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  1. this in lost and found appears whenever I change the avatar I can't take : https://prnt.sc/x2cb7a
  2. yes, I restarted, but the problem continues, my connection is good, I don't know what happened
  3. Hello everybody it started yesterday it started when i realized that in the place i was in, my dance hud stopped working just like i did AO. at that moment I went to my house when I realized that part of it didn't carry I restarted it and since then my avatar just appears in the orange smoke, and the same goes for other avatars near me I am the firestorm, but I tested the official viewer and the problem continues I get the error message for my items like this: Failed to find clothing named * CATWA ALPHA EYES in the database. (* just changing the name of the item) reinstall
  4. on the day, I repeat on the day that exists (I highly doubt that day will happen) human intervention, people present at the site and removing cheaters from the site and banning them for a few days from being able to go there. that would really leave the place with a kingdom name. I believe that there are many honest and experienced people who are away from the sl. it would be a great opportunity to use not only people who have been away for a long time, but people who would volunteer for the sole pleasure of cooperating. it would be magnificent now about payments to receive in
  5. tired of sending reports to bots I went to the source, read: the very people who use cheating. and few responded without offending me (the lack of arguments is always evident to justify mistakes) and this is one of the answers I got: I removed the person’s name and put XXXXX [19:56] XXXXX: Well it will be me and 99% of those who are playing and flying where it is supposed not to be done. Thanks for the note. >> when I said I would report [20:02] XXXXX: I have no problem if you do it you know that I buy my borders so this is a hobby for me I don't think it bot
  6. Hello Chaser Zaks hello Lindal Kidd I thank you for answers really i just wanted to know this correctly unfortunately the support did not respond but I thank you for the information thank you
  7. hello everyone, I use a translator so I ask for understanding I came to the forum to look for information I didn't get with support so my doubts are more about functioning than creating friction. I re-enabled the premium option in my account, because I wanted to take advantage of some features, it was from that moment that the disorders started for personal reasons I did not make an annual plan, I prefer the monthly renewal, my choice. more for me to renew monthly support privileges annual premium accounts? wonder why my seek help in calling: Expanded customer support
  8. hi Wulfie I will understand that your answer is due to your experience, but I very much doubt that a human would say to me: congratulations when I'm wanting information, continue to report! I better forget what I read in rules but live my SL and enjoy my babies report to machines, not worth the effort
  9. @Jaylinbridges hi, I'll explain why I created this post and used the phrase: does anyone care about that? I have little knowledge of SL, bad rules do not depend on time, but on the knowledge base, access the page read understand and follow, this is a fact. I received an email stating that "I WAS USING A FLYING SYSTEM" I replied seeking to know the reasons why I received this warning: the answer I got was not in keeping with the fact. I sent everything I use: be it avatar, hud, where to buy links, I sent the videos before the date, and after the date where I am at Linden R
  10. @Jaylinbridges you quoted part of my text, to put your opinion. I just say that: anyone who stays there with the map open, in 30 minutes will see a large number of people using hud, in account with payment confirmations or accounts with less than one day or accounts with more than 1,2,3 ,Four years. so I end my posts by saying: if a person stays there for days on end and collects his crystals without needing a hud, congratulations to him, because he is doing what he wants and likes. now for those who are there using hud, who have 1 day or years of account. that these are penalize
  11. I take the opportunity and ask a question: I have a rented plot, and when I close the plot, I block it so I can’t find anything on the floor with my parcel closed, is it possible for someone in the neighboring parcel to use an attack hud that will hit something in my parcel? since already thank you
  12. hello guys, i'm in Secondlife for just over a year, my language is portuguese from brazil (so sorry for any mistake) I realize that to many experienced people putting their analysis and improvements, I unfortunately didn’t know SL before 2019, so I can only talk about today, can you ask me a question, the system has no human intervention? I mean, the place that helps players earn their lindens, have fun and socialize meet people, which is: Linden Realms. the presence of someone who is there for (or who appears there) with a tag identifying it, doesn't it? I know and I’ve already co
  13. hello, what is done to combat abuse? it looks like an abandoned place, where people freely use flying, tp, and speed huds does anyone care about that? spoils the fun and experience of many we can report, but it is often difficult to get the photo in the moment, and once we report we cannot follow the case, we do not know what was actually done with the report I stopped reporting a long time ago, because I see who already reported using huds this is very unpleasant
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