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tired of sending reports to bots

I went to the source, read: the very people who use cheating.
and few responded without offending me (the lack of arguments is always evident to justify mistakes)

and this is one of the answers I got:

I removed the person’s name and put XXXXX
[19:56] XXXXX: Well it will be me and 99% of those who are playing and flying where it is supposed not to be done. Thanks for the note.

>> when I said I would report

[20:02] XXXXX: I have no problem if you do it you know that I buy my borders so this is a hobby for me I don't think it bothers much to linden lab that I jump to advance so have a good night .

in this case I'm thinking for a few seconds:
Are these rules a formality, or do they really make sense?

to go somewhere, have fun and at the same time earn some lindens, you need to break the rules and justify yourself by saying:
everyone does ...

my congratulations those who reach be your lindens be your fun and can look your reflection in the mirror

for those who need to break the rules:

smile you are part of the disability



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a lot of people who play games like Linden Realms come from a gamer background

while cheating is a frowned on behavior in life generally, finding and using exploits in games is an accepted part of gamer culture. Can see this in endless vids posted by the top gamers - like in some games shooting thru some walls when the wall shouldn't be phantom, getting speed boosts by ricocheting off surfaces at angles which should not be possible, etc

the thought behind this is that if the game allows it (even if when caused by a bug or design oversight) then is incumbent on the game owner to fix it. Until that happens then the exploit is just seen as either a game obstacle to overcome or as a player advantage in the game. And in gamer culture is incumbent on the players to learn the obstacles/advantages like every other in the game

this said, like most game makers Linden do fix exploits in the Linden provided games when it gets out of hand

i think it should also be recognised is that while it is a game to be played and enjoyed, a business purpose of the Linden Realms game is to put L$ into the inworld economy. Is not a huge amount but in the hands of the players is not an insignificant amount. Meaning that the difference between 0$ and some$ is significant to the person

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on the day, I repeat on the day that exists (I highly doubt that day will happen)
human intervention, people present at the site and removing cheaters from the site and banning them for a few days from being able to go there.
that would really leave the place with a kingdom name.

I believe that there are many honest and experienced people who are away from the sl.
it would be a great opportunity to use not only people who have been away for a long time, but people who would volunteer
for the sole pleasure of cooperating.
it would be magnificent
now about payments to receive in addition to the prizes,
to remove from the place, accounts with more than 4000 days, or even with a few hours of sl, would be equal to all, only those who break these rules will feel harmed:

The rules
Yes, there are always rules. First,

You may collect crystals any time you wish. However, you may not redeem crystals for L $ until you have completed the quests and found all four missing amulet pieces.
You may only redeem the amulet pieces for your L $ reward one time each week.
You may only redeem crystals during the week after you turn in the amulet pieces. Exactly seven days after you find the amulet pieces, you will need to find them again.
Some things are not allowed:

Moving faster than a normal running speed in Second Life.
Remaining at the same spot for a long time.
Using scripted devices or modified viewers that allow you to avoid those four restrictions or that make it possible to move through or around obstacles except by walking, running, or jumping.
Tampering with any objects and scripts, or using methods that spoof or block their function.
Engaging in activities that violate the Terms of Service, Community Standards, and other standing policies of Second Life.
If you violate any of these conditions, you may be suspended or permanently blocked from playing Linden Realms.

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I see avatars move quickly, fly, and jump long distances. It is annoying when I run for a crystal but a cheater rushes in and steals it. There are so many cheaters that I do not report them. There are simply WAY too many. When a cheater is identified and expelled by Linden Lab, the cheater just creates new avatar. This is why so many cheaters use default system avatars and have predictable names. Sigh. I admire the knowledge and skill needed to devise ways to cheat, but it is very demoralizing to those of us who play by the rules. I suspect that Linden Lab could easily avoid cheaters by blocking certain scripts and external HUDs, but they are unlikely to expel cheaters because all money redeemed goes back into SL, to creators or landlords, etc and supports Second Life economy. 

My fear is that Second Life Marketplace or in-world stores can be used to launder money won by cheating. Imagine a smart creator has a store, then creates many avatars that cheat and use the money to purchase items from their own store. This makes the store look popular, and the Linden Dollars won by cheating can then be translated into Real Life money by shop owner. This becomes a liability to Linden Lab rather than a benefit to virtual economy, and to me this is reason enough to clamp down on cheaters.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 116 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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