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5 letters game

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57 minutes ago, Fauve Aeon said:

Quell underage inquiries calmly, KAREN.

I'll go with Karen dear Fauve, because it is a lovely name... but it should be 5 words and 1 for the next person to work with. No big whoop, some of us can't even count letters, let alone words (tongue in cheek) :)


Kind and romantic exchanges nourish


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10 minutes ago, Lindal Kidd said:

I must disagree, my dear Marut!  When creating a sentence answer, one may use EITHER a new five letter word as the response to the clue's fifth letter, OR add a sixth, new, five letter word!

So only unruly lawbreakers send SEVEN

Dearest Lindal, it looks like I should have read all of the thread... so thank you for pointing that out to me.

and Dearest Rolig, I do indeed see what you did there and it is super cleaver.

now onto WORKS


we often really know something... AFTER


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