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Check out the Place Pages Beta!

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  • Community Manager

Hello Residents!

We are officially launching a limited Beta for a new feature called Place Pages. This forum post will be used to get feedback from beta participants and other Residents to better help us with feature development and product tweaks. Take a look at some of our sample Place Pages:

For beta participants, feel free to post your pages here as well!


We’re very excited about this project and look forward to hearing about what you think of it! Like all things prelaunch, if you encounter bugs or have suggestions on how to make it better, file a JIRA.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Great idea, another superb addition to SL that I hope will eventually allow us to stop using Facebook and google groups.

Bring on the calendar and perhaps combine this all with our my-sl pages as well.

So many possibilities but even as "just" a page, already something I rather like.


Anyway, about bugs, when I click your link to the JIRA I get an error;


Not Found (404)


Could not find what you were looking for. Maybe you should raise an issue.

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Something like this has been needed for quite a while, particularly since the old Facebook integration is no longer relevant. We've always needed place listings that were less restrictive than the word count and in-world appearance for place listings. Something like this should help flesh out the exploration experience quite a bit.

Some initial thoughts:

- I see that Place Pages show up only for parcels which are marked to show in search, however marking a region as 'Block Land Show in Search' locks off ALL avatars from changing this setting, rather than only those who are NOT Region Managers and/or Estate Managers/Owners. More granular settings in this regard are required. As the owner of a residential sim, I'd like to be able to publicize the region but prevent tenants from inadvertently setting place settings (or inheriting them from previous tenants' settings). 

- Is there a reason why place descriptions is limited to 250 characters? Being able to include more flavour and info prior to visiting may be helpful, particularly if there are rules or guidelines for visiting. 

- An optional field to include Marketplace links would be helpful for those who are browsing, want to know a bit about the store and want to shop but not able to log in right away. 

- How will Places Pages be integrated (if at all) with Landmarks? 

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Additionally, it looks like the placeholder secondary image does not go away if no secondary image is specified. Is there a way of hiding it? And on the flipside, is there any way of offering more than three secondary images if I want to make use of the Places Page as an intermediary slideshow for services/products offered?

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Additional nitpick:

Listing only first name in the Stats area isn't terribly useful. Ideally, if a visitor needs to get in contact with the parcel owner, they will need a full name. Also, I have to wonder whether it would be more useful also if that link just went to the person's profile page for full contact details? I see the link is not visible for pages which are not mine. If i can already access my own pages through the navigation at the top, there is not much reason for that stat link to just go back to my list of places. 

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We really need a way to let outsiders see these pages though, without them needing an account first.

Use these pages to lure non-sl people in :)

Perhaps a little disclaimer about possible maturity issues or something, but these pages should be viewable for everyone.

Can't wait for the calender, hopefully with option for repeat events so we don't have to make an description every single day for those daily events.

Also the option to contact the parcel/sim owner, like a name and IM inworld or email option.

I'd LOVE to see these pages also for groups, perhaps with chat or forum function and photo album, so we can stop using facebook.

The album should be added to the Place Page as well, a slideshow perhaps of say a dozen or so pictures.

Or maybe a Flickr plugin?

And maybe some layout options so we can move things about, like wordpress.

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Are you actually logged-in the the Places pages?


From my tests, the page you describe comes up for those not actually logged-in to the SL web properties. Check the top right-hand corner and see if your name or LOGIN is displayed. If the latter, click it to log-in, and things should display OK.

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Noob question (I've only been in SL for 7 years);

How do you set a landing points for these place pages?

The regions and parcels I've got all seem to connect to a grid reference I don't want.

The landing points regions have set in Place pages don't work at all, they give you a N/A TP inworld.

The landing points parcels have seem random or the middle of the map, even with teleport routing activated.

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• The 360 Snapshot Spherical upload option. A good use for the upcoming 360 feature.

• Listing of places within the region is also good to see and makes me aware of whats on show and whats not, will lead to tidying up of listings and descriptions. 

• Dynamic web page, works well on mobile!

• The potentual. I really like these pages and agree with others that its long over due. I'm excited at the prospect of these pages becoming a source for up to date information on events and places within a region that can be shared with ease to twitter, Facebork and Plurkers.


