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  1. Dillon Levenque wrote: 16 wrote: + peasant rentals was the trigger that lead to the eventual breakdown of the feudalism system and lay the foundation for modern western democracy I agree with that explanation entirely. The ability to move from serf to peasant was a huge thing. In fact, it's the very reason I refuse to allow a friend who maintains a teensy (and rarely used, sadly: she is almost never inworld) skybox above my property to pay rent. I told her it was straight up feudal rules all the way. Getting 50% of her produce hasn't worked out too well, given that she's produced approximately 0.00 so far, but one of these days her first born son will be old enough to join SL. I look forward to finally having an army. As the peasant (or is it serf? I'm so confused) in question, I'd like to point out that the produce I offer is friendship. And while I concede that said SL produce has been in practically non-existent supply in recent months (pesky RL and all that), I think you can agree, judging by a certain screen capture image I sent you a couple of weeks ago, that you are getting at least 50% of my SL produce. I'll start training my first born son for your army. By the time he's old enough for SL, he'll hopefully be better than I am at making time for his beloved SL friends!
  2. I can't wait! Hippie, can you post a schedule of the entertainment? I'm sure there is one out there but I'm too lazy to dig it up. I'll be logging in from the Bahamas (I'm here for work, honest!) and since tomorrow is my only free day while here, I want get to the beach and stuff too... but I want to plan it around what's going on at Hippiestock.
  3. Dillon Levenque wrote: A friend managed to convince her RL husband to visit SL with her now and then. Got an account with the same last name and everything and of course they're partnered here as well. He only visits for special occasions; I bet he hasn't been inworld a half dozen times in more than two years. It's pretty funny, because he's quite the noob even though he has a fairly well aged rez date and she did help him get his avatar looking good. That is very correct; I can probably count on one hand the number of times Zeke has been inworld with me. His account is 2 years old and it's been well over a year since the last time he logged in. :matte-motes-crying: But lucky for me, he logs into RL with me every single day. :matte-motes-inlove:
  4. Thanks Dil. Yes, my goal was originally 1000 for the year, but I hit that at the end of July. :matte-motes-sunglasses-2:
  5. /me camps out for the best seats to the big announcement.
  6. Since September 2011 I have actually become significantly healthier. But this isn't because of SL. It's because I started spending less time in SL (as any of my friends here will confirm) and more time, you know, exercising (1,700 miles on my bike YTD in 2012, among other activities).
  7. It had better be big. Friday is my birthday and you wouldn't want to disappoint a girl on her birthday, would you? :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  8. Thank you, thank you! Now I can pan! I just couldn't figure out the right combo.
  9. Thank you both! Now I can fly, but neither of these document shows keyboard shortcuts for controlling the camera. I'll get it figured out eventually, I hope.
  10. I am the proud new owner of a Macbook Pro laptop as of yesterday. I've been a longtime user of Apple products, but this is my first Mac computer. Of course I have already installed Firestorm, but some of the keyboard shortcuts I'm used to on the Windows viewer don't work on Mac. E.g., camera controls (I've figured out how to rotate and tilt the camera angle, but can't figure out how to pan side to side using Mac keyboard) and flying (no pg up key on Mac). Can anyone point me to a handy reference of viewer shortcuts specifically for Mac? Pretty please?
  11. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Those who know me well know I love to tease and flirt and, I hope, feel the affection I fire their way. Emphasis mine. I think the newbies should be made aware of the literal truth of your (I assume) strategically chosen wording. Here's the evidence: http://www.flickr.com/photos/quinnmorani/sets/72157626648407445/detail/
  12. Do you mean on your forum profile page under "Recent Posts"? I agree that it would be very helpful to see just a list of the threads I had responded to, rather than the individual posts I have made to those threads. That would make it so much easier to navigate back to the conversations I'm participating in to check for replies. If someone else knows of a good way to do this, I want the answer too!
  13. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Back then, I was consumed with trying to build a community among us... The sense of community is exactly what I have always loved best about this place.
  14. Phil Deakins wrote: I find it a lot easier these days to stay out of the forum than it was before they started changing the forum software. Back then, the discussions were often so interesting that it was hard to stay out. Now if find it difficult to come across a really interesting thread. I only pop in to fill a bit of time, and there are periods when I don't pop in for quite a while. So, to answer your question, no I don't get tired of posting here. I don't post much because there isn't much that's of real interest to me. BRING BACK THE BOTS!!! It was certainly the variety and depth of the conversations in the old forum that initially drew me in. It became harder in this latest generation of forum software to find threads that excite the same level of interest and participation. But I feel at least a little guilt in saying that. At the time of the software change and moderation crackdown, many people were expressing similar sentiments, and quite a few of the regular posters drifted away. But I recall that some (may have been Venus and Storm; I don't remember for sure) countered the complaints by saying it was up to the contributors to the forum to make it interesting, and those who disliked the sterile feel of the new conversations could help by participating more regularly rather than withdrawing from the forum. That has always stuck with me as having at least some truth to it. For me, the change in the personality of the forum was both a positive and a negative. A negative in the sense that I missed (and still do) the nature of some of the old discussions. But a positive in the sense that before, I was spending way too much time here. As my forum participation decreased, my RL became much more productive once again.
