it's yellow. My regular av for comparison purposes weighs in at 113,853 and she's in the red of course. I also checked out my low arc hunting outfit (which is really just a black mettallic skin and eyes and it weighs 1309 and is green I wouldn't go so far as to conclude that LL wants us naked, but, this certainly suggests that there are still costs to be considered and yeah, i wouldn't be surprised at all if we start hearing about it from Lag Vigilantes eta: also checked out my naked self and yup, she's in the red at 74,333.
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Mine is called Brutus the Virgin Slayer.. what is your tool called? No wonder I can't find any virgins in SL any more. Dang! I just have to applaud Drake's and Perrie's responses. They are classic!
  9. Thanks for the heads up - I will start saving my pictures now after I post them. I see the same is true for posts, mine only go back to 7 months ago and I know I've been posting longer than that.
  10. The loneliness one feels after having had a loving intimate relationship and then feeling it's loss is the saddest ache of all. I wish I could say I'd never felt that. On a lighter note, I've never seen Grey's Anatomy either. ETA: about all those other things people wrote that they'd never done, I refuse to comment one way or another on the grounds that it might incriminate me. Then again, it might not:smileywink:
  11. I am there in spirit, but my body like to sleep in! I will come when I can...
  12. Reminds me of that old joke.... Guy goes to the doctor and says, "Doc it hurts when I do that!" Doc says, "Don't do that!" ba dum bump...
  13. I was figuring out how to lose the newbie walk and I had googled for the solution and read a really outdated article that was written before AOs were commonplace. So I was trying to place a walk script inside a torus and was having a really hard time getting the torus to fit my wrist like a bracelet and went to NCI to look for someone who could answer my questions. At first nobody there could help me but they talked with me and encouraged me to hang around until someone who could answer my questions showed up. By the time that person arrived I had learned a whole lot of things that I didn't even know I didn't know. And I was hooked. I lived at NCI for my first three months and soaked up information like a sponge.
  14. The best way to get pregnant is to turn off the computer. Find a real live human being of the opposite sex and get to know them intimately. Have unprotected sex after exchanging health information. Repeat as needed until you are pregnant. Please note that I do not mean to disparage homosexual unions, it's just that they are not the best way to get pregnant.
  15. my hair is always white although the style changes often. And I always wear my rose colored glasses.
  16. I hate being told to tip repeatedly. I realize that there are lots of people who don't think of it and need to be reminded that yes there are actual working stiffs in sl and they work for tips and don't draw a paycheck. But once per gig is plenty. And if the individual is not doing much of anything but begging for tips then I am inclined to ignore their repeated remarks. If a host is being friendly and making me feel welcome then I don't need to be told to tip them, I'll do it. Ditto for the performer doing their job. And I know the venue needs support or they won't be open for long. But I'm not made out of money. If I have to divvy it up between the venue and the host and the performer, guess what? If I'm annoyed by too many requests then I'm not gonna feel like tipping.
  17. Just for the halibut, here's my 2 cents. If you wear the garlic necklace you also wind up in their database. It's just as easy to just say no thanks when spammed. If they don't take no for an answer you can mute them. And if they are really pesky then say don't bite me in local so the Sim owner or manager hears you and they will usually boot the spammer for you.
  18. Maybe it's just a temporary glitch. The feeds are back. The friends list on the dashboard is back. Now if only i could log back in....
  19. At first I thought I had just crashed, but then the feeds went down at the very same moment, and on the dashboard, the plugin that tells you which of your friends are online is down as well....
  20. Hugs to you Val! I hope to be there, but I tend to sleep in on Sundays, so it all depends on how late my Saturday night was.
  21. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly today Hippie, I brought the brownies with me (and the fleas too). Have one. If it doesn't make you feel better, it will at least make it so you don't mind so much.
  22. Looks like we need to bring the breakfast feed back in to the forums today. Good morning and Happy Thursday to all.
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