Like not so much

• The Colour customising is limited to the point of pointless due to the adherence to the Linden Lab corporate visual guidelines. If i choose a dark background some of the un-customisable text is lost. Anything that is grey colour is always a pain to see against anything that is not a black or white background. Suggest either add a third ‘highlights’ colour or make all the text one customisable colour or remove the custom options completely. The font used for SHARE IT is almost impossible to read on anything.

•  The video option is limited to Youtube whcih i stopped using years ago. There are other video publishing sites to consider supporting, like Vimeo and daily motion.

• Description is less space than on the destination guide. What was the thought behind limiting to 250 characters? I would love to be able to ad a lot more info about recent changes to the island , up coming events, new prizes added to quests. Perhaps you are considering a ‘latest news’ feature in future?



• What are the settings that determine i have ownership to these places?? in my Places List are places i have no idea how they could be mine? 

• Where are the Place Pages/Profiles getting the Teleport Co-Ordinates from? My Escapades Page says my region no longer exists when i click teleport, and for Parcel Pages it just drops me in the centre of the parcel ignoring the landing points set in About Land.

• Are the ‘Places in this Region’  links to anything? i get ‘failed to open’ message in safari browser. I assumed it was listing Place Pages for places within the region, but after creating a new Page for one of these parcels on my region, the title did not update nor did the link lead to the Parcels Place Page. Is this some thing  thats still in the works?

 • If i upload more than one 360 Spherical to be linked with the Page, does it randomly select one to be displayed, as ive noticed that happen with my Escapades Page. If so, how do i remove unwanted 360 Sphericals, say if i uploaded one and decided it was crap, how can i stop that crap one from being chosen at random to be displayed?


Here is Escapades Island: https://places.secondlife.com/regions/47435/escapades

Here is T H E  W E L L which is a parcel on Escapades: https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/47417/t-h-e-w-e-l-l-infirmos

And here is Bababge Chronicles: https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/47421/new-babbage-chronicles-urchin-shop-factory


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I'm having trouble finding anything using the SEARCH function in https://places.secondlife.com/parcels; it gives results but those point to hyperlinks that don't present usable pages.

Expected result:  A page should open, similar to https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/46643/winter-wonderland

Actual result:  A page opens with the redirect error message off a URL that isn’t configured like the expected result, i.e. https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/0cac852a-8b12-6d8d-d276-6fd2da8baf24. I opened JIRA BUG-41204 for this: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41204.

The Lab has closed the current BETA test to new testers, so I can't do more testing.  That said, I'm very pleased by this enhancement.

Wish list:

  • Link a, in-world group (other than the land-group, if a group is the parcel owner), and its notices to a page, preferably with an RSS function.
  • Create the ability to include a link to an external site.
  • Automatically create a photo-gallery of photos taken on the parcel, which are save to any resident's photo-feed  IF the "visit this location" option is ticked, i.e. https://my.secondlife.com/asil.karu/snapshots/585c8181b015401e34000001 would automatically get linked to the "NeoLondon; dark roleplay with Steampunk style at NeoVictoria" parcel page. Give the parcel-owner the ability to remove these photos from the gallery.
  • Create a link to a new page that presents the Convenant for the estate (if one exists).
  • Link any events posted to the SL community calendar for the parcel, preferably with an RSS function.
  • Finally, we’ve had pages for regions and parcels for a long time.  Here’s that page for “NeoVictoria Steampunk SkyMall, Machinima Arts & Roleplay Homes”: http://world.secondlife.com/place/0cac852a-8b12-6d8d-d276-6fd2da8baf24.  These lacked the functionality of these new pages; I mostly used mine to keep track of the locations of vendors and other scripted objects.  I hope these legacy pages won't be disabled, once the new system is out-of-beta.
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  • Lindens

Thanks for the feedback and comments! Please make sure all Feature Requests and Bugs are filed. We'd like for your feedback to be captured the proper way and filing a JIRA is the only way to ensure it's logged.

A couple things I do want to address are:

1) For those trying to cllick on a Place Page link (such as https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/46643/winter-wonderland) try logging in first. We're working on a better solution to gate content based on the visitors and hope to have a better solution soon.

2) The "Maturity discalimer page" looping is a bug and we hope to have a fix for that soon, if not already resolved.

Again, thank you for the feedback and please keep them coming! Don't forget to share your pages, we'd love to see them!



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