  15. Dres, would it be very inappropriate for me to tackle hug you right now? Wow. Thanks for the unexpectedly kind words, however undeserved they may be given how little I've been around in recent months. You have quite literally brought a tear to my eye. Thank YOU for making it such a pleasure to be back.
  16. Val, I understand completely where you are coming from. Like you, most of my friends were met in the old GD. Those are still the people I spend nearly all of my time with inworld. Sometimes I wonder what my SL experience would be like, or even if I would still be here, if I had never found the old forum. But yes, the forum can also be wearying. I coped with that by taking an extended break. This week is the first time I've been back to the forum in months, and I find that I can look at it now with a fresh eye. It feels good to reconnect again. I'm glad to see that some familiar names are still here, and the ones who are new to me, I look forward to getting to know better.
  17. Thanks so much for the info, Perrie and Inara! I will certainly check out the info you have provided. Czari, thank you for the compliment. I keep thinking I should update my forum photo since this one is a couple of years old (from Halloween 2010), but I loved that outfit so much that I can't bear to change the photo just yet. It brings back happy memories to look at it. I was inspired by the fact that I was actually in India at the time on a RL work trip. How sad that the shop is no longer in SL. Edited to add: Czari, we never did connect inworld like we had talked about doing at the time I gave you that info. We'll have to correct that, now that I'm starting to spend more time here again.
  18. If I understand correctly, you are asking if there is a way to get your own posts to show up in your feed along with the posts of those you follow. I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you on that, but it's a question I have wondered about, too. I don't make original posts to the feeds very often, but when I do, it would be nice to be able to seem them chronologically along with those of my friends.
  19. I've been mostly away from SL for quite a few months. I've seen a couple of references lately to pathfinding, which is new to me. I have no idea what it is; is it something new to SL? Can anyone point me to where I can learn more? Thanks.
  20. It's just a personal preference. Others have already listed all the reasons I can think of why people may not want to include their RL picture in their profile. In my own profile, I have a bit of info about my RL interests, but the photo is SL. I actually have no objection to sharing my RL name and photo with my SL friends and have done so in a couple of cases, but I don't want to broadcast it to the world. It just seems easier not to deal with the headache of potential troublemakers. The ones who demand that info are the ones who would be least likely to ever get it from me.
  21. Dillon Levenque wrote: Quinn Morani wrote: Do you have a permanent place or are you a wanderer? Right now I am technically a squatter. A good friend took pity on me and allowed me to put up a small skybox at her place. Does it make you stay in SL? It doesn't make me stay, but every time I moved and got to decorate all over again, it made me spend more time in SL. But it is my FRIENDS who make me stay, home or not. Perhaps your friend did not have pity on you at all. The whole idea might have been nothing more than a clever ploy to take advantage of your decorating skills—on the rest of the property—while encouraging you to spend more time inworld. Happy Halloween, by the way. Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay. The clever ploy worked. I have put up some Halloween decorations at the Book Nook.
  22. Do you have a permanent place or are you a wanderer? Right now I am technically a squatter. I haven't spend enough time inworld the last few months to justify the Lindens I was shelling out in rent, so I gave up my land. A good friend took pity on me and allowed me to put up a small skybox at her place. Did you get a home as soon as you started or did you wait? At first I set home to some public area, but quickly found a very cheap skybox (about L$50/week for 20 or 30 prims) just to have a private place to change clothes. I kept trading up because I discovered that I loved decorating, but for now I'm back to a skybox. Skybox or ground? Own or rent? Mainland or island? Roommates? Skybox now, although I loved my ground locations. I had a couple of different beach places, then a green plot that I adored. Never had any roommates, but now that I've set home on my friends land, it's fun to log in and see her online in the same sim. What is your prim allotment to the parts of your home? Like 50% on the house, 20% on furniture, etc. Good question. I never calculated this, but I think I have tended to prim-heavy houses. What do you do in your house? Change clothes. Decorate it when the mood strikes. Chat in IM with friends who are elsewhere in SL. There have been times where I have logged in, had several individual and group IM chats, and logged out, all without ever moving from the spot where I initially logged in. Sometimes I remember my manners and invite the friends I am chatting with over so we can chat face to face. Do you recommend homeowning? I loved it because I loved having a place I can call my own. Even though I don't build, everything about I have decorated my homes reflect me and my tastes. When I have rented furnished/decorated skyboxes from others, I never stayed long because they never felt like "my" space. Does it make you stay in SL? It doesn't make me stay, but every time I moved and got to decorate all over again, it made me spend more time in SL. But it is my FRIENDS who make me stay, home or not.
  23. You'd better believe I will be there! Marking my calendar right now!
  24. Many H2 pics being added to this Flickr group: Hippiestock Flickr group. Check them out and add yours. I was only able to be there just over an hour, but it was a great time!
  25. There is a Flickr group that was started last year for Hippiestock photos. Quite a few pics from this year's event have already been added there. Check them out and add yours to the permanent record there! Hippiestock Flickr group
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